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The Sex pistols

Early 1970s, Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood, clothes store "Sex", King's Road, London
Malcolm works on the image of the New York Dolls
McLaren is obsessed with the idea of ​​pairing fashion and music, managing a band
Guitarist Steve Jones, band The Strand (Paul Cook drums and Wally Nightingale vocals), manager search
Malcolm McLaren takes chance, worried group missing bassist: Glen Matlock
Throws Wally Nightingale out: too good to front the band.
Wally (Johnny Rotten (actually John Lydon, nickname for the condition of his teeth)
Johnny Rotten cannot sing any more than Steve can play guitar, he has charisma
Mixture of faces and glam rock, cover versions of songs
Glen, the musically advanced player, wants to play more melodic things, meets resistance from Steve and Johnny, who strive for a wilder, harder sound
Steve: Great effort to learn the instrument
Johnny: Writing lyrics.
November '75: first appearances in colleges
Pistols provoke audience, especially John. He doesn't sing, he screams, spits and beats himself with the audience, appearance, ragged look and short hair, statement to sounds (4/4/76): "I hate shit. I hate hippies and what they stand for. I hate long hair. I hate pub bands ... I want people to see us and start something, or else I'm just wasting my time. ", get the blood of the peaceful hippie generation pumping
received encouragement from many young musicians, such as Devoto, Pete Shelly (Buzzcocks), Tony James (GenerationX), Chrissie Hydne (Pretanders), Joe Strummer or Mick Jones (Clash).
On September 20th, 100 Club's first punk festival over two days
Despite the riots, the best reviews
October 9: Contract with EMI
November 19: Debut single "Anarchy in the U.K."
December 1: Queen cancels TV appearance, Pistols jump in (guest room: moderator Bill Grundy empties alcohol, Steve gets upset and Bill Grundy challenges him: "Come on, say something indecent." Steve: "You dirty bastard ... You dirty fucker ... What a fuckin 'rotter. "(Headlines in the daily press next morning
13 of the 19 tour dates are canceled, sales of the record stopped, single no longer played on the radio
Early in 1977 EMI terminates contract due to incidents
new label, March 9 contract with A&M.
first single "God Save The Queen"
Contract is canceled, single "God Save The Queen" is not delivered
Contact with Virgin: contract at the beginning of May 1977
Two weeks before the official 25th anniversary of the coronation, the record "God Save The Queen" is released: 150,000 copies sold a few days
June 7, 1977 (the weekend of the anniversary): Sex pistols celebrate the jubilee and the success of their record by charter boat giving concert during the voyage (tumults, chaos: ship is stopped by police boat, McLaren, Pistolsarrested many companions
Single "God Save The Queen" 2nd place in the charts (probably even 1st but assumption: charts manipulated)
physical attacks against Pistols (Johnny attacked with razors
Glen gets out, wants to go his own way, is replaced by John Simon "Sid Vicious" Ritchie
Sid: limited musical ability
is still trying to learn bass
begins relationship with Nancy Spungen (drug addict) from New York
Sid eventually shares this addiction
several attempts to get rid of Nancy, Nancy appears again and again, Sid goes more and more into her addiction and drug addiction.
Sid falls ill with hepatitis, Glen replaces him on recordings, two tracks with Sid by Steve Jones reworked for the first LP
first LP "Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex pistols"October 28, 1977
Number 1 on the charts
January '78 tour in the USA
No longer to cover up Sid's drug problems: Dallas ("Gimme a fix" carved into the chest
14.1.1978 San Francisco, Winterland last concert: Johnny Rotten rises with the question: "Ever get the feeling, you've been cheated?" (=> "Have you ever had the feeling to have been ripped off?")
Shot with Ronald Biggs
Cover version of "My Way" sung by Sid
October 12, 1978 Nancy murdered at the Chelsea Hotel in NY
Sid: Suspected, arrested, pretended not to be able to remember events
Completion of Julien Temple's film "The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle" story told from the perspective of McLaren
Sex pistols dissolve themselves
Sid dies on February 2, 1979 in New York of a heroin overdose (suicide because of Nancy
Reunification concerts in 1996
2002 Jubilee
2003 "Filthy Lucre" tour North America
Bassist Sid Vicious and singer Johnny Rotten were the most colorful figures
Live performances of the band cult status
many titles have been boycotted by the British media
the records achieved enormous sales
Punk bully
unemployed school leavers or dropouts
aggressive music and
anarchist texts
Motto "No future": The battle cry of a frustrated young generation
existed as a band for only one year
chaotic appearances -> legend
Concerts were often accompanied by fights, in which band members gladly and often took part
Have left a lasting mark on pop music and influenced it like no other band
Tremendous stage presence
explosive energy when performing live
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