How do you act alone

Correct behavior on the plane

How do you behave correctly and respectfully on the plane? A study by British Airways gets to the bottom of exactly these questions. Passengers in Germany, France, Italy, the UK and the US were asked about some of the biggest dilemmas in flight etiquette. The result:

Take off your shoes on the plane?

While almost 60 percent of those surveyed don't mind when people take off their shoes on the plane, a full 87 percent agree: walking barefoot through the plane or even putting your bare feet on the neighbors' seats and armrests is not possible!

Who is entitled to the armrests?

Does the law of the first apply here? Of the stronger? The middle one? More than two thirds of the study participants found: Correct etiquette stipulates that you only occupy one armrest yourself and leave the other to the person sitting next to you.

The middle armrests can still be unsafe terrain. However, the solution sounds very diplomatic: Almost half of the German respondents said that the middle armrests were due to those who asked for them.

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Are snorers allowed to be awakened?

Admittedly, the monotonous sawing noise is annoying. Especially when it's not from a loved one, but from a complete stranger on the plane. Even so, two thirds would not dare to wake up the snoring seated neighbor. Instead, they prefer to increase the volume of the entertainment program.

So the green light for everyone who suffers from rhonchopathy (= fancy technical term for snoring). Unless you end up next to a British person: a fifth of the British study participants said they bumped snoring people sitting next to them - only to pretend it was an accident.

Silence is golden - at least most of the time

So volume is obviously a sore point on an airplane. This also applies to conversations with (unfamiliar) people sitting next to you: 83 percent of travelers agree that a short greeting is sufficient.

If you are accidentally texted, two acceptable methods are suggested: Thank you for the interview and then put on the headphones. Or take a toilet break and hope that the person you are talking to understands the message.

On the other hand, you may miss the chance of a new friendship for life! At least 50 percent of the French surveyed are of the same opinion.

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Light off!

For everyone who cannot live without their laptop or other electronic devices: A full 92 percent of air travelers think that the display lighting should be minimized as soon as the lights in the cabin are switched off.