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[SEO GUIDE] How to use QUORA to position your website (SEO)

Welcome again to Citeia, in which case we will test ours SEO positioning strategies Professionals through the social network Quora to position a web through this network. The subjects that

This article will help you too, though Do you want to start a new website? and it will help you position it Withmore lightness an adequate strategy of Quora Marketing.

What is Quora?

Quora is a huge social network, although aimed at the Spanish-speaking public by around 4 years old. This social network has great activity and amount of Users ready to read the content you write.

This social network is based on a similar process to Yahoo Answers in that the functionality of the network is simple. Questions and answers. The network tries to extract and store personal knowledge in addition to encyclopedic knowledge, just as Wikipedia does.

One user asks, another user answers. So easy.

Well, I think this is where you begin to see the points that we are going to touch. Maybe you're not taking it seriously yet.

you Answer specific questions of the topic you are working on to people who are genuinely interested in the topic. Traffic divided according to interests. a free one. That will help you to position your website much easier and a Marketing strategy as effectively as possible.

This means that you can give that Right content for the right people.

Advantages of editing your profile on Quora in advance than on other social networks.

For years, the strategies for attracting traffic through social networks have depended heavily on the Social media algorithms like Facebook or Instagram.

These networks reduce your traffic according to the activity received on first impression. Give a disastrous result if you stop activating your accounts. As a result, these social networks require your "slavery" to keep your profiles alive.

Well here we have one of the strengths. On Quora, you don't need a single follower to receive traffic.

One user asks, another user answers.

When asking a question, categorize it by spaces. A summary would be categories. Similar to Facebook groups, you select the areas that interest you and your wall will be filled with questions and answers on those topics.

Good to know, yes You answer the question effectively The user who asked the question can confirm the quality of your answer with a "Positive vote". Against more positive feedback When you have your answer, it will be displayed at a more users in this room.

Why is it interesting to post on Quora?

It's easy to solve this question, Quora allows it Link placement in your answers for complete your information O Add fonts. This is one of the ways to position your website on Quora.

If you know anything about positioning, you know that too Value of link building To position certain keywords or your domain, there are even platforms for buying and selling links, so we'll leave you one guía because you want to know more about this topic. Well, on Quora we can do anchor text for press certain keywords. This makes Quora very valid for link building.

Quora has a very high DR. This will help you gain authority on your website, although this is not the main point of our SEO strategy.

If anyone can create links on Quora, the value of the links is minimal, right?

If that's what you thought You are a wrong partner. We do not intend to use this type of backlinks to gain authority because, like social networks, Quora has so many outbound links that they are no longer valuable. Although they are positive for increasing your DA, DR and positioning your website.

Power Point Show your product on interested people it goes much further in it. If you can effective answers, these answers will get traffic and anchor In them they will be displayed and clicked if you get it right.

Sending social traffic through Quora to certain keywords They give you the opportunity to do so Recibir small Traffic peaks in your entries, as we'll see later in this article.

This traffic will spend X time on your side. If you have a good quality blog and link, these users will be browsing your website Give google metrics to test your url and position you. With real traffic.

On the contrary, when your content is of little value and you cannot Make users fall in loveIt will serve to give you authority and little else.

Let's go to action

There's no point in talking about something without having done the appropriate tests. Let's go with examples.

Some time ago we opened the category "HackIng.To address computer security issues and teach users to protect themselves.

How can we index a new section if our website hasn't addressed the topic before?

Here we can. There are several in-depth sections on this (and every other) topic. So we looked for the right questions to answer them. To respond to the right people and test our content to improve our metrics on these topics. This makes Quora one of the best, if not the best, social networks for suggesting an SEO positioning strategy.

May I hack-ear Facebook easily?

This question, which I am attaching to you in case you want to check it, received nothing less than 11k visits until that moment.

In this case the link or the links Sending to the web has better value because it is an entry that normally receives traffic within Quora. It will be and make an entry point into our website Quora prioritizes our response and teaches it to more users because it makes users spend time on your platform. A good symbiosis.

