How can I learn in-depth keyword research

New: SISTRIX now with a free keyword research tool

There is a lot of activity at SISTRIX. After the SEO specialists from Bonn recently launched a Google Update Radar, an influencer search engine and a traffic estimate for websites, a keyword tool for keyword research now follows. The core of search engine optimization is to provide users with relevant, useful & high quality content. To do that, you have to know what content users are looking for. And in order to produce the content that is most frequently searched for first, data on the frequency of search queries is essential. This is exactly where SISTRIX comes into play with the keyword tool presented today. With the free version of the new tool, you can carry out up to 10 searches a day, and those who also register with SISTRIX for free can even do 100 queries a day. The new tool has it all and delivers the following data:

Keyword extensions - What other search queries are made to develop the topic?

Thanks to the keyword extensions, you can quickly see what users type in the search engine and how often, and what informational and transactional content is in demand:

Real user questions - What questions do users have about the topic?

So that we SEO’s can better empathize with the user, SISTRIX graphically displays the questions that are directly searched:

Related Keywords - Which terms are being searched for around the keyword?

Different users make different search queries. The larger the search volume, the more diverse the keywords. This is why SISTRIX also shows related keywords that do not directly contain the focus keyword. As you can see, these must not be ignored:

Export keywords - all data from the three categories in one CSV file

The keywords are also available for export for further processing and can be downloaded in a CSV file. The second column shows which category the keywords come from: