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Incredibly nonsensical, weird, stupid, funny and interesting laws:

  • In the state Washington it is forbidden under all circumstances to have sex with a virgin. The law also includes the wedding night. & lpar; So if you can't have sex with a Virgo, they will never have sex. And if this law is strictly followed, after a couple of years there will only be virgins and, accordingly, no sex. So you would have to move non-virgins from other states. Isn't that all very cumbersome? Or is this referring to the zodiac sign? & rpar;
  • According to a regulation in Texas Only those people who have previously purchased a special permit for five dollars are allowed to go barefoot.
  • New Year's Eve in Borger, Texas, not that much fun, because the following things are not allowed to be thrown: Confetti, rubber balls, fireworks, feather duster and whips & lpar; ??? ? & rpar ;.
  • Who on Sundays in Province, Rhode Island, who wants to do something for his oral hygiene, does not have it easy: It is legally forbidden to sell toothbrushes and toothpaste to the same customer.
  • In Greene, NY, It is forbidden to go backwards down the street and eat peanuts when there is a concert.
  • In Racine, Wisconsin It is beneficial if a fire breaks out during the day because it is illegal to wake a sleeping firefighter.
  • In 1659, in Massachusetts Christmas declared illegal.
  • Before all windows are closed and securely locked, it's in Massachusetts snoring is strictly forbidden.
  • In the city of Newcastle, Wyoming, there is only "hot sex" because couples are not allowed to make love in a cold store.
  • The laws forbid it in Omaha Nebraska, the hairdressers, to shave a man's chest. & lpar; In Omaha the women seem to like "the animal in the man" and if not, they would like to "lend a hand" themselves. Can also be very erotic sometimes & excl; & rpar;
  • In the state New Hampshire It is forbidden to nod your head, knock your feet or otherwise pay attention to the music in a café, bar or restaurant in time with the music.
  • In the city of Alexandria, Minnesota, the woman still has absolute power over the man: no man is allowed to sleep with his wife if his mouth smells of garlic, onions or Sardinia. When his wife asks, the law forces him to brush his teeth.
  • Reading magazines and books after 8 p.m. is in the streets of Southbridge, Massachusetts, forbidden. & lpar; So if you really want to rebel, walk through the streets at half past eight reading a Hemingway edition & excl; & rpar;
  • A law of the state Massachusetts forbids hanging your feet out of the window to cool off.
  • It is forbidden in Jonesbora, Georgiato pronounce the words 'Oh, Boy'.
  • In Lexington, Kentucky, it is illegal to carry ice cream cones in your pocket.
  • In oblong, Illinois, It is a criminal offense to sleep with your wife on your wedding day if you are on a hunting or fishing trip. & lpar; Why? So that you don't scare the animals? & rpar;
  • A law in Fort Madison Iowa, stipulates that the fire brigade must first practice fire fighting for 15 minutes before they are allowed to deploy.
  • In Hawaii it is forbidden to put a penny in your ear.
  • People who are so sick, mutated or deformed that they can be described as unsightly or disgusting objects are allowed in Chicago do not leave their apartment. & lpar; This law seems kind of sick and mutated too, doesn't it? & rpar;
  • In Florida you will be punished if you let a fart escape in public on a Thursday after 6 p.m. & lpar; That is why there is a very special breeze in Florida on Fridays. Well-known and popular quotes on the subject of " fart "-" Why don't you burp and fart, didn't you like it? ";" No happy fart comes out of a sad ass & excl; "- are rather rare in Florida.. & Rpar;
  • In Vermont is forbidden by law, which probably no one would manage anyway: whistling underwater.
  • A law of the state Iowa It forbids any establishment to collect entry for a concert by a one-armed pianist.
  • It's pilots in Colombia Pennsylvania, forbidden to stroke female flight students under the chin with a feather duster to attract their attention: & lpar; Well, we don't want to know how the valued pilots now attract the attention of the flight students & excl; & rpar;
  • In Albany, new York, no golf may be played in the streets.
  • An old state regulation Massachusetts declares all goatees illegal unless the wearer pays a "goatee charge".
  • Sex in the car in Coer d'Arlene, Idaho, can be carried out without any problems, because police officers approaching the car are asked to park behind the car, blow the horn three times and then wait two minutes before they are allowed to approach the car.
  • Anyone in Denver ColoradoLending his vacuum cleaner to the neighbors is against the law. & lpar; Believe it or not, this harsh law must have put many Americans behind bars. & rpar;
  • In Section 363 of the Harthohome City Town Bylaws, Oklahoma, it is declared illegal to put a hypnotized person in a shop window.
  • A law in Massachusetts Forbids mourners to eat no more than three sandwiches during the wake. & lpar; Since then the obligatory "bee sting" and "crumble cake" & rpar;
  • In Las Vegas it is forbidden to mortgage dentures.
  • It is pastors in Nicholas County West Virginia, prohibited by law from telling jokes from the pulpit.
  • In Ventura County, California, dogs and cats are prohibited from having sex with each other without prior permission.
  • Watering a lawn during a rain shower is in Holyoke, Massachusetts, not allowed.
  • In Salem, Massachusetts, even married couples are not allowed to sleep naked in a rented room.
  • The sneeze is in the streets of Ashville North Carolina, not allowed.
  • Who in the streets of Little Rock Akansas, happily flirting to himself, faces a prison sentence of 30 days.
  • The laws in Ames, Iowa Do not allow a husband to have more than three sips of beer after sex if he is holding his wife in his arms or lying next to her in bed. & lpar; Aha & excl; Therefore the "cigarette after" has become common & excl; & rpar;
  • In Clawson, Michigan, there is a law that allows farmers to have sexual intercourse with their pigs, cows, horses, goats or chickens.
  • A law in Portsmouth Ohio, puts baseball games on par with tramps, thieves and other shady characters.
  • In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, every hotel room must have two beds. It is mandatory that there be at least two feet of space between beds if a couple is renting a room for just one night. It is also forbidden to have sexual intercourse on the floor between the beds.
  • In Datona Beach, Florida, the legislature forbids public garbage cans & lpar; & excl; & excl; & rpar; sexually harass you. & lpar; Then where are we going? A public garbage can already has a hard enough time & excl; & rpar;
  • Mice have in Fairbanks Alaskato lead a hard life: They are legally prohibited from indulging in sexual love on the sidewalks of the city.
  • In Florida people seem to have a very boring sex life, because only the missionary position is allowed, any other sexual position is forbidden. You are also not allowed to have oral sex or kiss your wife's breasts.
  • In the small town of Connorsville in Wisconsin it is illegal for a man to fire a shot from his rifle while his wife is having an orgasm. & lpar; This law can easily be misunderstood with a little imagination & excl; & rpar;
  • Taxi drivers in Massachusetts it is not allowed to have sex in the front seats while on duty. & lpar; Because of the stains on the seats? & rpar;
  • In Willowdale, Oregon, It is illegal if the husband curses or whispers profanity in his wife's ear during intercourse.
  • In Georgia It is not allowed to attend a service without a loaded rifle.
  • Counting backwards in the hexadecimal system is clearly audible in Cupertino, California illegal. & lpar; I couldn't even go forward & excl; & rpar;
  • It is monsters in Urbana, Illinois forbidden to enter the urban area.

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