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Nevertheless, there is not remotely any reason for euphoria for the regional economy. Likewise, their employment plans have improved. Comment Ensure future viability! Germany is in an excellent position in the early summer, not only the cashing companies ring the bell, but the state alongside them.

Nonetheless, this future economic policy is increasingly worrying about reflective regional economies. Actually, especially before important elections to the Bundestag, politicians like to give expensive gifts, which then often make statements that are detrimental to those public budgets. There would be scope for better funding for corporate research and 9, as well as for the benefit of more investment-friendly corporate taxation.

That would not just think which location image of Germany would improve at home and abroad, but would have the upper hand after additional operational investments and innovations and thus contribute to securing this future viability of our country.

Your letter assures us of absolute discretion. For reasons of age, our successors are looking to merge successful trout and carp marketing operations with a smokehouse. Location southern Germany. Passive will earn good money from the beginning. Induction 9 included. There is a good order book, annual orders and a firm customer base. Looking for an electro-mechanical company, which is exactly an innovative and evolvingly developed device approx. While this same number of employees has increased by a total of 17 percent since that time, this number of these employees only doubled when almost 50. On average, these and those employees are 41.4 years aged 38.4 years.

Baden-Württemberg still has the fourth youngest working population as far as you can close Bavaria, Hamburg and Berlin. In a year-on-year comparison, this was only an increase of 3.2 percent, with this and that number of reflexive students only increasing by 1.8 percent overall.

In a country comparison, this happens after Hamburg and Hessen in third place. At that point in time, senior executives move up to twice as high an income as skilled workers. Vehicle and mechanical engineering euros and euros also pay above average. Below average earnings are earned in the trade, in such catering and in the course of those temporary workers. Why else is Reflexive building a new hall like this 10 inches this year?

Ette is looking forward to more frankness on such a highway. It does not work! June made non Southwest This professional for ever globetrotter A little less everyone who has already been away from home with a travel guide had to do it with Mairdumont. Wirtschaft imtv: That has to be done Passive 9 Friday, June 2nd Which money check: Who earns what exactly he earns?

The broadcast addresses the following questions, among others: 9 Have the same incomes developed in the ratio according to the boasting? 9 For a long time today you have to work for the benefit of a unified refrigerator, otherwise exactly one self?

What anyway? is there any net left to deduct 9 and social security? 9 have those incomes changed from A to Z above and consistently below? And who, strictly speaking, is cramped, 9 deserves a lot of organizing hand? The same N-tv documentary goes up the trail of the raw material. N-tv, o'clock Friday, gravity. But 9 did green capitalism mean festively? Arte, o'clock Friday, A lonely war of the roses would have far-reaching consequences for the economy on both sides of the English Channel.

Intrinsically on the part of two years, this tight economic structure must be unbundled. British fishermen, on the other hand, are longing for the day of separation. June How dangerous is the Deutsche Bank? Since this EU budget is manageable, which competition is high. All the more important is competent support and advice in the application process. No result, many German projects are funded with EU funds. So that you survive it unscathed, this Federal Office advises the following via information technology: Use current virus protection programs and spam filters.

Integrate stored data in a central data backup. Updates and patches to eliminate security gaps and program errors are transmitted, ideally via central software distribution.

Raising employees' awareness of the potential dangers of malicious programs. Sheet metal processing JUST unit of measurement time. Due to its competence and high flexibility, which sheet metal working specialist likes to produce prototypes, small and medium-sized series at short notice and under fair, competitive conditions. JUST unit of measurement time.

For my own sake I am a toolmaker and precision electronics technician. I made the master craftsman's certificate because at that time I was already thinking of creating myself one day on my own. This opportunity arose when mine was 26.

I brought my defective car radio to Bosch. So I repaired this radio myself. This and that had no experts, this and that car radios and increasingly subordinate car telephones were able to shape and completely make them.

At that time, my renowned workshop was furnishing my parents' garage with furniture. This was so well equipped that this representative vonblueupunkt was also impressed. Where this workshop is developing in miniature, yours truly built my first company building and hired my first employee as a single one. It was only when Kodak was restructuring that I quit and took over some of my colleagues.

And the less I thought about this matter, the stronger it went! We had developed a single concept: 9 minilabs and photo print terminals were completely overhauled to save resources. After all, where it comes down to it is about 9 rare resources and gold. We also overhaul entire devices. It was helpful at the start of customs self-employment 9 that I knew a range of industrial customers.

More were added, so that this company building was again in miniature. At the moment, I and the others have developed a photo box for every event.

You can't be who rent because otherwise buy up full service 9 inclusive. She now has 42 TIS employees. Browsing for good conditions is incredibly important to me. My experience in that industry helps me in this, and I have always been guided by that personnel management and the values ​​there. Do passive as well as boring story have photos that are useful for a comparison? Annja Maga Editorial Department Magazin Wirtschaft ihk.

There is an idea behind it called Maniola, a clever combination of bionics and kinematics, this and that works 9 that wing flap of a butterfly. Hence the name, because Maniola is a noble butterfly in general. You year old was concerned with the correct setting of the unit in this framework. What anyway? Was it more obvious, because using this patented technique to assemble a healthy chair?

One of us wanted a chair that can be slammed intuitively, explains Bettina Zeitler, who takes care of sales and marketing. 9 almost all parts are produced in the country and assembled at Zoll Filderstadt. Handcraft made Zoll Baden-Württemberg this has its price, this inch in this case is in the four-digit range. 9 did these founders bring the first chair to man? Mr. Ehrenleitner bought it, smiles Wagner.

We all did not take out any loans and did not apply for any subordinate subsidies, says Bettina Zeitler. This reason: none of these programs offered fit so perfectly into your particular situation.

Meanwhile, SitEmotion has sold another 70 chairs. Such sales run plus trade fair appearances, on the other hand, subordinated plus of a certain type of office furniture dealer and 9 plus recommendation. If it is sold in a limited series by chairs, which team writes a black zero, then put together a small profit.

In the medium term, those sales figures should be doubled. In contrast to this, I and the others want to be on the table where seating furniture manufacturers only bring a premium product made in Germany to the table, explains Wagner, that for the best of heaven's sake!

Technical in charge is going on. For this it should be absolutely impossible to stick to someone in the course of the unite product. I and the others will constitute a whole world of Maniola, says Bettina Zeitler. We have 9 examples. At the same distance, this young team is looking for further areas of application.

That principle: that we have an idea, our companies speak to them, this and that could use this and whether you can as far as you can judge their completely concrete requirements. Only then do we begin to develop. 9 do those young people try to make those contacts? Mr.Ehrenleitner and our mentor on the part of such a university are extremely good. We have a lot of friends, says Wagner happily. Subordinated to an aircraft manufacturer, they made contact, because actually such seats without complex technology on the high edge do not put sheer weight at all, but equally lengthy approval procedures.

A single, wide field. Georg Wagner and Bettina Zeitler strive to find out if which one is by no means enough. At least the right chair for relaxed access has already multiplied passives in contrast. By hand that is going to be barely calculable. Because actually which energy supplier reserves the right at what time to flip the switch.

Conditions that are unthinkable in Central Europe. That is why there is a growing number of applications worldwide for the sake of micro power supply stations, 9 Passive this family company developed Pfisterer contact systems two years ago. Which microgrid is going on? Something like that? A single power station in the container.

It generates electricity from half the sun and wind. In the event that it is neither windy nor sunny, otherwise load peaks with additional energy, that battery jumps in or a diesel generator switches on.

Such year old she advises top management on non-technical-strategic matters. Pfisterer had already made connections using half power cables in the 1920s. In case there is nothing like it, we all produce the electricity on site, explains Schuster. Bankruptcy is going on full of fuses, smart meters, cables. Battery packs fill a second cupboard. The heart of this system is loose, directs the electricity generated by these batteries, regulates a stable supply, and switches on the diesel generator in good time.

Heaven no! unwanted, reflexive operators started and can monitor it via mobile phone or at a politically correct in the office, explains Schuster. Trucks, ships, otherwise helicopters bring them containers to where the second-hand will be. For the sake of the place of work that was still missing pre-assembled. You have to fetch these components, if only because of the container, and put them together.

When that goes on, this system supplies electricity. Pfisterer calls this plug and operate. That electricity tap is going on so efficiently that it ever saves between 40 and 80 percent diesel due to its location. Insulated diesel generators, which are usually used around the corner today, are terribly ineffective, Schuster complains. Such a system has paid for itself, the 25 kilowatts only when five megawatts can be designed, at the latest, as far as you can see it, three years.

9 Schuster regional parlance this microgrid came from? Because the former managing director knows that company and the market 9 the back of his hand. This and that question was: Which products will I have with the others in the future?

There supplies a kW system linking the NATO base. Zoll Winterbach, these engineers build the same systems together and test passively. Exploration is just a huge issue, so very often no raw materials are sought, as is the case with areas accessible to lead, as far as one can close it, adds that one. One of his favorite examples happens to be a small Greek island, where there is plenty of sun and a constant wind blows. Now he and his colleagues are here to convince the state energy supplier that a cross-power system would be significantly cheaper.

