How useful are small electric chainsaws

Gasoline, electric, battery? Which chainsaw is suitable for what?

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The probably first motorized chainsaw dates from 1920. At that time, this rather heavy saw was still operated by two men. This chainsaw was primarily used to cut trees that had already been felled into smaller pieces. In 1926, the Stihl company launched the first chainsaw with an electric motor. It was not until the end of the 1950s that the first chain saw was developed that could only be operated by one person. Until the 1990s, chain saws were mainly used by forest workers, as they constantly had to do with trees and saws.

Professional association regulations

In the meantime, the requirements of the employers' liability insurance association have become extremely tougher. No one who does not have a permit to operate chainsaws is now allowed to operate a chainsaw for professional reasons. In addition, chainsaw protection trousers must be worn. For the professional use of chainsaws, hearing protection and a helmet with a protective screen must be worn in front of the face. In addition, long-sleeved clothing and protective gloves are mandatory to protect yourself from flying chips.

Gasoline or electric?

The question that comes up again and again as to which chain saw is the best is not that easy to answer. What is ideal for one person can be perceived as significantly annoying or annoying by the other person. The following sayings have already been heard several times: "A real guy needs a real petrol chainsaw." "Anyone who has a cordless chainsaw cannot be a real guy." However, these are sayings that were primarily uttered by workers, who have to deal with petrol chainsaws every day.

Gasoline chainsaw

Advantage: Flexible, can be used anywhere, particularly suitable for pruning trees. Can be used independently and anywhere, even in old buildings. Mainly to be used in areas without a power connection. You can cut much thicker branches and trunks with the petrol chainsaw than you can with an electric saw.


In addition, a gasoline chainsaw is used for the rough work for figures that have to be formed from blocks of ice. In another sport in which disks have to be cut from tree trunks in a very short time, a gasoline chainsaw is also used, because the gasoline chainsaw has a greater force.


A petrol chain saw is very heavy, if only because of the petrol tank and the larger, heavy engine. In addition, due to the fuel consumption, the engine can suddenly stop while working. Then it has to be refueled and then the petrol engine is started again. Then when working in the trees, a second man and a leash must always be present to tie up the petrol chainsaw so that the worker in the tree can pull the petrol chainsaw up with the rope. In addition, not everyone can start the petrol chain saw, as a cable has to be pulled very quickly and this requires a lot of effort.

A petrol chainsaw is extremely noisy and there is no silencer. The volume of the gasoline engine comes extremely close to the justifiable sound strength. For this reason, people who work with it must absolutely wear hearing protection and cut protection trousers for reasons of safety.

Electric chainsaw


Low weight, making it easier and simpler to work with. The electric chainsaw is also easier to handle and you can also do finer jobs with it. Extremely quiet, therefore environmentally friendly. Automatic start, as only a switch has to be thrown.


The electric chainsaw always needs electricity. As a result, the radius of action is also very limited. You always have to pay attention to how long the cable is and where it is coming from. In addition, you always have to make sure that the cable is always free and cannot get tangled. It has also happened very often that the cable was cut with the electric chainsaw and thus caused a short circuit.

Cordless chainsaw


A cordless chainsaw is extremely quiet and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, you can work with a cordless chainsaw anywhere, even where there is no power connection. Box trees in particular are shaped and processed almost exclusively with a cordless chain saw. In the meantime, cordless chainsaws with a lithium-ion battery are also being sold in hardware stores. This eliminates the self-discharge that is otherwise inevitable with nickel-cadmium batteries.


A battery doesn't last forever. This means that you have to pause forcibly to recharge the battery. Even if you have charged the battery beforehand, it can happen that the cordless chainsaw suddenly stops because there is no more power due to the empty battery. In addition, the performance is limited. You cannot cut through as thick tree trunks with the cordless chainsaw as you can with a gasoline chainsaw. Furthermore, even a slightly thinner trunk cannot be cut through as quickly as a petrol chainsaw.