Why didn't you get a cat

8 ways to become your cat's best friend

The ultimate goal for any cat lover is to build a lasting bond with their cat - which can easily be achieved if you know a few tricks ...

When a cat wins your heart and is allowed to move in with you, there will be many special, but also exciting moments.

I'm sure you'll ask yourself a number of questions: Will she like her new home? Will we have happy days together? And perhaps most importantly, how can I help make us best friends quickly?

So that you can quickly become your cat's best friend, we have put together our top tips for you:

Slumber party? - Yes, please!

Your ideal evening would likely be to put your feet up and watch your favorite show on TV.

Unfortunately, your cat has other plans ...

Evening is your cat's favorite time to really crank it up. Because after a quiet day with lots of sleep, she is ready to release charged energy and have some fun.

For cats living in the wild, hunting is an evening activity. When the sun goes down, their predatory instincts tend to unfold.

It's best to play with her every evening. Short play units every day (e.g. 10-15 min.) Are better than just a long game evening once a week.

Turn it into a little ritual, which also slows you down: smartphone away, TV & radio off and for 15 minutes there is only you and your cuddly tiger. You will see how good this is and the stress of everyday life will decrease for you too.

Playtime is an absolute must if you want to make friends with your cat.

Catering service

As human children learn after birth, your cat also connects with the "god-like being" who fills the bowl every day. 😉

You can set feeding times (a good idea is to “eat together” at dinner time), but once you've set a time, stick to it.

Your house cat will soon learn the schedule and know exactly who to turn to if her dinner isn't served on time - and you certainly don't want to see an angry cat!

A place to dream

Provide your cat with a cozy place to rest. Cats are picky beings, so this bed needs to be the right one.

A bed that is too small will limit their ability to stretch, but a bed that is too large will reduce the likelihood that your cat buddy will feel safe and secure.

We all know how uncomfortable it is when your feet are longer than the bed. Why should your cat think differently?

How do you find the perfect length? Measure your cat from head to toe and choose a bed that is only a few inches longer.

The last thing to do is to put in a warm, fluffy blanket or item of clothing that smells like you. Your cuddly tiger will begin to associate your scent with comfort, which will help strengthen the bond with you.

Not nice, but necessary

Eyes shut and go for it! Or better said here: hold your nose and clean it up!

No cat likes doing its business in a dirty litter box. Be a real best friend and keep your cat's toilet clean every day.

You benefit from this too - a dirty litter box doesn't smell pleasant!

Treats make you happy!

A little seduction has never harmed a kitten.

How much better do you feel when you indulge in your favorite snack? It is no different with your partner on four paws.

Delicious treats every now and then are just the thing to make you feel rewarded and loved. Try our recipe: Make your own cat treats!

You can occasionally be rewarded after the gaming sessions. Treats aren't just for the weekend, you know that too.

Find THE special point

Regularly spend your free time cuddling with your cat.

All cats have a hidden place where they just melt away when they scratch: behind the ear, under the chin. Find out and focus on that one spot. She'll be butter in your hands in no time.

And while you're at it ... try gently touching your forehead with her forehead. This may seem like a strange way of showing affection, but in reality this is a cat kiss.

Wait for her to give you the green light

Most importantly, you wait for your cat to approach you.

Cats are independent animals. Showering them with love can often make them go in the opposite direction, as you would with you and an overly caring partner.

Avoid feeling overwhelmed and allow them to explore their new surroundings first. Eventually they will calm down and focus on sniffing you and then the contact can really begin!

Hide and seek

Occasionally you will find that your cat likes to dream away from this world and hide in secluded places in your home.

No, you haven't adopted a hermit; this is completely normal behavior for the cat.

Preferred locations are: cardboard boxes, laundry baskets, cupboard corners, suitcases, hiding places on top of shelves, etc.

Collect a few kitty bonus points by spicing up these places beforehand with a couple of cozy blankets and a dash of FELIWAY Classic Spray.

Your kitty will LOVE you for it! ❤️


We told you it won't be difficult!

Try these simple tips and you will find that you will be much easier to befriend your new family member and lay the foundation for a friendship that goes beyond the pet-owner relationship.

Which tip was particularly valuable for you and do you have any additions for us? We look forward to your comment!


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