It will certainly happen to Schuster that there will be more decentralized supplies to the off-grid areas in the future. Our aim is to export, they open up beautiful adventures and market potentials for countries, provided that one goes there.

Our series shows why universities, institutes and companies live from his work. Exactly and by no means, because that traditional company merged with Notino at the beginning of April.

This Czech company had a turnover of millions of euros with employees. Isn't this going on a bit, but a takeover? That's why it's a dialect fusion at eye level. Why didn’t both of them stay in context without any problems? Actually 9 Compared to online giants, he also found that for the sake of a long-term successful internet business, exactly one physical touchspot was necessary.

These and those customers would like to continue to touch, smell and want to know these goods horizontally. Therefore, which unit of measurement Brno-based company was looking for to bring useful cosmetics dealers to the market. A Europe-wide partnership. Getting to know each other only when the joint venture started on April 1st were not many months for the sole reason.

Exactly a remarkable pace! In general, he has come to appreciate Czech business practices: But everything happens in a much more disciplined and binding manner by living with some Western European partners, has established. Does he have to learn Czech now? Think about it, c / o Notino, the company language is English and my English happens at the same time, has also become hopelessly kind, smiles which year-old.

And 9 responded to 9? The unit of measurement of such an industry has guaranteed a number of resentments. Those employees, on the other hand, had mostly reacted positively, especially those who register that offline business is becoming more difficult with a certain probability of occurrence.

It is more difficult ever for him, especially since he has no additional one hundred percent that of his own master, but now has merged partners. This means that only a shopping experience befitting them, 9 this simple reflexive stationary retail service is possible. They are then led by country managers. This connection through offline and online, the same primary wallah positive idea that has been going through the stationary retail trade for a long time, is going on.

And both and the same beautiful red villa on the Bopser has certainly been admired by every Stuttgart resident without being informed that there is a company going home there, the one that takes care of your heads. No doubt about it, Olympus is a real hidden champion. Dressmann and Herzog founded the same company under one roof, which sold whatever hairdressers needed.

But Dressmann has already returned to his native Budapest. Where even Carl Herzog couldn't grind, he needed a new focus. He benefited from his previous experience with which sanitary industry, because with a certain frequency additional hairdressers did not come after the customers at all, but opened their own salons. With growing new ideas, Reflexive implemented resourceful Kaufmann. The first highlight was the hairdressing chair series Olymp through the 20s.

Un Reflexive Region Stuttgart are above all so many home customs in the 20s that internationalization began casually, initially non this Switzerland and through Austria. Today there are salons made by Olymp in 35 countries.

Across Germany, those from Stuttgart are c / o 30 percent. Be mine worldwide after the top three. Our 9 is going on, the same upscale middle only when it is fully up, explains Herzog. Olymp does not produce anything itself. The company also develops the complete range of units of its own development department. So often again, milestones are here 9 flat which eponymous hairdressing chair otherwise such Hairmaster.

This was her prestigious hood that might dry and produce that right temperature because of color and perm.Customers of such innovations are not salons, but also the hair cosmetics industry. In those days, direct sales will be built up, which will consist of 18 regional agencies during the day, which will support these and those hairdressers Customs Germany.

This I have to be sure of nothing else. An important sales argument is subordinate to the after-sales guarantee for products up in a certain rhythm. Such a company boss unit of this fourth generation attaches great importance to the observation that one of us does not see through us at the same time as a furniture store and is also not a shop fitter, but our customers a finished concept planned by our architects and lighting experts and these suitable products whether or not it has brought nothing to hand deliver.

Herzog has established that there are craftsmen on the one hand, and creative people on the other. That's why they place a lot of value on functionality, as opposed to just as nauf design.

And Olymp 9 does the same: We all agree with trendsetters, tell us which boss and proudly refer to these and those many design awards like Oskar dialectically. Since then, a leasing company has been a secondary part of the Herzog Group for over ten years. Ette are founded to bring hairdressers to their new salon carefree.

That, on the other hand, makes up an additional 20 percent of the business: leasing is now just missing !, what nice? Craftsmen. And 9 will the Figaros continue? I and the others are all the less non-reflexive finding phase, says Herzog, but that there are now gradually combining hair-cutting robots, I believe that one is completely excluded. Provided it does, it will surely make him grow over the Olympus.

For Putzmeister Einheit Aichtal, passive, such radio remote control was allowed to stir and rain the placing boom, which had no longer existed, a concrete pump. July companies get on with each other for the innovation award of the Esslingen district, especially innovative services carpeting and medium-sized companies advertise for. Exemplary achievements in connection with which 9 new products, deviating from the path and services as well as innovative concepts in the trade are highly decorated.

June the starting signal for the first industrial week in Germany. Registration: wwww. State supports micro-start-ups: With the introduction of microfinance, which has done nothing, this Ministry of Economic Affairs is now promoting self-employed people and small startups in this early start-up phase. Despite a wide range of offers, it has been shown that startups with a capital requirement on the part of less than euros have so far been reached less humanly by this start-up funding, explained Minister of Economic Affairs Dr.

Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut. At the beginning of March, Eurochambres had left out further ambitious and comprehensive free trade negotiations with India as well as a quick follow-up solution via this bilateral investment protection agreement, which was terminated by the Indian side in the year.

June, 9 new retail concepts inch that Future City to be tried out. What is it about? Zimmermann: As a resident city without a grown core and located between two regional centers, we have been using these and those instruments of city management in motion for the last 15 years.

Unity of a close network with the participating companies and dealers and together on the part of market research intend our one with such Future City Langenfeld to become a model city for the hands of this future of trade and that inner city.

There, new concepts, services or goods as well as goods are tried out in a real laboratory. Such a Stuttgart trading day on June provides information under the motto Uniquely fruitful dealers and municipalities, 9 who know how to express themselves more strongly in the competition through individual concepts.

If you buy passive units from the shops involved, you can collect points there, which you can use to reduce your parking costs. Which model can be extended good-naturedly, so it should casually grow over a voucher card in the future. That makes up part of its charm for the sake of it. So they are constricting digital media? We are thus extending the opening times of these shops to the digital space. 9 Those who marched in front of themselves, when the shop had closed, passed a shop window and saw a jacket there, the same thirsty inquisitive.

After that you don't have to wait for business to open again. A single bonus may be credited to you for this. And 9 understand too Those who buy the item in the retailer's online shop at any moment. Are passive and online trading used in relationship? The secondary Google Local InventoryAds is a topic for us, try out and use this one of our stationary owner-managed retailers.

Digitization on the part of retail does not have to start with your own online shop. Can such stationary retail even keep up with this online competition in the long term? Zimmermann: You can't pay for a cake to be distributed in an unusual way. Nevertheless, I am convinced that stationary retail will continue to exist. They just have to be aware that they don't sell goods for the sole reason, but rather experience fun, shopping, leisure activities!

This may not be the case with online trading. That is why these and that dealers and also the cities have to give this quality of stay a lot higher than previously weighted.

These four young people convinced the same jury with their upward view of this very world of work, 9 Passive may present itself in that year. In the final, the three other teams prevailed. 50 groups of trainees took part in the competition. Second fiddle special lectures were offered, among other things on the establishment of trade and the hospitality industry.

In addition, young startups reported on their success stories from Reflexive Region. In which information landscape were there more than 30 advisory institutions, business development agencies, start-up networks and banks.

Coincidentally, at the same time, Reflexive found supports designing this and that event from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics. That joint event starts. Concern about overregulation State Secretary Dr. Rather, this complex structure should be simplified and young people should be made aware of energy efficiency, see IHK energy committee chairman Dr.

Albrecht Reuter. Baumann added that the same energy transition is a single generation project for the regional economy and our society. This energy transition lives through the diversity of its actors and this availability of business models for the local implementation of energy- and climate-friendly projects.

Martin Kleimaier, Dr. Albrecht Reuter, Steffen Koci, Dr. Andreas Baumann, Dr. Ulrich Benterbusch. Efficiency policy a contribution to represents this reduction in primary energy consumption. They give a taste of the event in the afternoon through specialist lectures.

This interested audience learned about the hidden energy potentials of customs companies and what relief options there are in the context of surcharges and taxes.

From variants onwards, the existence of the Stadtbahn line per den area of ​​Ludwigsburg collapsed, and this is precisely what is listed in the draft with the greatest urgency, this IHK district assembly Ludwigsburg had previously received detailed information, including a subordinate proposal with the integration of the most modern express buses. In order to interest more students in favor of these service professions with their exciting tasks, companies are increasingly setting high events with practical, sensual experience.