This is a good question to fully open up the Hackund category Position article. Basically, we gave Quora an article In the end, you offer us a source and build multiple links in the same answer.


Use custom images to complement the article and make it easier to read. Displaying your logo can also strengthen your brand. In addition to allowing users to remember your logo or product.

Ok once we have answered the question. We can ignore it and move on to the next one or continue working. We'll see in the next point how it goes on.

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What if your answer goes viral?

If, as in this previous example, it happens that the answer gets a good number of visits, the main course comes.

We can edit the responses to include additional information. In this case, I gave them an item of How to create a local keylogger. Fine, but as soon as we get the hit we'll go to the cargo. We process the answer e We add additional information.

The ability to continue the response while keeping users interested and providing them with more related and higher quality content can help us with that Position several elements more in the same answer.

Let's go with the statistics.

Time on the Quora visits page.

Thanks to that, we were able to get some good tips like this from over 12 minutes on side.

Our average organic traffic is a minute and a half. We return with the same. Having the opportunity to teach the right thing to the right person will make this happen enjoy your content and fall in love. In case you're wondering, the high peak is 23 minutes.

View in analysis and filter by source / medium - Quora:

Number of users received

Although the number of users seems small at first, it's important to clarify that linking and using Quora was ONLY WORKED FOR A MONTH (then there were some other answers, but the rest is basically leftover traffic, the We continue to receive the process that was carried out.

Well, here we are going to address something really interesting, and that is that from the moment we started working with Quora, we The positions in Google were starting to come Hand in hand and, in return, the precious traffic.

I can assure you that this was one of the pillars that greatly contributed to the forced indexing of the keywords we were looking for.

Pages viewed by Quora users on our website

The number of pageviews from users brought from there is quite high compared to the usual hits in organic search. This is because we really managed to get the right people interested in our website. Reaching a maximum peak of 25 page viewsTHE MEDIA on November 20th. Remember, this is a blog and the average web navigation is usually 2 pageviews. Let's also remember that Quora it was only worked continuously for the first month.

The importance of creating and “moving” your content well.

Muchos Webmaster Focus solely on creating content to try to index it, forgetting about a few key points such as: make great content O Promote content in the right places.

Remember that in everyone SEO strategy For a website, the most important thing is you Content is original, remarkable, relevant and that can compete against others. There is no point in writing on a single source without doing enough research to enable it better content than the one who occupies the first position in the search engine. You can't pretend you're indexed on a post by rolling the dice and hoping for a good outcome. You need to Assure yourself that your content Exceeds expectations of the user you want to include in the searches you want to contact. That covers the search well and without irrelevant information or "straw".

If your content is superb, this will be the following start moving it. As we explained earlier, this network enables us Show content to the right people. Like this network, you can also use it Forums, Reddit, Taringa, Yahooetc. to let Google Metrics know that your content is eligible and deserves a ranking. ((Obviously the networking part)

Tuning on Quora

Before you start answering questions and trying to use Quora for ranking, you need to do this Pay attention to your profile. Find a good profile picture and include whatever it takes to make it known that you are a reliable source. You can complete your profile with your studies or experience in the "Credentials and Highlights" section

Use the "Has knowledge of"

Use this field to add your educational credentials and subjects that you have mastered. By adding "Has knowledge of" you can give a picture of Authority or reliability in the content you answer. If your website or blog has different categories, use this section of your profile to include any relevant topics that you have mastered match it to the answers.

When you answer a question, click "Edit credentials”To assign the credential most closely related to the content to which you are responding.

In practice, in particular, the user will change the perception of the person providing the information and will now be more likely to read agree with your answer since the one who gives you the information is someone who is trained on the subject.

In this way, if we manage to resolve your request as relevant as possible, we can increase the likelihood that you will visit our website or even use us as a reference for these type of questions and search your profile to find more Content from you and another follower on this social network.


Here is an example of one of our profiles.

Quora gives you the opportunity. It is now your decision whether you benefit from it or not. I hope our tips have helped you and you can grow your web pages. Finally, remember that the most important thing for SEO is to do this Quality of the content. Or you'll be out.

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