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Study: plasma nasal spray kills 99.9 percent of corona viruses

Mannheim - A company in Mannheim has developed a plasma-based nasal spray that, according to a study in collaboration with the University of Bochum, kills 99.9 percent of the corona viruses in the nasal cavity. That comes from an RTL report from Friday. The positive study result of the new drug raises hopes that the pandemic will end. But can the infection process also be controlled with the spray?

One thing is certain: the plasma nasal spray is particularly well tolerated. According to the study, there is no evidence of side effects. Resistance could not develop either. The product is even suitable for use by children and pregnant women. A report by the reproductive toxicology department of the Ulm University Clinic proves this.

Hope plasma: Osmotic pressure destroys the viruses

Researchers have been able to produce plasma for some time. The substance occurs naturally in lightning. When cooled, plasma can accelerate wound healing and can be used to prevent infections. In order to make nasal spray from it, a saline solution is electrolytically charged in a special process. The charged solution eliminates any germs, even multi-resistant ones, through osmotic pressure. The agent also proved to be efficient against the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Dr. Georg-Christian Zinn, the director of the Bioscientia hygiene center, is unlikely. The local fight against the virus is only an intermediate step, according to the expert. "The important thing is not to kill viruses, I can do that with old Scottish whiskey," says Zinn. It is crucial to reduce the frequency of infection. To do this, vaccination must continue.