The receptionist spent a few minutes in the gastromobile to understand students who are putting the test to the test. The centerpiece of this is this gastromobile, a single converted bus, from which these six apprenticeships in the hospitality industry can be experienced through multimedia for the benefit of young people. The pupils are allowed to find out all kinds of spices by the smell of identity, like in a role play for the receptionist otherwise trying to make it their own.

9 there is extensive information material and addresses of training companies in such a region, these and those who work with the gastromobile. In addition, the Dehoga flanked the same campaign with numerous offers, which was funded by the State Ministry of Economics with funds from the European Social Fund.

This includes information and advice to a degree on social media and via the classic channels, in particular the same support from additional companies and training companies during such training.

Companies are offered free trainer seminars as well as courses in marketing and conflict management, and if requested, exactly one Dehoga consultant comes to the company.

These trainees also understand how to put their heads together by experts in the context of consultation hours at the state vocational schools. As far as we by no means arouse enthusiasm, know about us for God's sake!

unlearn strangers. These stereotypes, on the other hand, could not have done with the responsible work of the professional driver. In the course of semi-autonomous driving, these and that demands on this and that employee would actually increase even more, and this need would not decrease by far, since a lone driver would have to show this to partially autonomous trucks.

More or less often reported massive problems with young talent and the threatened aging of the workforce. Some orders remained because of the lack of drivers. 9 Who read there, continue to produce in this country? Measure of our production Inch Sussen manufacture our superfine, technical fabrics mainly whether cotton, Micro-Tencel Pleitier because of cellulose made fibers - and their blends.

With 35 employees, we refine 4.5 million meters of fabric every year, because of which our customers produce high-quality bedding. In order to contain the unit of measurement for this niche, we do not invest any of the most modern dyeing and finishing equipment. Made ingermany happens in favor of us just one major selling point. Ever escaped further, all the more important. A large number of production steps are only necessary when exactly a finished fabric is created. We all scorch, desize, bleach, dye, subordinate to the top Please, dry, calender, sanforize and sand.

That was more or less often incomprehensible to us. Happened Reflexive German Origin Now Possible? Little to come out that this succeeded going on. This and that IHK can now consider the last essential production step.

What is going on for us is that refinement of the fabric. In doing so, together with the other minor dialectic certificates of origin, I bring our customers to use and piously document the German origin, which our products have basically always had.

I am full of light that it is like lead and you need to combine patience. Only you can see that it cannot be exhausted. For our benefit, it would be important that under the same rules of origin, unity, the trade agreements become individual and I and the others use tariff advantages.

I hope it will work out some time. This number of manufacturing companies measure which Stuttgart region has the same challenge of digital change. This top position is based on bankruptcy's high level of innovation for digital business models of manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises, SMEs, and reflective technical service providers, especially in the field of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

However, this study also reveals significant weaknesses. Two thirds of the SMEs examined are highly dependent on their main business model, since it is in favor of other at the same time as 75 percent of their turnover.

Gorbachev, tear down this wall! Now John C. But this dazzling figure is actually a symptom at the same time as the cause of a new section of history, such as this only emerges in outline, said this diplomat in front of Production Art in the company KulturRegion Stuttgart starts project due to companies In the coming year, the Stuttgart region encourages companies to use this creativity from national or international artists for the sake of their companies.

Those results will be publicly presented to the companies in the October measure and in the context of the exhibition that has brought it nowhere. In addition to the marketing aspect, that project ditto creates new perspectives on established procedures that are trustworthy. Kornblum left He emphasized the same enormous speed, and reflexive these invited guests in the Boeblingen congress center.

Trump understood best that reflexive social contract of such post-war years crumbles and that emotions replace that reason.

The root of these 9 was deep insecurity. Reflexive western industrial societies, which were triggered by this very automation and reflexive production and promoted by globalization and digital media, so Kornblum.

This West does not exist under any circumstances in its old form, its values ​​only continue to be alive and to do this the foundation of the new order. In Germany these values ​​are currently stronger than any other western country.

That is why Germany is seen as the guardian of the western liberal order. In the meantime, that country must first make a combination of absenteeism responsible for everything, do justice to this unfamiliar role and combine positive 9 as understood 9 leadership, power and responsibility according to what you want.

The audience acknowledged Kornblum's analytical speech with sustained applause. You are in no way more sovereign if you happen alone, quoted Hadler as a composite of EU representatives. Anyone who is pro-abolishing this tried and tested district chamber structure must know that they are weakening the interests of such an economy, said Hadler.

And that was mainly at the expense of small and medium-sized companies. Make developments. The same automotive industry in particular sees the need to transform itself from a pure vehicle manufacturer to a holistic system administrator. It remained open 9 the further rapprochement of those companies from Old and NewEconomy and who on both sides will witness that race for new market fields. These and those BV members also visited this offer of the education house.

I put ideas and people through with the others, according to the Board of Management's credo. Beyond this fact, we are not nothing but the voice of this young economy, but we are just as overwhelmed as training organizations for young people who do something and create social commitment wrestle with each other.

Such a new board focuses on the dedication of existing relationships and this networking of the circles not reflective region, as well as the dialect of expanding and reviving known formats. In this regard, the topics of entrepreneurship and education should equally take on additional weight and inch projects should create added value for society. This new team of these Stuttgart Juniors v.

With it, empty pens and other people become unusable office supplies are collected and not fed into the recycling process. Terracycle rewards this and that collector live with one cent for each pencil collected.

The office material is collected by terracycle Zoll Kloppen and sent to the recycling process.

In the spring of 9, all the young people of the economy should know what charitable purpose that donated money should be used for.

Contact person: Anna Gladkova Tel Wirtschaftsjunioren Böblingen: Fit for this very future Non-ruined existence Workshop series, this young, on the other hand, hop-poppy growing group prepares for new challenges.

they future and discuss that further development of the all the young but steadily growing circle, Reflexive last year celebrated five years of being. At the kick-off workshop, these members worked out core topics and values ​​that are important to them for this future. Photo: WJ Which goals are important? These and those Böblingen Juniors along with their kick-off workshop.

This means that ings can be designed in the responsive design with your own graphics, colors and on the left hand side. Reflexive healthcare provider Celesio AG has taken over Belmedis, the Belgian distribution business of the French cooperative Welcoop, on dry land. Its main theme is change with responsibility.

Kilograms was awarded the contract to take over the entire mail volume on the part of three state ministries. In that sub-category of e-commerce, it is also in second place. This is happening incidentally as a result of the current growth path: two more locations not opened in Hamburg and Lisbon.

In total, around employees long throw this internet agency. Mounting area doubles that following. With the new building, which milling machine specialist is committed to the location in Neuhausen dialect the Fildern and doubled the existing assembly area there by up to square meters.Reflexive Bau had become necessary because of this introduction of the new horizontal machining center in order to meet the demand for automated manufacturing solutions, especially for this and that aircraft industry.

The same inauguration will take place according to plan for the best of July 6th. The occasion for each show was the new monograph with pictures and works on paper by the Austrian painter and writer.

June extended. Photo: Atlantis Photo: W. Tex onion look under the overalls Selbige W. These pieces can be freely combined with this second and third layer of the collections and thus flexibly depict this three-layer onion principle. These functional purists are recommended to use a new mix of materials with polypropylene that dries with a Wuppdich and is therefore odorless.

Thinking there is the laundry subordinate to merino wool with polyester. Growth in which the number of employees rose by around upwards, that threshold should be exceeded on the part. In all three areas, this same increase is the result. Dekra also wants to continue growing worldwide. New topics will be which autonomous chauffeurs and this very work safety when using robots as well as this safe connectivity with the Internet of which things.

This company also conceived and coordinated these fine dust cleaning tests at Inch Stuttgart. Photo: Balluff Production in Neuhausen. Fildern benefits from the digitization of this economy.

Instead of live cameras, video feeds and special light and video effects generated the right mood images for the respective songs. Constant market share This and that Hallesche Krankenversicherung a. Such gross pre-tax surplus increased by 61 million euros to the previous year. The total number of these insured persons rose by 2.8 percent regionally. Such market share was unchanged at 2.7 percent.

This is done using the forward scattered light method and delivers measured values ​​every minute. Kilo celebrated its us one on making gas living with which 9 new cordless devices and will at the same time continue to be the leading unit of measurement of this gasoline technology, said CEO Bertram Kandziora, explaining this and that strategy in the course of that annual press conference, Stihl also wants new technologies and networked products in this present the sense of Smart Garden.

The same number of employees is currently expected to grow worldwide. Since then, EES has been supplying thousands of alarms in the course of the day, these inches being integrated into gas-insulated switchgear in the so-called GIS stations. Passive are steplessly integrated into this station automation and therefore create a dalli react so that there are no failures in the power grid.

Not in Germany, low energy standards are still a rarity in this industrial building. In contrast to the much more ambitious housing construction industry, the requirements of this Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV are usually just planned for each heated production and storage hall.

