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Far Cry 5 alluded to: Gripping psychopath hunt in Montana

With Far Cry 5, the successful action series returns to its tried and tested recipe for success. In contrast to Far Cry Primal, Ubisoft doesn't dare to experiment here, but rather a classic open-world shooting. The player slips into the role of a deputy who, after an unsuccessful arrest, falls into the clutches of a fanatical sect. With the help of her charismatic leader, Joseph Seed, known as the "Father," she has subjugated Hope County, Montana. The deputy now has to ally himself with a few fellow sufferers and lead the resistance against the sect.

The concept should look familiar to Far Cry fans: Here is a charismatic and crazy leader who is plunging the country into a kind of civil war. And there an outsider who gets caught between all fronts. When choosing the main character, for the first time in the row, players can determine their gender and skin color. The scenario, on the other hand, has the usual mixture of socially critical approaches and provocation. In the first third of the plot, the militant religious backwoodsmen seem to be just a means to an end, similar to the previous ones, to ignite a spectacular and bloody fireworks display.

Everything as usual

Little has changed in the tried and tested mix of spectacular action, challenging sneaking passages and a crammed open-world playground. Most of the time, the player digs out enemy bases, destroys strategically important targets and expands his skills as a shooter, assassin or hunter. Every job generates money in the cash register so that the hero can stock up on new weapons or ammunition in shops. Certain missions unlock so-called specialists who the player can hire. A pilot then provides air support or a dog spies on the enemies.

The story missions bring variety. Here the player sometimes has to protect a defector, escape from a prison or chase a villain across the country. The mission types are likely to be known to fans of the genre, but spying on attentive opponents requires strategic skill and the action scenes are spectacular and entertaining. The player doesn't have time to breathe anyway: after just a few hours of play, so many new missions appear everywhere on the map that it is difficult to keep track of things.

Spectacular staging

In order to successfully complete all missions, the player must be appropriately equipped. Almost every successful mission unlocks new weapons or vehicles for the player to run around with. A sneak attack, a deadly shot with a bow and arrow or attacks from the air bring skill points that the player can invest in higher health, faster movement or a larger inventory. Of course there is also a real money shop where the player can unlock skins or weapons. An unnecessary bonus, but not as intrusive as in Ubisoft's Assassin’s Creed Origins.

The excellent technology contributes to the fun of the game. Rarely have explosions in a row looked more spectacular or car chases seemed faster. An action fan can easily get over the fact that the damage models of the vehicles are not very realistic and the intelligence of the opponents leaves something to be desired. The lip-synchronous German setting and the country rock soundtrack round off the harmonious atmosphere.

Interim conclusion

Far Cry 5 is a typical serial rep that you either love or hate. On the one hand there is the huge game world, in which there is always something to be done, and the audiovisual power of the staging. On the other hand, this Far Cry also offers the apparently forever same game concept. The first third of the game at least makes you want to follow the story to the end. Genre fans can look forward to a full action spectacle that raises the bar a bit higher for the competition this year.

Although the story campaign is the centerpiece, the game also offers a multiplayer mode. Here the players can compete against each other or in co-op mode. Due to the empty servers before the release, we were unable to test this mode. .

Far Cry 5 will be released on March 27th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and costs around 60 euros. We played a couple of hours on the PS4 for our game.

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