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The computer courses listed below take place regularly. However, the start of the various courses depends on the number of registrations. We therefore ask for your understanding if there may be a short waiting time.

The current offers can be viewed under current events. For further questions and registrations, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0371/53 38 89 13.

PC course for beginners
Get to know the general use of a computer with us. This includes an introduction to the Windows 10 operating system, working with folders and files and the Microsoft Word 2010 program.
By arrangement / if required, it is possible to deepen your work with MS Word 2010.
Duration: 8 weeks
Requirements: no

Excel for beginners
Microsoft Excel is useful to almost everyone, whether you're keeping a housekeeping book or doing statistics and charts on the job. Get to know the basics of the program with us. In the 6-week course you will know how to do simple tables and calculations and create diagrams.
(if required: Excel for advanced users)
Duration: 6 weeks
Requirements: Basic computer skills

Internet for beginners
The Internet is the source of contact and information in general. Regardless of whether it is a test report on a wide variety of products, stock prices or recipes - the Internet offers you a multitude of possibilities.
Our course offers you a first glimpse into the World Wide Web. With us you will learn among other things. how a website address is composed, how search engines work or how to create and use an email address.
Duration: 5 weeks
Requirements: Basic computer skills

Take digital photos - and then what? Knowledge and tips about photography
Do you like to take photos, but don't know how to edit digital photos on the computer? Then visit our small introductory course on all aspects of image processing. Here you can use free programs that you can download from the Internet at home to learn how to get the most out of a digital photo.
Duration: 6 weeks
Requirements: Basic computer skills

Present photos digitally - My slide show
This course is an advanced course for “Digital photography - and then?”. Here you will be shown ways in which you can skillfully stage your edited photos with the help of a digital slide show.
Duration: 6 weeks
Requirements: Basic computer skills

Presenting with MS Powerpoint
An introduction to the PowerPoint program.
Duration: 6 weeks
Requirements: Basic computer skills

Windows 10
Introducing the current MS operating system
Duration: about 3 weeks
Requirements: Basic computer skills

There are low fees for the individual events.

The offers of the other offices can be found under: current events