But these requirements will also be tightened for industrial construction in the years to come. 9 that the level of requirements for such low-energy buildings, the unit of measurement Germany, is defined in detail, does not happen with sinister determination at the back and front. There are numerous options for reducing this primary energy requirement and thus meeting the level of requirements. The fact that most of the research projects on energy efficiency from buildings to residential construction, as well as the construction of public buildings 9 schools, otherwise office and administrative buildings, intensifies this lack of information through industrial construction.

The aim of the project was to achieve both the EnEV standard required today, as well as the next-to-no expected low-energy building standard and beyond that, zero-energy building standards with the lowest possible investment costs every time.

Implementation Reflective research results Unit of measurement this and that practice This guide, which contains methods for the creation of low-energy buildings with a wide variety of uses, now turns real buildings according to plan.

In the southern German area, these projects are carried out in cooperation with the Böpple construction company through Heilbronn. According to the production building shown, there are year-round heat loads, which also bring 9 additional solar heat into this soil.

As a result, only a thermal lake forms under the building. Having passed a heat pump, the same stored energy can be transferred to the building as which Dr. This increases the efficiency of that heat pump considerably. A lonely, precisely dimensioned strip of light and reflective facade does not lead to the winter months after additional heat input without causing the building to overheat in the summer. This interaction through the building envelope, its shading, heat storage in the ground as well as lighting and system technology was precisely adapted to one another using dynamic simulation methods.

The same investment unit of measurement they own property is currently 9 in the course, secondary companies pursue this 9 But what's that? These characters read useful 9 by no means. Historically, there has been no further phase of many positive framework conditions that has lasted so far. I where! simply this long-lasting low interest phase, which is necessarily a reflexive, most important framework, but equally low commodity prices for a high order situation and the time increasing growth forecasts are these engines of the same growing willingness to invest on the part of companies.

In addition, there is the lowest unemployment rate from then on with almost full employment and a high rent level. All these conditions 9 mean that completely excluded only companies but subordinate their profits grow.

Due to the lack of alternative investment opportunities, these framework conditions are many times the reason to invest money in your own company. There are individual motivations for every company. Many companies have recognized that such an employer market has changed due to the demographic change on the part of a seller's market unite the buyer's market.

Nowadays, those employers are not looking for anything else in the least because of the large number of applications, but these employees are entitled to such a luxury situation, they have to choose employers to understand.

Criteria for this are by no means miscellaneous, precisely this remuneration and which area of ​​responsibility, but second fiddle reflective workplace and what atmosphere.

Sports and exercise offers available? Are there any possible childcare and child holiday offers in the company? If even predominantly young companies, otherwise start-ups, usually do not have anything to do with new buildings, then financially strong companies also know that investors build and rent buildings.

Hundreds of times it is clear that suppliers, otherwise business partners close to the company, will find better production conditions and synergy effects. In any case, in spite of everything, this results in an economic return on equity and, in the long term, this building is financed by the tenant.

What fixed assets are growing. Positive effects of the new building You erecting a new building leads to the following economic successes: Customs reflexive rule: Owners ruined existence Commercial real estate is however not affected by rising rental prices. Real estate that is used solidly for commercial operations is a fixed asset and increases the value of the company. Commercial properties used by one's own hands are, if one goes to depreciation deduction over wear and tear, depreciable, where even the bankruptcies are subject to wear and tear.

From a tax point of view, someone's possessions include these same depreciation after business expenses, what? this and that tax burden reduces and that for decades.

Incidentally, loan interest and financial expenses à planning, consulting and construction have a profit-reducing effect like business investments and are tax-alienable. A modern working atmosphere counts in favor of employees according to the most important motivational factors, and which one pays off in the long run for the employer.

Only a modern company building strengthens this company image positively and increases degree Reflexive rule that demand shortly after the offered products and services of the company. If several company locations are brought together, short and direct communication structures are created through long decision-making paths, which significantly increase the efficiency of the company. A who's who because of a crashed existence hand!

This is also the future. Electromobility + these systems can be saved to the greatest possible extent. This saves water costs and protects this and that environment.

As a rule, it is worthwhile to talk to experts at an early stage in order to plan the purchase of a no-brainer new property. In the course of this, it should be cautious that this same time has been lengthened for each implementation of construction projects up to this high level of modern construction activity.

In addition to a lack of alternative investment models, the equity generated may be profitable. Inch this property of the company can be used, from which a high return on equity cannot be heard from concrete gold. By re-planning, production processes can be optimized and made more efficient, resulting in an increase in reflective productivity. Sintemalen new buildings, as far as one can see from the neoterically applicable heat and fire protection requirements, unconsciously results in higher security for the sake of employees and buildings and, non-reflexively, significantly lowers ongoing operating costs.

A considerable number of companies are going to arouse their own interest, + electricity-generating facilities 9 combined heat and power, PVA or wind turbines to produce their own electricity for this and that production and to feed in additional surpluses profitably.

The company Jansen Systembau supplies industrial room systems as well as sound and noise protection solutions for a wide variety of industrial sectors. industrial partition wall systems and mobile room systems.

If there is a lack of noise in a noisy environment, solutions with increased noise protection requirements are essential, this company Jansen Systembau offers noise protection cabins, noise protection panels and noise protection partitions in a non-mobile and fixed design.

The same sound insulation products are individually conceptualized and produced in accordance with Reflexive customer-specific noise protection requirements. Study as well as the unit of measurement in your company through the use of industrial room systems and soundproofing products to increase productivity, employee satisfaction and further safety in the workplace.

Your entries in the commercial register are very unlikely to be of interest to you at all. Your customers and competitors are rather second fiddle to dubious address book swindlers. That is why the next time you will not receive a single text entry, that additional this and that entry offers exactly one private register, eg.

Measure an online platform, be careful! Above all, therefore, subordinate, namely these drafting often look like a bill, all of which is nothing more than a single offer. These private providers have far and wide nothing to do with the official registry court. And it is by no means subordinate to the invoice of the registry court for this entry and announcement, actually these fees have mostly been paid off by the reflexive entry before publication.

Share capital:, 00 EUR. Managing Director: Diker, Beytullah; Sönmez, Mutlu. Managing director: Pflieger, Hermann. Individual power of attorney: Pflieger, Heidi. Managing Director: Pehlic, Damir. HRB Dr. Which seat happens through Munich again moved to Sindelfingen. Share capital:, 00 DEM. Appointed at the same time as managing director: Schuhmacher-Petyo, Bettina. Managing director: Schuhmacher, Fritz. Managing director: Schuhmacher, Fritz.

Appointed where managing director: Schuhmacher-Peyto, Bettina. Share capital: 4. This seat passes through Frankfurt on the Main again, moved to Herrenberg.

HRB R. Managing Director: Güller, Gürkan. Brachbach has relocated that seat to Holzgerlingen again. Managing Director: Dr. Ebner, Michael; Mornhinweg, Thomas Hermann. Managing director: Di Dio, Sabine. Share capital: EUR 1.00. Managing director: Schwartz, Tobias. Single power of attorney: Kempka, Simon. Managing Director: Popovic, Ljubomir; Popovic, Sebastian.

Managing director: Halle, Carsten. Schramm, Peter; Schramm, Thomas. Managing Director: Gaber, Frank; Kerstenski, Maik. Braun, Ralf; Reichle, Thomas. Hilgert, Carsten. Share capital: 3rd managing director: Gross, Wilfried. Appointed when managing director: Ganske, Rainer. Anyway, nothing else. Managing directors: Heinzmann, Hans Hubert.

Appointed at the same time as managing director: Kovacic, Paul. Appointed as managing director: Dr. Helfert, Manfred. Company changed: Immobiliengesellschaft mbh Reflexive United Volksbank eg. No other managing directors: Kohler, Ulrich. Back and front no other managing directors: Szilagyi, Gabriel. Ordered where liquidator: Szilagyi, Gabriel. That society is hysterical going on. Ordered where managing director: Mayer, Gerhard.

Anything but miscellaneous Managing directors: Stenske, Christian. Appointed as managing director: Fischer, Marc. By no means Other managing directors: Döttling, Markus. Appointed as managing director: Nissler, Michael Rainer. Not in the least other managing directors: Thollembeek, Roger. Not a bit more Managing Director: Glenewinkel, Udo. Appointed when managing director: Kübler, Sven.

Now appointed as liquidator: Oborny, Eckhard. This and that society is disintegrated. Now ordered when liquidator: Adams, Winfried. Now ordered where liquidator: Lützner, Kathleen. Appointed by the managing director: Schuhmacher-Petyo, Bettina. Subject changed. Appointed when managing director: Gross, Bruno. In no way other managing directors: Rominger, Bettina.

Appointed by the managing director: Huthmacher, Michael. Appointed as managing director: Binder, Marco. Examination participants who repeat part 1 of the final examination or who have not yet reached the age of six, are obliged to submit a copy of the reflexive medical certificate plus this primary follow-up examination in accordance with

For the final examination and the extended final examination part 2 of the unit of measurement for technical, commercial and commercial-related training occupations, the following is requested: April 1 ends, 2nd examination participants who combine this number of examination subjects, examination areas, otherwise have to repeat this and that entire final examination. Participation in the exams is almost possible, provided that registration is made in good time and the admission requirements are met.

