Why do I have to understand everything

These 9 things can only be understood by people who over-analyze everything

Every day life presents us with problems, challenges, questions about the future and nerve-wracking university exams. That is really exhausting enough. But because our minds put us through most of the calculations, these things are made mercilessly worse. With thoughts that cannot be turned off 24/7. When we've just laid ourselves under the warm duvet and found the perfect sleeping position, there is only one thing in the world that can keep us from drifting into deep sleep: stupid questions about the future, the ex or the inappropriate sentence that was actually not meant that way. Every job interview and every blind date is a topic in our head months in advance and robs us of energy and nerves. And then there are the penetrating thoughts about our fears, which do not give us any self-healing powers, but mostly make everything even worse.

It is not for nothing that the saying “agonize your head” is used. Sometimes you really want to take your head in your hand and hit it against a wall to stop those stupid thoughts. But it is useless. No chance. The thoughts are there and cannot be turned off, even if that would be really helpful at times. Here are 9 things only people who over-analyze everything can understand.


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    You wonder why someone deleted you on Facebook

    What others don't even notice is near the end of the world for you. Why the hell did this person kick me off their Facebook friends list? Various grueling questions arise: Was I no longer important? Was she just fed up with me? Did I piss him off with a post? That probably none of that is true and that 90% of it was just an accident, you just ignore it. It was definitely my fault.