What decreases iron absorption

Iron is a vital trace element and has to be taken in through food. As hemoglobin in the red blood cells, it takes care of the Oxygen transport about our blood, helps with thatHormone production and formation of enzymes, supports thatimmune system andsupplies cells with energy. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), almost two billion people suffer from iron deficiency. However, you can fight it with the right diet. The following foods inhibit iron absorption in the small intestine.

10 foods that inhibit your iron absorption

If you have an iron deficiency Iron tablets or eating iron-rich meals, you should consider consuming the following foods 60 minutes apart to let.
Important: If you do not have any suspicion of iron deficiency and you have no problems meeting your iron needs, you can continue to consume these foods regularly, as many of them even contain health-promoting nutrients!

Spinach, beetroot and rhubarb

These contain three vegetables Oxalic acid, also called oxalate. This is also contained in Swiss chard, sorrel and black tea and reduces iron absorption. The good news: a lot of oxalic acid is lost through cooking or blanching. The cooking water should therefore not be used any longer, but should be thrown away.

Cola and processed cheese

Contains cola and processed cheese - two foods that are not exactly healthy anyway Phosphateswhich also inhibit iron absorption. You can also recognize phosphates by their E numbers E 338 to E 343 and E450 to E 452. A look at the list of contents of finished products can therefore be worthwhile.

Red wine, coffee and tea

These drinks includedPolyphenols.These are also known as tannins or tannins. You should not take iron supplements with coffee or tea, as otherwise absorption is restricted. However, these secondary plant substances are by no means unhealthy. The Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE) even assumes that certain polyphenols could have a protective effect against Alzheimer's and other diseases.

Cereals and legumes

Contains various grains and legumesPhytic acid.The acid can bind the minerals calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc in the stomach and intestines and make them insoluble so that the intestines cannot absorb them. If you don't have to worry about iron deficiency, you can and should continue to eat whole grain cereals and legumes. Because phytic acid lowers the glycemic index of these foods and thus flattens the blood sugar curve after eating.

Factors that affect iron absorption

vitamin C favors the absorption of iron from food. Foods such as peppers, oranges, lemons or broccoli therefore help your intestines absorb iron. Furthermore, a also takes care of low iron level in the body to ensure that more iron is absorbed. In doing so, the body tries to remedy a deficient iron status on its own.

Is Animal Iron Really Better Than Vegetable Iron?

Iron from animal sources is better absorbed by the body than iron from most plant sources. This is due to the so-called Bioavailability.This is higher in animal heme iron from meat and dairy products than in plants. However, not all plants are affected by this. The group of legumes According to the latest findings, it is a source of iron almost on a par with meat, as recently discovered iron transporters in the small intestine increasingly absorb their vegetable iron. This so-called ferritin iron comes mainly inlenses and Soybeans as well as green and yellow Peasin front.

Taking iron supplements properly

Should youSigns of iron deficiency such as fatigue, exhaustion, increased susceptibility to infections, impaired performance or disturbed heat regulation, you should have your iron level checked by a doctor. In the event of an actual iron deficiency or even iron deficiency anemia (anemia), the doctor can prescribe a suitable preparation with a dosage adapted to your body.

If you have a Iron supplement need to take, you should take this on an empty stomach about an hour before breakfast and, for example, one Vitamin C- Drink the source like a small glass of orange juice to aid absorption. If you want to take the iron during the day, make sure that you leave the above inhibiting foods at least 60 minutes apart. This is how you optimally replenish your iron stores and fight the cause of anemia!