Should accept LinkedIn invitations from competitors

Clubhouse Invite - this is how you get an invitation for the new app

If you want to take part, you need an invite for the Clubhouse app and an Apple device, otherwise you can't get in at the moment. But there is still a bottleneck: the one who does the Clubhouse Invite would like to pass on and invite friends, you need the mobile phone number of the person who is to receive the invite, because the invitation is then sent as a text message with the invitation link.

Buy Clubhouse Invite?

Of course, you could also simply buy the Clubhouse Invite, because the app invitations are already being traded online on numerous platforms due to the artificially generated scarcity. For example, you can buy clubhouse invites on eBay. And as not exactly cheap: Invites are currently being offered there from 39 euros.

The catch: if you buy the Clubhouse Invite there, you have to share your mobile phone number with the seller or pass it on. Giving total strangers your cell phone number has always been a bad idea.

Other ways to get clubhouse invitations

The easiest and safest way to do this is, of course, to receive invitations to Clubhouse through your existing personal network. As long as there are friends who are already active there and still have invites left.

But there are other ways to get Clubhouse Invites: the makers of the doppelganger podcast had a very clever idea. You have simply set up a Telegram group that interested users can register for. There the invites are always given to the new members, who commit themselves to take part in the game. Details on the process can be found here:

Otherwise, you should simply ask in your community (also via Facebook, Twitter, etc.) whether someone from your circle of friends and acquaintances can send you a Clubhouse Invite.

How many clubhouse invites are there per person?

Another invite is available for newly registered clubhouse members, i.e. each new member can invite exactly one additional person. However, those who then actively participate in the events on the clubhouse platform will receive new invitation options over time. What exactly triggers new invites is currently unknown, but it seems to be dependent on the activity as a whole and also on your own followers. The @contentking account at Clubhouse received 4 new invites the day before yesterday, presumably because we have reached member limits and currently already have over 200 followers at Clubhouse.

We therefore still have 2 invites to hand out to our readers. If you share this article on Facebook or Twitter and write us a message on our Facebook page with the link to your share, your chances are not bad that we will invite you and you one Clubhouse Invite send. We'll collect all shares by tomorrow afternoon and then raffle 2 entries to the Clubhouse. I wish you success!

Important knowledge before accepting the Clubhouse Invite

From a data protection point of view, the Clubhouse app is not entirely without it. Not to say partly hair-raising. If you want to find out more about the legal situation BEFORE he / she / it accepts the Clubhouse Invite, you can do so on this page: