Can someone access my Mac remotely?

macOS Mac Remote Desktop - How to enable remote access


Macs are herd animals: when a Macbook, iMac, Mac Mini or Mac Pro comes into the household, it tends to multiply: suddenly the whole family has Macs. The maintenance effort for the home administrator increases massively. Thanks to Mac screen sharing, you can sit comfortably in front of your computer when it says: "Dad, can you just take a look at my computer?" - You can comfortably maintain the Mac remotely from your computer.

Turn on Mac screen sharing

To use Mac remote maintenance, you must first activate screen sharing on all Macs in the household:

  1. Start the Mac and log into that Administrator account a. Unless an additional account has been created, this is the standard account.
  2. On the respective device, open the System settings.
  3. Choose "Approvals“.
  4. Check the box next to "Screen sharing“.
  5. If necessary, assign another one unique network name for identification, for example: "Anna's iMac".
  6. Then restart the configured Mac to be on the safe side. Screen sharing should work without a reboot, but it definitely works after a reboot.

Use Mac screen sharing

That was basically it. You can now retreat to your own Mac again. If you have a family support request, you can simply log in on the other Mac:

Please don't spy

Remote maintenance is basically a practical matter. However, it should be used carefully. For example, you can use the function to spy on Macs on the network by connecting to them. However, the target Mac shows in the menu bar that remote control is active. In this respect, the function is certainly not something you want to mess with teenage daughters about ...