How do I protect the garage from flooding?

How can you protect yourself from the risk of flooding?

Flood risk through inappropriate behavior

The changing climatic conditions are only one reason for the predicted increase in damage. Another is the increase in value and increasing concentration of the value of the buildings. The report "Damage caused by natural hazards: prevention and research into causes" by the Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Companies also names non-hazardous behavior as a further cause of damage in the event of floods. This includes, among other things:

  • non-hazardous planning (e.g. a living room at ground level to the river)
  • Building that is not hazardous (e.g. no watertight building tub)
  • Use that is not hazardous (e.g. high-quality expansion of the cellar)

The report sees the following room for maneuver for insurance companies: They can increase their premiums, exclude bad risks from insurance cover (which is not possible in cantons with cantonal building insurance and mandatory insurance such as the canton of Bern) and / or get involved in prevention. For Building Insurance Bern, prevention is a priority. It advises homeowners free of charge on how they can better protect their buildings, and sensitizes the public sector as well as building owners to natural hazards - because the best prevention starts with the planning.

Correct behavior during floods

Thanks to targeted preparations and appropriate behavior before, during and after a flood, damage can be avoided or reduced. Anyone who lives in a flood-prone area should therefore make targeted preparations at an early stage and adapt their behavior to these dangers. In the event of flooding, however, the top priority is in short: Keep the water away from the house by all possible means.

The following recommendations also apply: