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How you can best support your child

We started with the intention of giving children real reading pleasure. And we are proud that we have managed to do just that again and again today. Our magazines grow with them in accordance with their age and interests, and inspire children wherever they are in their development. We remain true to our intention across all of our formats. Nevertheless, our children's magazines can do a lot more:

The logical consequence of reading pleasure is reading competence. Since our content is based on the current curriculum and is created in close cooperation with educators, it optimally complements the knowledge from the school. And stay in the memory for a particularly long time because they are recorded in a relaxed state. This is learning that doesn't feel like learning. By Experiments and reports on scientific phenomena Your child will discover new school contexts with joy and ease and receive inspiration that will promote their general education.

A feeling of connection with our environment and the earth on which we live has also been shown to have a positive effect on the development of children. For this we offer young readers the same two magazines with complementary and age-appropriate content.

Of course, we do not neglect extracurricular interests either. After all, magazines are read in their free time. If New sports, detective stories and reading stories, the latest on favorite film and music stars or help with problems in the playground. We inform, inspire and offer solutions. We do all of this with passion, empathy and a great sense of responsibility.

What matters to us is how we leave your children behind after they have recorded our content. And that should always be a little more relaxed, happier and smarter than before.