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Retention Policies Retention Policies Retention Rules Retention Policies Archiving Policies
Retention guidelines
Retention guidelines
The network administrator has not set retention policies.
The order in which retention policies are applied is very important within GFI MailArchiver.
Compliance Automate the entire content lifecycle even as you enforce all your compliance and retention policies.
Compliance Automate the entire content lifecycle, even while enforcing your compliance and Retention Policies.
Enforce retention policies between the centralized archive and local cache with automated synchronization.
Enforcement of Retention Rules between the central archive and the local cache memory with automatic synchronization.
Folders also signify location and retention policies for data contained within them.
The folders also set the location and the Retention Rules for the data it contains.
The priorities assigned to the retention policies are therefore very important for the correct operation of GFI MailArchiver.
The den Retention Policy assigned priorities are therefore very important for GFI MailArchiver to function properly.
Configuring retention policies will determine how long emails should be kept in the archive store.
By configuring Retention Policy defines how long e-mails are to be saved in the archive store.
GFI MailArchiver checks email content against any retention policies configured at the time of archiving.
GFI MailArchiver checks the content of the emails against all Retention Policyconfigured at the time of archiving.
Repeat until all the retention policies are in the required priority.
Repeat this step until you have all of them Retention Policy assigned the desired priority.
You can use this report to create the appropriate retention policies to control email-related storage costs.
You can use this report to find the appropriate Retention Policy to control the e-mail-specific storage costs.
EMC EmailXtender gives the flexibility to create multiple retention policies according to your business policies.
With EMC EmailXtender you can flexibly do several Retention Policy that are aligned with your business principles.
Those include shrinking backup windows, managing retention policies, and conforming to government regulations.
This includes the reduction of backup time windows, the management of Retention Policy and compliance with government regulations.
Content inherit retention policies that have been applied to their parent folder.
Administrators configure D2 lifecycle states to apply retention policies and markup.
Administrators configure retention policies to have a number of aging phases before disposition.
Configure administrators Retention Policy so that they go through a certain number of aging phases before they are deleted.
Request from your administrator a specific process for handling workflow, lifecycle, and retention policies.
Request a specific process from your administrator for workflow, lifecycle and processing Retention Policy at.
Automated retention policies ensure that retention periods and storage resources are compliant with regulations.
Automated Retention Rules ensure that retention periods and storage resources comply with regulations.
At the same time, consistent business processes and records management and retention policies promote regulatory and corporate compliance.
At the same time promote consistent business processes, records management and Retention Policy compliance with legal and operational requirements.
EMC Center enforces the retention policies set in EmailXtender.
Automatically creates and stores server configuration profiles based on user-defined schedules and retention policies.
Creates and saves based on user-defined schedules and Retention Rules automatically server configuration profiles.
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