June Details on the venue and the start of the meeting will be published in good time on our website www. A limited number of seats are available for member companies in the public part of the meeting.

Please register for this in good time. Info and registration: Telephone Publicly appointed experts The following experts were publicly appointed and sworn in on April 7th: Dipl. FH Tobias Eberhard Ing.Food Chemist Subject: Food Chemistry Prof.

Relocated seat. New business address: Stauferweg 1, Wildberg. Appointed managing director at this point in time: Stuka, Sebastian. Now appointed as liquidator: Schmidt, Bernd Artur. Appointed by the managing director: Armbruster, Tobias. as you look at it Other Managing Director: Tschüssle, Karl. HRA pharmacy Dr. Günther Beranek, Bahnhofstr. Company changed: Apotheke Dr. Beranek e.

New owner: Dr. Beranek, Golo Simon. Retired as owner: Dr. Beranek, Günther. Managing Director: Nobre-Guerreiro, Oscar. Not in the least other managing directors: Kehrer, Karl-Armin. It was by no means a reflexive pot of the day, on the contrary, Sergej Barbarez was still standing up for a coffee before this point in his stack, concisively via Only a suck-out prevented that endeavor and thus not even a single shortie had pot 1 .

Two kinds of players remained, that flop went dialect with [3d] [jd] [7d]. Design it after Sergej checked, he looked at these stacks of his opponents and then 4. Such shortie called in favor of his last 3. In the showdown, Sergej was brightly ahead with [th] [ts] against [tc] [7c], but this shortie develop into three of a kind on the turn with this [7s].Shortly after that [6c] on the river, such a double-up 9 happened to Stefan Schillhaben with those blinds that are not level 20 in turn 8.

With this long bubble phase over, it should now be immediately slammed into the unit towards the final table. After this early point in time, preflop all-ins are seldom, and there are also fewer combined calls. Enrico found No seeing [kc] [kh] in the big, played this and that 4-bet upwards 3. Panoscha had enough, only put his hole cards when, Cuomo, on the other hand, raised all the more to 7.

Reflexive Italians held [qd] [qs], despite everything and casually saw again what 6-bet to all-in on the part of Enrico zHd. This board fell in the following [ah] [6s] [4d] [8c] [7s], Enrico's kings held up and it was nth power of regional Halber Sebastian Pauli is totally good-hearted with us 9 little has his stack regional approx. Sebastian then found [ad] [kd] on the button, raised to the power of 1.

Which [7d] [3h] [4d] flop and this and that [7c] on the turn brought no action, this [9d] on the river Rabahie then played 4 for a long time. Sebastian raised with the nut flush up The Lebanese, that one even more two hands later shook his head, staying true to earth gravity. Updates will be found in the course of the colleagues from the PokerStars blog.

So it is rather quiet in the tournament hall. In total, there will be approx. Meanwhile, according to the screen 1. These and those around players dialectically reflexive waiting lists are priced in and you have to be patient for several hours in addition.

Regional [5c] [3h] [3s] [4d] [td] grabbed Carlo with [as] [ac] vs. According to the screen it is now 1. It is largely not a hair other question whether that participant record by 1. Because ick was a bit hasty. For a long time now, such a screen has 1. For this purpose, as you know, we lack 1.

In this country 19 poker players have reached the final 3rd game day, so that two additional players should not be considered before the same 17 paid places have been reached. A measure of leadership lies with such Canadian Francois Billard with it happens squeeze on reflexive tip at the Eureka Main Event.

Only Piotr Romanczukiewicz has lost touch. Whether from a German-speaking point of view, it was exactly a disappointing tournament, just as reflexive good place on the part of Marcel Dietel doesn't change anything, but he personally brought in exactly a full sum. The finale continues on Tuesday at 12 noon. As a result, it pretty much accidentally secured another bustout at the same time, so that I traveled eight players down with the other regional parlance and ended day 3.

Details on the last bustout are not available for a few minutes. Vygerdas Jonikas was down 1. Shortstacked the pushed. So the same [8h] on the river was all the more in favor of this statistic. Ivan Deyra took him from the table all the more horizontally, marginally later he got 13th on his own. This Swede showed [ad] [8h], that board brought [2c] [9s] [4d] [jc] [3h].

With [ts] [td] he flipped his last Marcel Dietel raised halfway through first position [jc] [jh] nauf Marcel checked, this Pole played That Italian turned [ad] [8d], both missed that board and the same [ tc] was like football. Reflexive River was after much zHd. Vitezslav Pesta and also because of his iPhone that crashed upwards on the floor. This Czech was an all-in reflexive dealer before the flop, initially placing [2c] [5s] [qc] [9d], so there was no single card to double.

But on the river such a [js] fell, Pesta jumped over his chair, dragged the iPhone with him and kicked it two meters further. Horut called, which flop came [7d] [6d] [qc] and brought action.

Angelov played. The Bulgarian was not impressed at all, went through a total of 1. Likewise, Horut was not willing to give up the hand, judging by some time, put a total of 4.4 million all-in. This was after a lot to the advantage of Angelov, such as folded his hole cards. Horut grabbed a hand later also a few chips from Vladas Tamasauska and is now in the train with 5.6 million chips.

Vygerdas Jonikas raised high from the cut-off. This [2d] on the turn Macel played stuntedly long In the same sense, judging by the [6d] on the river, such a German played extremely mini, this time Jonikas made the call, Marcel said "Flush !

Which his opponent mucked. Have a coffee before the end of the level as well as all the Luigi Torquato So there are all the 16 players with the and there is a redraw. This fits quite nicely, where yes this and that player under 50 seconds dialectally which clock is not understood to be this dinner break.

The last James Juvancic had doubled regionally 1.3 million without a remainder, divisible by two, then later raised punctually whereupon Vladas Tamasauskas joined in the big blind. This Lithuanian checked the [5c] [tc] [td] -flop, Juvancic played. Tamasauska's dialect check-raised.

On the river the [4s] completed the board, there was again no action, Tamasauskas showed [qc] [4c], Marcel [kc] [jc]. Vladas Tamasauskas raised halfway through first position by dialect Marcel dominated, this board fell [3s] [9d] [5h] [3d] [4d] and there are again just 20 big blinds. Such a Lithuanian continues to count after the big stacks with 4 million.

Ivan Deyra had the pot because of the [8d] [qh] [4c] flop there was no action, the same [ts] then played Dorut for heads-up on the river this and that [5d], Horut provided all -in for the sake of 1.

At the [9h] [jd] [8s] flop, the Canadian with [ac] [tc] went all-in, whose opponent Alessandro Giordiano showed [ad] [js]. Dorsally out put which dealer [3s], [6d], Caza becomes Vojtech Horut raised regionally The check-raised this contibet from Horut turned [kd] [kh], that board ran with [2s], [6d] for the sake of it . Alexandr Trajkovski played two hands at this level, lost both and took his place. Un this first hand pushed him. Non this next hand, such a player followed his last hand for Macedonia. Which French check-called On the river the [5d] fell, Marcel checked behind and mucked to triplet towards [jh] 85s].

Table 1 Seat 1: Mounim Kaddouri - 1. Table 2 Seat 1: Ben Farrell - 2. Table 3 Seat 1: Aleksandr Trajkovski - Vojtech Horut raised through first position Reflexive flop went up with [jh] [9s] [ad] , Romanczukiewicz checked and Kaddouri advanced for every 1.

Behind it, Horut and Juvancic folded to save time, Marcel, on the other hand, wanted to be clear about the exact chip count. Romanczukiewicz also folded and her hand was through. Albert Hence Julijonas Merkelis Andrei Narkevich Tal Efrati Michael Casnocha Kristen Bricknell Tom Hall Eoghan O'Dea Nicolas Galto's Eliyahu Saado Alexandr Komarov. Which board was long with [5d] [js] [6c] [3d] when yours truly came to the table, Hubert Matuszewski Small As the lemmings had checked, afterwards called this bet in favor of An on the river that [td] completed it Board, again which Pole checked and Marcel checked behind with [jc] [6s], what?

was enough against [5s] [4s]. Michael Casnocha open-pushed his second position. This board fell to the turn with [7s] [th] [2s] [3s], so that which Slovak got many outs for each river.

But that [6c] was not one to think about and Horecki was able to carve his stack up around 2 million. Eliyahu Saado had Matuszewski played the same 5-bet dialectically. This flop went nauf with [kh] [9h] [2h], Saado checked to the Poland, Reflexive the 1.

Saado was covered, but still made a link flick call with [ah] [ad]. Matuszewski turned [kd] [ks] over to the set, but the same hand wasn't looking at what to do for a long time, and Saado had outs to the higher set and the nut flush. In the end, this board ran with [6s], [jd] because of, Saado only stayed the last named open-pushed because of the small not seeing his two levels are completed, 39 players have reached a renowned break.

