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Get to know Munich: 7 beautiful places in the city

You should visit these places or rediscover them as a Munich resident

If you are new to Munich - or would like to get to know the city as a guest, you will not miss these places in summer. Here you can keep enough distance despite Corona. We'll show you where you can best chill, study, drink coffee or immerse yourself in your favorite book - simply experience Munich!

1. Weißenburger Platz: pure romance in the Franzosenviertel

Who do you meet?Mothers with children, whose greatest wish would be to splash around in the glass palace fountain in the middle of the square. Business people pausing, frantically biting their sandwich. And skat-playing seniors from the neighborhood.

When is it most beautiful here? In summer, when the flowers are in bloom and the fountain is splashing. Those who prefer less hustle and bustle should pay a visit to the square in Haidhausen during the day. In the evening, residents and their friends sometimes open tables and chairs to enjoy life in a very romantic way.

What else is there to see? The idyllic French quarter, through which you should stroll with pleasure. Anyone who doesn't fall in love with Munich here can hardly be helped. Beer gardens, corner shops, small hostel houses and market stalls with fresh fruit and vegetables - what more could you want?

Useful information: The magnificent Glass Palace Fountain by August von Volt dates from 1853, but has only been in its current location since 1974. It was located in the Old Botanical Garden until 1875, after which it adorned Orleansplatz for almost a century.

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2. Odeonsplatz: where Munich chic meets a baroque jewel

Who do you meet? A colorful mix: this is where women wearing Louis Vuitton, young girls with coffee mugs and tourists snapping come together.

When is it most beautiful here? The steps of the pompous Feldherrnhalle are the perfect place to have an ice cream in the shade in summer - with a view of a baroque jewel: the Theatinerkirche.

What else is there to see? In Café Tambosi, Munich residents enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city center and the courtyard garden with its relaxing fountains and colorful flower beds is well worth a walk or relaxing on the park benches.

useful information: A bronze trail on Viscardigasse behind the Feldherrnhalle is reminiscent of Munich's eventful history: Since after the Nazis came to power, an SS guard stood in front of the memorial and expected passers-by to greet those who had fallen in the Hitler coup, so tricky Munichers avoided the spot and used it the little side street. It is therefore also called Drückebergergasse.

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3. Marienplatz: The heart of Munich

Who do you meet? Visitors, of course - but also people from Munich who walk through the pedestrian zone from Marienplatz - to go shopping or to stop off at the traditional inns in the old town.

When is it most beautiful here? In the morning, when city life in Munich awakens - at Rischart's (customer site) or in Café Glockenspiel you start the day with a hearty breakfast.

What else is there to see? The carillon on Munich's eventful city history (please admire with enthusiastic "Ahs" and "Ohs"), the turquoise-blue fish fountain (still the perfect meeting point in the city center) and the Old Peter (unfortunately it is not possible to climb the tower due to Corona). What is currently going on at Marienplatz? You can see it in our live webcam!

Useful information: When the architect Georg von Hauberrisser was only 25 years old, he planned the building that probably attracts the most attention on Marienplatz: the New Town Hall. And did you know that the neo-Gothic building is not as old as you thought? It was not completed until 1905.

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4. Viktualienmarkt: The gourmet paradise

Who do you meet? Gourmet chefs and those who want to become one - looking for the most unusual specialties. The granny next door, who cooks her grandchildren's lunch with fresh ingredients, and young couples, whose love for organic products is particularly great.

When is it most beautiful here? During the week, when apart from the Saturday hamster purchases, the paths between the stands are easy to walk and the nice saleswoman can tell you everything about alpine farming and this incredibly delicious Vorarlberg mountain cheese.

What else is there to see? Everything your heart desires! Culinary, handmade, flowery, plus a beer garden lined with chestnut trees and the Schrannenhalle, which has even more delicacies in store.

Useful information: If you take a closer look in the Heilig-Geist-Kirche - right at the Viktualienmarkt - you will discover a small, very amusing detail in the ceiling decoration: drum roll ... a pretzel! Going back to the so-called Breznreiter, who rode through Munich once a year in the 13th century and gave poor citizens pretzels as gifts.

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5. Königsplatz: The Bavarian Isar-Athens

Who do you meet? Instagrammers looking for the perfect photo background. Art enthusiasts who have always wanted to examine Etruscan gold jewelry or sun worshipers who let the last rays of the day shine on their faces.

When is it most beautiful here? On summer evenings, just watch people, read and drink coffee in the ambience of the breathtaking architecture. The Glyptothek will disappear behind a construction fence until the end of 2020, but you can just as easily relax on the "Glyptotheke" - wooden seating steps. More information about the Glyptotheke

What else is there to see? A beautiful villa with a romantic garden and the largest collection of works by the “Blue Rider” - the Lenbachhaus. Contrasting program, however, in the NS Documentation Center. The consequences of National Socialism in the context of Munich's history are brought closer to you on four floors.

Useful information: Between the Glyptothek, Propylaea and the State Collection of Antiquities, you have the feeling of standing in the middle of Athens. Did you know that the classicist buildings go back to the Bavarian King Ludwig I, who was very enthusiastic about Greece? Learned something again.

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6. Münchner Freiheit: The Schwabing lifestyle

Who do you meet? Munich residents and tourists alike, because this place is popular with tourists and locals alike. It is best to take a look at Café Münchner Freiheit (advertisement), because this mixture is practically always represented there. Speaking of which: You will also meet Helmut “Monaco Franze” Fischer in this café, because the eternal Stenz has a statue there.

When is it most beautiful here? In the evening, because then the Münchner Freiheit unfolds its very special charm. You will not find this mixture of excellent restaurants, bars and the roaring big city groove through Leopoldstraße in Munich a second time.

What else is there to see? When you're here, you definitely have to take a look at the crooked lantern that is on Wedekindplatz. And of course the bus station with its very special roof construction is also worth a look.

Useful information: Münchner Freiheit has only had its name since 1947 - in memory of the resistance group Freiheitsaktion Bayern. At the end of the war in 1945, this called for surrender to the approaching US Army in order to save Munich from even greater destruction.

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7. Wiener Platz: Haidhausen is so picturesque

Who do you meet? Tourists often come here because of the Hofbräukeller, but Wiener Platz is actually more of a story for Munich residents. Or even more aptly: For Haidhausers, for whom the picturesque square is something like the center of the district.

When is it most beautiful here? It's always nice here, but the square unfolds its full charm on a mild summer evening, because then there is this mixture of Bavarian cosiness mixed with a touch of the big city, which is somehow typical for all of Munich.

What else is there to see? Of course, there is also the market with the small stalls where you can find a small but fine selection from flowers to food. Also worth a look are the hostel houses "An der Kreppe", which border directly on Wiener Platz and which show you what it used to be like here.

Useful information: It is not surprising that the square is named after the Austrian capital Vienna. The why is more interesting: The Innere Wiener Straße passing here marks the beginning of the connecting road from Munich to Vienna.

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Text: Marie-Lyce Plaschka and Sebastian Binder

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