It is forbidden to travel to Syria


A visa must be applied for at the Syrian Embassy in Berlin or the Syrian Honorary Consulate in Hamburg before entering the country. The applicant's passport must not have an Israeli entry stamp or an entry stamp from border crossings to and into Israel (Allenby- / King Hussein Bridge between Israel and Jordan and Taba / Sinai border between Israel and Egypt).

Visas are only issued to people who have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months or who have a residence permit for the Federal Republic of Germany that is valid for at least 6 months. Germans who stay abroad permanently must apply for a visa at the relevant Syrian embassy in their host country. Every child needs their own travel document. Male German citizens who also have Syrian citizenship under Syrian law can only enter Syria for three months if they have not performed military service. If this period is exceeded, the person concerned will be drafted. An official permit for such a stay must also be applied for at the Syrian embassy in Berlin.

You can enter Syria by plane, bus, train (from Istanbul) or car. A ferry from Alexandria (Egypt) also docks in the port city of Latakija once a week. There is currently no direct flight connection to Syria. Sanctions against Syrian Arab Airlines have been in force since July 2012, so purchasing a flight ticket with and for Syrian Arab Airlines to Syria is a criminal offense for EU citizens.

Anyone entering by car needs a carnet de passage and liability insurance on site. The Syrians are more "conservative". Avoid clothes that are too short or tight, short pants or uncovered shoulders when visiting mosques or churches.

Anyone who applies for an "Iqama", a residence permit, is obliged to take an AIDS test.