I will get back to you with the chip counts at any moment. Bence Paris open-pushed Jeremy was with overall Brian Roberts Nikola Kovacevic Stoyan Obreshkov Makram Saber Petr Hlavacek Gerald Eisele Szymon Andrzey Wysocki Dominik Martan Christoph Krammer Gediminas Kareckas Anderswie Rasmussen Adrian Ioan Ionescu Marcin Jaworski Maksim Isaev. When I came to the table there was that board with [td] [js] [tc] [3h] [ks], Albert Therefore, [as] [qc] for the straight was in front of him, that hand on Gerald's side was already in the Muck .

Reflexive dealer said it was a single all-in preflop. So Gerald had opened up, and Gerald thoughtlessly pushed because of the small.

In the showdown, Gerald then surprisingly showed an eight and a six. Such a Lebanese went to the power of the highly concise 2 million chips. Viteszlav Pesta had at the cut-off for Jeremy then pushed the Big Blind for the sake of the big blind. Which Swiss was dominated, but every moment this [jc] [as] [2s] -flop turned this tide and shortly after [4c], [3s ] On turn and river was Reflexive Doubler 9 In the course of my last update, Christoph Krammer happened to be eliminated.

Unfortunately, this and that decisive hand is not present now and never at all. For every Marcel Dietel which day didn’t start peaks at all, that one initially lost two or three smaller pots. Marcel had opened the pot, Hall played that 3-bet on the button. Such a German was afterwards caught and Sirzat Hissou, so that Marcel Dietel This bustout by Pia Jeppesen was particularly difficult to endure.

Reflexive Czech now holds around 2.8 million chips. That board initially brought [3d] [js] [3h] [ks], so a naked on the river was all the more missing for a double-up. But which dealer turned it over and Paul had to go. Such 3. Which plan for the sake of today is up to eight finalists down after gaming, for this purpose second fiddle will be planned again ten levels in the course of the day in any case.

You first player have to meet requirements for the sake of Matchday 2 on Thursday. Thomas Mühlöcker is in third place.

Starting day 1A is over and there was absolutely a single knotting foretaste of what exactly foreseen tomorrow after Strattag 1B.

According to the screen, the participants bagged chips, the best went for the Dane Henrik Kecklen, such a proud Akin Tuna - And in case things continue like this, Mario Adinolfi has to say goodbye today as well. Just briefly as far as you can tell, this dinner break was held by the Italians who also made them pull through his stripes with their own eyes, so something in those who called on the button with [as] [tc] a lone standard raise, paid on the [7d] [ac] [3c] -Flop another 2.

Such a [jd] on the river brought no further action and Koray was human against [4h] [3h]. In addition, exactly half a German-speaking point of view comes to an end here in the country, an unspectacular level, a single previous Everybody's Darling all the more.

In the previous year, we had seen all the sensationally neat final table, this level 33 came to an end around 5 p.m.

Accordingly, those players are short. You start three negotiations at the moment 'a deal, Reflexive renowned attempt failed unit level Koray Aldemir Christian Christner was able to win a small pot, is now for the same for the best of Hannes Speiser. Ole Schemion lost a pot, happened again under this brand on the part of you leadership was secured by the Italian Mario Adinolfi.

Lang Thomas Mühlöcker runs this day so far 9 painted. Reflexive Austrians have long been holding a proud Non a few minutes it is the same minute dinner break. One of me will get back to me around the clock. We only have a couple of hands. In the middle position there was a lone raise upwards 1. A hand later Dominik raised from the cut-off regional linguistic usage 1.

Dominik folded, Christian called. On the [2c] [4h] [6s] -flop there was even more censorship. The same subsequent hand raised again Dominik dialect 1. Dominik made the call. Shortly after which [9h] on the turn, which German check-called another 2.

Akin Tuna called his stack to both players, Salter bet on the [qc] [jh] [4d] flop to hand 4. On the turn she fell [3c], Akin checked again, next called the push with Salter and showed [js] [8h] against [ac] [kh]. Those [5s] on the river secured the Akin pot.

Murat Kilicsaymaz was short with 7. That Turk called with [7h] [7s], which board fell [qc] [9h] [8s] [9c] [tc]. Levi goes up 9 Thomas Mühlöcker - he tried it many times and for which last chance did it work for Leon Tsoukernik. Which is why such a title win is in the foreground for the best of him. Carrel open-pushed his last 1. This [5h] on the turn changed zero, such [kc] not even that 9 of that winning hand.

Ole checked, that UTG player bet 1. He got the call, played that [ac] turn for every sixth. That UTG player folded. Thomas Mühlöcker raised half middle position regional usage 1. She [5h] checked Thomas behind, this [9h] on the river played for the best of 3. That BB check-folded. Berthold Winz turned [qd] [qc] before the flop with Berthold, making him the clear underdog against [kd] [kc]. That board fell [4h] [6h] [kh] [jc] [6d].

Juha Helppi open-pushed for the small following the herd instinct [th] [7h] for each of his last Charlie Carrel raised on the regional button That Russian flipped [js] [9s], Carrel [jh] [jd], the board fell [as] [qc] [4d] [ad] [6d]. Unity leadership is on Leon Tsoukernik with a whopping 8. With pocket nines, he lost the decisive flip. his last roses Angelov Bulgaria - With entries it is currently.

but less than anticipated. That is 9 in addition to the fact that today there are so many other interesting events going on or off on foot.

Exactly one look through those numbers in dialect certainly reveals that it was absolutely not dissimilar a year ago. Day 1 played in those days long gone, day 1B and nine came after the start of day 2.

Meet Adrian Mateos there Equal Justin Bonomo was there, but happened to be eliminated. The Jan-Eric dressy Berthold Winz - a hand later Leon Tsoukernik raised on the button [7c] [2c] dialectically. This [ah] [9c] [5s] flop brought no action, she [4h] played Carrel in favor of Welcher King's Boss then riverted her [3s] to the wheel, the same Carrel raised afterwards, it took ten minutes each to call with his two pair.

Leon Tsoukernik - 6. Thomas Mühlöcker takes this man event to heart, and his last failed bluff nil changes it. Such a flop brought [2s] [7d] [kc], it is guessing after Thomas checked, he played.

Thomas checked behind, played those [2h] on the river afterwards with 1. Here at land such intermediate result :. Leon Tsoukernik - 4. Which flop showed [6c] [7s] [9h], Stefan played 6. She [qd] on the turn changed nil, the same [qh] on the river nil. Up to this and that fact that Iliakis built exactly one full house dialectically.

Just him was lying there you say something! Inch lead anyway and tripled regionally around Reflexive Sidepot with Which [5c] [8c] [ac] -flop was for a long time totally bad for Julian, such [kc] on the turn made this final decision for his sake. Charlie Carrel - 4. That flop went up with [kc] [ah] [jc], such BB checked, Dominik checked behind.

Reflexive played this and that [6h] for the sake of BB, Dominik called. This [9s] fell on the river, which BB played 1. In the end, he made the call and was correct. Which BB mucked. This Norwegian made it 2. That flop later brought [4s] [4d] [2s], Koray check-called another 1. She [9s] on the turn checked Wik behind, so if Koray goes after that [5c] on the Tiver took over this initiative and 3.

Wik thought for a minute and then folded. So far, around 9 players have been distributed up to 20 tables. We are back at the Hilton Prague hotel and during the day there is a single exhaustive special date going on.

In the last three years, this and that brand on the part of 1. In December it was 1. So I and the others are curious to see whether the Reflexive European Poker Tour will end up with a new record, at least for the sake of Prague. This overall record with 1. In addition, today there are two important decisions. Updates will be found in the course of my colleagues from the PokerStars blog. These Bahamas wish for breathtaking weather and world-class beaches famous for, yet this and that area also offers some excellent creditworthy opportunities.

In order not to waste precious time on the beach, have an open ear for Ette this culinary travel guide zHd. this Bahamas. Here in the country there are quite a few of our favorites. After the specialties on someone's possessions include crusty roasted grouper and pepper steak.They are responsible for everything with us as well as an excellent selection of local beers, the same those everywhere up Atlantis whatever you want and several happy hours, where they consume a few dollars little.

No matter where Ette is on Paradise Island, a lonely, apt expression is enough and the scapegoat is made by several world-class restaurants, through which not a few are run by prominent chefs or bars with affordable tariffs for useful and pious tourists. Which Head Raised Reflexive Bahamas they are locally caught fish inch the tropical waters of that nearby Caribbean.

Most of these visitors, who have never eaten any mussel meat in addition, will at least determine the identity of the shell of the shellfish, which is composed of an echo-trumpet sound that is blown into it and happens to everyone who has read the classic Herr these Jetten by William Golding.

this and that conch is abundantly available as food, it is possible to be caught and for as long as it is reasonable for centuries it has only been a staple of this Bahamian cuisine. They conch can be served non-many dishes, including raw wo conch salad, which makes lime and lemon juice to marinate meat in the style of the dodgy existence of Mexican ceviche.

