What is the safe level of bp

Dividend pearl BP: After a 21 percent price jump - how should investors act now?

After the corona hysteria had weighed heavily on the world stock markets for weeks, there was a strong recovery yesterday. In the course of this, the previously battered share certificates of the energy giant BP also rose sharply. After a plus of 24 percent, investors are wondering whether this is the right time to start.

For the experts at the analysis company Bernstein Research, the answer is clear: In their opinion, the BP share is still valued too cheaply. You see the fair value unchanged at 470 British pence (equivalent to EUR 5.03), which is a whopping 49 percent above yesterday's closing price. Accordingly, the analysts continue to rate the dividend pearl as “Outperform”. For analyst Neil Beveridge, BP remains the favorite in the sector.

For the SHAREHOLDER, too, the sharp slide in the price of the BP shares was covered. The price of the British group is currently still far below the level after the Deepwater Horizon disaster - and at that time the entire existence of the company was at stake.

On the other hand, investors should also keep in mind that oil prices were much higher in 2010 than they are currently. In addition, the standstill in the wake of the Corona panic should also cause significant slumps in the refinery and gas station business.

It is very difficult for energy companies at the moment: In the promotional business as well as in the refinery and petrol station sector, earnings are likely to fall significantly. Courageous investors with staying power can rely on the fact that this has already been priced in at BP in view of the steep price decline.

Those who have already invested should now follow the stop rate, currently the 2.30 euro mark is the best option. Investors who do not yet have any BP shares in their depot should not buy into yesterday's flagpole, but should first wait for a setback to get started. A possible recovery in energy stocks is unlikely to be a one-way street in view of the many construction sites.