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How to become an influencer

The content flow also depends on the field, platform and target group. Instagram profiles should be fed with new content at least once a day, while influencers on YouTube upload a new video about two to three times a week on average. Of course, it also depends on how much attention your content demands - how “snackable” it is. If you only post pictures on Instagram that can be viewed in a split second, you will hardly overwhelm your followers with several posts per day. If you shoot videos for minutes, you shouldn't overwhelm your followers with too much content, especially not with advertising. Otherwise, your followers will struggle to keep up with your content flow and will more likely let you fall than catch up. This is especially true if your content builds on one another.

For the right content flow is next Sure instinct also one Target group analysis important. Depending on the type of average follower, you have to plan a more or less small attention span. If you run a podcast that is primarily aimed at young, working people, your programs should not exceed half an hour if possible - after all, you can assume that your followers will be listening to your podcast, for example. B. on the way to work or during the lunch break. For this purpose, it also makes sense if your podcast appears daily during the week.

But content flow is also often of a certain nature Events and circumstances in 'real life' dependent. Sports blogs are naturally particularly active after sporting events, i.e. especially on weekends. Influencers on Instagram, e.g. B. who specialize in hiking are more likely to be noticed in summer than in winter. Creativity is needed when the circumstances make the content flow difficult.

Some fields also require you to compact content. Sports bloggers have to formulate sensationally and get to the point quickly, which is why tweets are particularly popular here. Because many athletes are in a certain way influencers on Instagram themselves, this field on the platform is all the more difficult. A professional athlete can also generate interesting content much more easily because he is right at the source. To compete with the content flow of professionals is likely to be difficult, precisely because the flow of these people has increased significantly in recent years. It is now quite common for football players to post on Instagram at least after each game. In a fast-paced field like sport, there is one too high frequency of your content appropriate.