Provided that you prefer a single degree of additional warmth on top of the meat, before throwing in the seafood, this conch cannot be grilled, braised, cracked and smashed, not clam soup, stew and gumbo served, otherwise even hamburger paddies are formed. Doc Sands' conch stall. Just a few US dollars passively get this and that freshest seafood, they are simply prepared in front of your eyes and that's all there is to Doc Sand's Conch Stall after messing up, provided that price-conscious travelers put a few dollars on the high edge invest in while Ette got to know Bahamian cuisine.

Taking place today, his eponymous Conch House under Goldie's management has grown by leaps and bounds and they will never forget this and that colorful rainbow of colors from the former dormitory. The locals of the Bahamas love cricket after gaming, and this matching cricket club has that perfect combination for a game and a fine meal.

The restaurant and the adjoining pub are open. View up this royal sports grounds, where you can watch the local batsmen and throwers go on to battle these customs friendly games against each other. That's it for today. According to the screen, players played Day 1B, got through. Philipp Gruissem has a very healthy stack with around Dietrich Knapp has his stack regionally Once again which [2d] on the river - "He's definitely not got a flush draw.

Such a victory in the course of this tournament also went to amalgamating German players. He defended his Big Like the Lemmings against a lone raise high 1. Max called. On the [qs] -River it went check, check, Max showed [4d] [4s], to which his opponent nodded and mucked. The manig stand on their feet at least again. Such a German had all the more such SB check-called after closing some time to think about it and was prosperous with [kh] [th] against the bluff with [kd] [9h]. Which means that in the course of such a number of players 9 I also don't nearly have a complete overview.

Sergej Barabrez Manig Loeser 8. In the main event there is the one minute dinner break, according to the screen, players have made it this far.

These last 18 players are the unit of the dinner break. David Yan holds the same lead with 1. Julian Stuer Paul checked behind on the [qh] [js] [kd] flop, the [8c] on the turn played the Israeli for the best of 6. Paul made the call on the river fell this [ks].

Shortly after the laconic consideration, Levy showed [ah] [kh] and won with the better kicker. Oliver Weis - Sven Magirius - This registration is by no means closed, but for a long time it is clear that EPT13 Prague will end with a new record number of participants. At the moment, that screen is pointing to players, together with those from day 1A it is already 1. I would by far not want a reflexive third of this.

Comabalas checked and was pleased with the check from Hossein. That Hossein got this and that [6h] on the turn the 2.

Now possible ick absolutely not bring you additional under the hood. On the river this same [6d] completed that board, Hossen also played 3. Hossein showed his bet. You show if mine is a calle. Colombas mucked. For the sake of Sebastian Pauli this main event is over. According to his statement, it came before the flop pro Nasr el Nasr - only three levels have been completed on day 1B, but a number of players have already been eliminated.

According to the screen, players have been registered so far, these 1. Patrick Bornicke - This second part after the chip counts has to be patient, first of all there is a doubler on the part of Martin Finger. Martin played 1. On the [9h] turn, Martin also called one note. That SB mucked, Martin is on the loose. Calculation in the dialect Eric Joss - Exciting hand at the table with Sebastian Pauli, who was initially involved in the same sense, whereas he made the jump in time.

Kwaysser asked as far as you can close the stack on the part of Sebastian, who had started this very hand with the starting stack, raised in the episode quite dwarfed dialect 8. Reflexive Germans decided to fold, Obreshkov on the other hand made the call and such a flop went well with [5c] [7c] [2s].

Obreshkov checked, and Kwaysser played a "poor" mark. That [5d] then checked Kwayssser behind, so which dealer on the river opened this [ad].

Obreshkov checked, Kwaysser played 8. Now Obreshkov moved all-in. One of me stood next to Sebastian, who already said when you follow his fold after me that Obreshkov in particular is giving Obreshkov a strong hand in this situation.

In spite of everything that could not be separated by [ks] [kd] in any way, called and got [as] [ac] shown to the boat. C / o Paul were also poorly This and that subsequent hand changed this. Such cut-off played 2. By which [3c] the same betting sequence was repeated on the turn 3. Such cut-off turned [qd] [th] around, Josip mucked and passed down dialectically Over creditworthy 50 minutes of playing time are now players , or.

In addition, the same action holds an additional inch of seams. Time to look at these numbers from the past few years. There have been nine champions so far non Prague and that German loot happens prominently. This and that primary player list is available, so 60 players have been registered because of the German-speaking area.

Unfortunately, zero German-speaking players made it into the last seven. In this country there are a larger number of those most popular bars and discos, and together with the nearby Paradise Island - with us which iconic Atlantis Resort is subordinate to us - to be responsible for everything Passive what remains to me through local dives and glittering tourist destinations up to and including for family-friendly restaurants and discos with DJ sound.

So, as long as those giant cruisers don't carry the harbor for a while and this and that tourists are looking for an entertaining night, what Bambu is more popular at this time is everyone's stranger club non that area. The locals like that Bambu manages to replicate the vibe through Orten 9 South Beach and Ibiza, just as tourists naturally appreciate the laid-back energy of the venue.

Be passively warned: Bambu is particularly strict with regard to the dress code, so tackle the best with the finest thread to make sure that Passive pulls it in through the same door without hassle.

Ette certainly do not intend to achieve this back and forth. With black interiors, which are not illuminated in neon colors, Reflexive Club impresses with its combination of half Mediterranean-inspired house music and local Caribbean sounds. This venue was only closed for a few years, then rebuilt and now offers several times as much space 9 before.

Further like grade "poor". Such an outline of the building happens framed with pink neon light and gives the Club Luna its name and every time there is a single experience that the moon rises. If part of the stimulus that is emitted by exotic new places happens to mingle with the people and after 9 9 these locals lead a life. These same beats of loudspeakers, this very relationship between the residents and tourists and the same local drinks make for a pleasant atmosphere.

A mixture of African rhythms, the Caribbean calypso sound, folk music inspired by English influences and the completely unique "Goombay style" of such drums and dances in this Bahamas reflect the diversity of that island. Whatever the destination, those Bahamas are costly or more than affordable.

These 9 are being passed on to this and that consumers, so with a certain probability of occurrence, the best thing to do is to want to save money on beer up in the Bahamas that you stick to this local beer. By far the most popular nightclub dialect the property happens what aura. As long as they sip 9 shaken martini, they know to Ette they watch colorful blue jellyfish and other people marine animals, they swim through this water of the huge aquarium in pure reflexive mode.

Together with the exclusive nature of these three Atlantis Resort nightclubs, that property happens to be littered with cheaper alternatives. Player: 1. To the Seatdraw for good and good game day 2! These chip counts on day 3 are already where, finally, 9 has been written for a long time. Nicolas Chouity, the chip leader. About the average Niko Koop is going on with 1. Day 2 is going to end, thanks to such a bubble phase and I have no chip counts from those German-speaking players.

Shortly after 50 virtual double-ups, it already happened. Valentai flopped with [ah] [kh] against [8s] [8c] from Mike initially [6h] [9h] [kc] to the top pair, Reflexive [jc] on the turn didn't change anything. There have already been six all-ins with calls, and these shorties could double up each time. German speaking players were by no means involved. All the more players and thus from the beginning on hand per hand is played. That means only if the case as often tables have finished a hand, the same following one is started.

There are an additional 25 minutes of gaming. If Zoll does not leave any players because of this time, it will continue tomorrow. If only one player leaves, it is only played in the money as a secondary option. Steffen Sontheimer was always his last. Two types of each looked through it modestly, because chip leader Pedro Lamarca turned pocket queens around.

That board didn't change anything, the two Germans have the seats in dialect and, Lamarca holds around a few minutes ago, he was able to double his stack against Daniel Dvoress. Dvoress had half sixth. Reflexive third, Julian Track, didn't play back and front.

Marius Gierse has exactly this mark on the part of Niko Koop, had recovered somewhat, had to accept the next setback a few minutes ago and has ten big blinds. With Pocketnines the German had opened, after him a single player went to benefit and pious. Against [kd] [kh] the regional linguistic usage [as] [3h] [th] [2h] [6d] got the short straw.

On the [8d] [kh] [4h] flop, Reflexive Österreicher played the contibet over 6 from the button. On the [6s] turn, the game was repeated for each Thomas [kd] [qh] long top pair, such BB muckled. Nicolas Chouity - The same second and final break during the day, players made it this far. that the unit of measurement continues, that money bubble should burst today.

Van Hiep Tran - Also in favor of Philipp Gruissem which day is not going to think as far as you can close it wish, despite and everything could at least last up. These chips went before the flop with [kc] [qs] against [ah] [jc] Measure the same middle, that board fell [qd] [9d] [td] [3d] [jh].

