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Super League soon in PES? What the conflict could mean for gaming

The announcement of a European Super League has caused an uproar in the entire football world. A new tournament format with up to 20 of the richest European football clubs to be introduced in opposition to FIFA and UEFA competitions. Criticism came quickly from the two associations - the plans were even described as a "cynical project". UEFA boss Aleksandar Ceferin found even clearer words on Monday.

But that's not all: all participating clubs were threatened with exclusion from all tournaments and leagues organized by FIFA and UEFA. This could potentially have significant consequences for football esports.

FIFA - No more Super League teams in EA games?

A big issue would be the licenses that both FIFA and PES fight for each year. FIFA has granted exclusive license rights to EA, who are exclusively allowed to present all of the association's tournaments in their football simulation. If FIFA were to exclude certain clubs and players in the future, the ultimate consequence would have to be that they would no longer be seen in a "FIFA" game.

UEFA and the national associations could make use of the same principle. They too are threatening to exclude all participants in the Super League from their competitions.

For EA, this is about an exclusive license agreement, in particular: the Champions League. The tournament is now a big point of contention in the context of the events. It would also affect certain leagues such as the Spanish La Liga. If the clubs are excluded from the competitions, which the national associations are currently discussing, FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Co. could be missing from FIFA 22.

In addition to the rights with certain associations, EA has also concluded exclusive partnerships with individual clubs, such as Super League co-founder FC Liverpool. How it would go with such partnerships and licensing rights is unclear. But one can assume that FIFA and UEFA would do their best to have the Super League as little as possible, ideally not at all, in their own licensed product.

PES - pioneer for a Super League license?

In contrast to EA, Konami does not have a permanent partnership with FIFA, but does have exclusive rights for the 2020 UEFA European Championship. So you would have less potential pressure from partners and thus, purely hypothetically, a better chance of obtaining an exclusive license for a possible Secure Super League. The current PES games already have exclusive partnerships with six of the Super League co-founders (FC Barcelona, ​​Arsenal FC, Manchester United, Juventus, Inter and AC Milan). So this could be a bridge to a Super League license.

Should this not happen, teams would of course also be dropped here, for example the three clubs from the Serie A TIM, which is fully licensed here.

Soccer eSports - Reality rules over the digital game

What consequences the Super League could have on eSport would be foreseeable on the one hand and completely open again on the other. Should the teams actually be banned from their leagues, they would probably also be eliminated from the respective eSport equivalents, such as the ePremier League in FIFA or the eSerie A in PES. FIFA and EA organize a large part of the official eFootball tournaments, so these would also feel any consequences. The same would apply to PES, especially to eFootball.Pro, in which several members of the Super League are represented.

It is unclear whether the new league, if it should take place as currently proposed, will set up its own eSports league. Exactly how the restructuring of the participating clubs and tournaments would look like. But one thing is certain: this could mean a monumental change in the known structures of football and this would also have consequences for digital sport.

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