The edge will fall flat

That is why we do not fall from the flat earth

A proponent of the theory that the earth is flat has found an answer to why you never get to the end of the world.
Last weekend, over 200 so-called flat-earers met for a conference in a 3-star hotel in Birmingham. They are convinced that the earth is not a globe, but a disk. The fact that the Greeks recognized that the earth was a sphere over 2,000 years ago is just as doubted as the images of the earth that astronauts and satellites took from space.

Conference organizer Gary Johns said, "People are waking up. We are seeing huge interest in flat-earth theories and growing distrust of governments."

But since it is not easy to justify a theory that has been obsolete since the first circumnavigation of the world over 500 years ago, the creativity of the Flat-Earther is sometimes wild. In Birmingham, for example, the musician Darren Nesbitt used a computer game from the 1980s to explain why you can never get to the end of the world on the earth's disc.

Like in the "Pac Man" game

He calls the phenomenon the "Pac Man" effect. According to the Daily Telegraph, he said at the conference: "We know that uninterrupted travel from east to west is a reality." And immediately provides an explanation. "A logical possibility for those who are real free thinkers is that space-time goes around and we experience a 'Pac Man' effect."

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In his theory, this means that when you reach the edge of the pane, you are simply transported to the opposite end. Like when "Pac Man" disappears from the labyrinth on the left and reappears directly on the right. By the way, Nesbitt has not believed in the spherical shape of the earth since 2014. It was then that he noticed that the earth wasn't moving at all. In addition, one is always on top of this so-called globe. But somewhere you would have to be on your side or down there and go back and forth with your head down.

Comment now Gravity and Australia: do not exist

Another speaker stated that he had refuted the Big Bang theory and that there was no such thing as gravity. According to him, electromagnetism is the only true force of nature. He had come to these conclusions based on experiments in his backyard, he let the interested audience know. In addition, one learned at the conference that the disc does not stand on turtles, as wicked tongues like to claim, but on stable pillars.

And by the way: Australia does not exist. The inclined Flat-Earther didn't just know this since the conference in Birmingham, the theory has been around since 2017. And it also makes sense for someone who believes the earth is flat. How is someone supposed to live down under, on the other side of this disc? And so the theory lives on. Much to the annoyance of the Australians.

Well, here's some rather alarming news. Apparently, Australia doesn't exist. So, what does that make me? ... A ghost writer?— Kathy Lette (@KathyLette) May 1, 2018
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