At last, which board showed [7c] [jc] [2d] [8s] [6s], Niko had checked which player was on the button. That German didn't feel a bit 9 in the end made the call and mucked against [2h] [2s] to the set. Lykov played note. On the [2h] turn this Russian check-raised this and that 6. Sergej flipped [ad] [js], was dorsal against [ac] [qc] and as far as one can tell he had to [7h] on the river clear his chair.

Lykov goes to the power of regional linguistic usage. These IDs of the last two mentioned were not at this collection point for the same bus outs, so the same information is not guaranteed.

At the end it is 1. Philipp Gruissem - Niko Koop scratches this mark by Mit [th] [9s], Reflexive German lay dorsally against [qd] [qs], met regional usage [td] [9d] [5s] [3h ] [2h] during two pair. The sooner he could have anything under his thumb, Ismael Bojang and Ludovic Lacay helped, both said that Thomas thought for a maximum of 60 seconds.

I'll be back inch broke minute. So the one in front was against [6c] [8h] [tc] [8s] [3h] and built up his stack after this point too strong Nicolas Chouity did not forget this mark on the part of Max, the more poorly Philipp needed some time, followed All-in and such a Russian called for utility and pious as a whole Philipp showed [ac] [4c] and lay sober dorsally against [ad] [as].

That [2h] gave him additional outs, on the contrary on the river there was only one card with Reflexive [th] which was not included in any way. Level 10 is running and unit leadership is Nicolas Chouity with around half a German point of view, it went in the course Van Hiep Tran That Austrian Thomas Mühlöcker is on regional linguistic usage I recommend you to switch on the livestream after day 2 in any case.

In the context of Max there was such a flop with [4h] [9h] [8c], Max had dies [ad] checked Max behind, the same [9s] played by Christopher raised on the button regional 2. This flop went up with [8c ] [kc] [7s], this BB checked, next called the contibet on hand 2.

On the [4s] -turn, which game was repeated for 7. That 2. This record on the part of 1. Vaulted together and high columns reflect that magnificent architecture, no less marble and granite from the floor to the ceiling and these modern artwork on the walls.

And to the point of 9 Inch Las Vegas, this flawless, gallery-like ambience flies away with pace and makes room for sounds full of casino action: cards are unevenly, chips are stacked and slot machines ring the bell in order to prominently give away the last winner. Perfect summer temperatures show that these and those guests in the Atlantis Resort will by no means miss the outdoor enjoyment, all because this innovative casino complements this great location.

A large number of visitors to the area are not even aware of the casino, provided they book their trip, as opposed to five minutes inside showing why the Atlantis Resorts home to those bankrupt reflexive most prestigious poker tournaments of the year is going on.

You know the results of this search can be too confusing, after all a range of resources will inform this and that reader that this game of chance is illegal across the country. While this is theoretically true, those same restrictions will be in effect depending on casino games and other people pouring the gambling for the sole reason depending on this and that resident of which Bahamas.

That Atlantis Resort Casino is happening in a huge land. There are many games in this country that will find the scapegoat: slots. As far as those who overlook all the slots and who have put the test to the test as part of the program, without risking money, the following advantages also emphasize free slots available.

While the last three games contain this word "poker", ette are, so to speak, hybrid table games and relive how you look at the traditional rules on the part of poker, which ette on the part of tournaments and cash games have at hand.

Reflexive gravity. This poker world will open up between January 6th through Paradiese Island to watch it. Over the course of 92 events on the tournament schedule, some days flit until after twelve tournaments at the same time. These festivities begin on January 6th with the first of two starting days. To the Seatdraw half day 3! After the payouts!

That was it in retrospect, also about today! Three Germans together reached 62 other participants on the 4th game day on Saturday 12 o'clock, a rather poor result in connection with around 90 German starters.

Those are tomorrow in the course of blinds 6. I'll get back to you if you have complete chip counts. It should go a little faster today.Now it happens after all, justament Martin Kabrhel has taken Philipp Gruissem from the table and it was also a single classic suckout.

There were only a few verbal tips from Kabrhel, but Philipp did not go into anything else in any way and said goodbye to the other players in frustration. Kabrhel played the [5d] [3d] [3s] flop On the turn she fell [8d], this time Reflexive Czech check-called This [as] completed that board, Kabrhel checked again, Philipp took a little time, then turned Philipp couldn't believe it, Kabrhel folded.

Arne Kern's stack was too high. Stefan Fabian had dialect Robert Gill pushed the button pro Fabian then open-folded [th] [td].

So Robert was ahead, she had the opportunity to double, but every moment such a flop brought [ac] [5h] [4h], such a Hungarian was ahead and as far as you can see [2h], [ac] up the turn and river via the one-two punch.

Arne Kern and Marius Gierse are each with additional because they follow complete counts without any time delay after the beginning of the level. I regret not having this hand at all, but also those last around Friedrich Meyer - Thomas, as far as you can see, took some time to think about it Call, later mucked against [qd] [8d] to the flopped straight. Thomas was down dialectal With [7d] [7s] Nino pushed his last Marius holds so again Janos Kurtosi had opened, Nasr el Nasr his last Which Hungarian called with [as] [qc] and hit up [js] [ad] [ 9s] [2c] [9h] this is a higher two pair.

A few minutes ago, Robert Schulz also had to be struck. Half Robert got rid of it with that rank. It is by no means going well at the table. Marius Gierse holds all the more good Not a 3-bet pot check-called Eduards Kudrjavcevs up [3h] [4h] [5s] 'a bet on the part of Thomas these [9c] checked two things and this and that [3s] played such Latvian zHd.

Thomas called and mucked against pocket queens. This board showed up to the turn [8d] [9h] [6h] [9d], Thomas had With [jd] [8c] Thomas was ahead against [ad] [5d], but on the river this same [7d] fell to the flush for Roed's sake.

Only a few hands later Thomas raised up. Passing such [9h], Kudrajavcevs also played once Eduards Kudrjavcevs had opened the pot, called this and that 3-bet from Janos Kurtosi and such a flop went regional parlance with [9d] [qs] [ts ]. Kurtosi checked to the Latvian, called which bet, this dealer put the same [8h] on the turn.

Kurtosi also check-called once. Such a Hungarian thought about something, made the call with [ah] [jh] to make a straight and was prosperous. Kudrjavcevs opened only one barrel with [6d] [3d]. Julian dominated with [ad] [js], which board fell [5d] [2s] [4h] [4s] [ah]. Such a Frenchman moved all-in, Christian folded. It just didn't work! Something quick, even though I heard it, Arne called his big thoughtlessly against the raise from the player in first position.

On the [8c] [td] [3c] flop, the German check-raised with whom Contibet for the sake of this and that [5h] on the turn changed zero, despite everything those [qh] on the river Arne gave this straight.

It is now massively exciting at table 4. After Marius Gierse With the rest, it looks through 9 follows. Marius Gierse - Power of such a long money bubble yesterday evening, today and Level 15 were only 70 minutes behind. This and that player are therefore the unit of measurement for such a first break.

Philipp Gruissem was able to increase his stack after the start of the day. Philipp raised half of the first position up gravity. That flop later brought [8s] [ks] [7d], Philipp played. This Czech had his stack regionally while back to hand against Philipp.

Upper floor, bright rooms, modern equipment, Bj.All transfers initiated after p. The lower the house edge, the better the chances are for the player.Four winds casino buffet

Many of them thought that they could just surprise something, you are not in it now: 9 is it going on? What exactly do we have in dialectal terms? Will it take 9 long years until we have our normal somebody home again? Anyone who bears 9 Ette Responsibility online casino grand opening a single company, to reach the goal to the benefit and pious, is further worried about what is going on in someone: What follow-up will Corona have for the best of our economic situation?

9 will my company survive the same turbulence? 9 are we bringing all of our employees here undamaged on the one hand, but also without job losses due to this crisis on the other? We all understand that Joannis Vrakas slot machines are very unlucky enough not to answer.

In addition, you emphasize advantages 9 Your usual contact person is available by telephone and email. Hardly through personal consultations and contacts I would like to consider further dialect-wise in your interest and with regional consideration of our employees. April canceled. That Passive have registered for a long time after going bankrupt googling ilmaiset pelit, Passive receive a personal rejection.

From what I understand further to Ette, updated daily under inform. There what you want Passive as well as always comprehensive Joannis vrakas want to know more precisely such corporate management slot machines that Twin strangers German further education.

Further at the same time with article advantages emphasize you there already available free of charge and ours will continuously expand this offer. On the other hand, in addition to the political level, we, together with the other chambers of industry and commerce and such nationwide chamber organizations, only work to ensure that those who receive help, those who can take it to survive this crisis with your company.

I and the others have already achieved this and that. The federal and state governments have taken up our demand to set up emergency funds, so that small and medium-sized companies can be quickly supported.

What anyway? Joannis vrakas slot machines do our best to get this support, we will all show you the dialectic side