How and when did Wenseslao Moguel die

1. Alexander Selkirk (1704-1709)

Sylvia Stanley / Wikimedia

Alexander Selkirk and Co. were supposed to hunt French and Spanish ships off the coast of South America with a privateer. When they stopped at the Juan Fernández Islands on the Chilean coast to get new supplies, it turned out that the ship was damaged. The seafarer Alexander Selkrik was the only one who decided not to leave the island. While the ship sank on the return voyage and everyone on board drowned, Selrkik managed to survive on the island for four years and four months before being rescued by another privateer.

Hugh Glass was best known for surviving a grizzly bear attack in the Rocky Mountains. After the said attack, he was pronounced dead by his companions and left behind. But Glass woke up and was shocked to find that his comrades had left him with a broken leg, numerous wounds and no weapons in the middle of the Indian territory. He straightened his leg and crawled to the nearest settlement six months later. In the film "The Revenant" Leonardo DiCaprio played the brave Hugh and was awarded an Oscar for it.

3. Douglas Mawson (1912-1913)

During an Antarctic expedition, almost all food fell into a crevasse. Polar explorer Douglas Mawson and another survivor were therefore forced to slaughter and eat Greenland dogs. When his team member succumbed to his injuries, Dawson made his own way to camp, but missed the expedition ship and had to wait almost a year for rescue.

4. Wenseslao Moguel (1915)

The soldier Wenseslao Moguel was a fighter in the Mexican Revolution who was captured and brought before a firing squad. Wenseslao was hit nine times. Once even in the face. But the brave man survived and escaped.

During the Second World War, a Norwegian boat was destroyed by Germans. The only one who survived this attack was the Norwegian Jan Baalsrud. During his escape to neutral Sweden, he was constantly out and about in the snow before he cut off his frozen toes after being tortured and reached his destination after two months.

6. Juliane Koepcke (1971)

On Christmas Eve, a plane was struck by lightning in Peru and crashed. Also on board was Juliane Koepcke, who survived the accident as the only occupant with a concussion, a fracture of the collarbone, a torn cruciate ligament and several wounds. Despite her injuries, the then 17-year-old hiked and swam through the rainforest for ten days until she discovered a boat and a shelter for forest workers on a river bank.

7. Tami Oldham Ashcraft (1983)

Seasoned sailors Tami Oldham Ashcraft and her boyfriend accepted the contract to drive a yacht from Tahiti to San Diego. On the way there, however, they were hit by a hurricane. While the man was thrown into the sea, Ashcraft continued shortly after she passed out - despite a broken mast, dead engine and radio, she managed to get to Hawaii after 42 days and 2,415 kilometers.

summonedbyfells / Wikimedia

While descending a mountain in the Peruvian Andes, mountaineer Joe Simpson broke his leg, which is why his partner tried to rappel him down. Simpson fell into a crevasse and was believed dead by his partner and left behind. That was not the case, however. The Briton managed to save himself to base camp despite a broken leg and no water supply.

After a sandstorm, the Italian ultramarathon runner Mauro Prosperi dragged himself through the Sahara for ten days and survived. Among other things because he sucked the blood of two bats and drank his own urine. On the third day, he tried to cut his wrists and kill himself, but he was so dehydrated that his blood did not flow. After ten days, the man, who had been emaciated by 15 kilograms, was rescued by Berber women.

During a tour with reindeer hunters in Kimmirut, Canada, Kootoo Shaw was attacked by a polar bear one night. The bear tore his scalp apart before an alarming hunter killed the bear. Shaw was then taken to the hospital with very serious injuries, where a total of 300 stitches were necessary to cleanly sew the individual skin flaps again.

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