What signs are compatible with Pisces

Zodiac sign - Pisces

Pisces February 20th to March 20th

The Pisces man is the philanthropist among the signs of the zodiac. To be an independent individual, he experiences above all as isolation from his environment. He strives for an all-encompassing bond. Pisces are imaginative, sensitive people. Their sensitivity makes them thin-skinned towards the world. Misery touches them directly, they experience it - almost without a distance - as their own. Facing social tasks, helping others, even sacrificing one's own interests, is a basic need for the fish. You live out of feeling, draw from an inner wealth.

The fish tend to be turned inward, waiting, than turned towards life. They do not tolerate rapid changes between highs and lows, an even, calm movement is more in line with their need for harmony. Since the fish can easily be shaken to their core, they need security and security in order to develop. People of this sign will avoid arguments as much as possible, but always try to understand the thoughts and actions of others.

Empathizing with others can also become an escape from oneself for the Pisces person. Instead of looking for his own path in life and developing his personality, he then runs the risk of being absorbed in the lives of others, of identifying completely with it.

The Pisces erotic horoscope:

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How to recognize a fish: Eyes that threaten to sink into, a touch of sexual mystery and fascination - that can only be the romantic fish that tries to pull you into its enchanting web of compassion and confusion.

The intuitive fish reacts extremely sensitively to the moods of others. So it can happen that he utters exactly what you are thinking. This zodiac sign seldom makes direct sexual advances, it rather creates a subtle current that slowly carries its victim away, Pisces have hypnotic powers: they jingle their melancholy eyes, let their charm play, and you don't pay attention to anything else. The trap is set up and baited. Those who step in, surrender, carried away.

A fish full of lust and love

For the fish, lust and love are one and the same, it makes no difference. Sex brings him together with the partner. Pisces are only capable of self-analysis to a limited extent in order to understand their own motivations. That is why they slide into affairs emotionally and think that it is love. But all too often it is just pleasure, of which - once lived - nothing remains. But the fish finds it difficult to admit, he prefers to hold on to his beautiful dream. Separations are problematic for this character; Pisces therefore often have several relationships in parallel.

When Pisces seriously fall in love, the reality is far from the world in which this gullible sign inhabits. No matter how untenable the situation is, the fish continues to nurture its longings. With the right partner, however, sex can become a transcendental experience that lifts the Pisces to the dizzying heights of mystical union with the beloved - the fulfillment of the dream of all Pisces.

Pisces - sexual character

moody +++
flirtatious +++++

Pisces sex drive

medium ++
depends on the partner +++++

Pisces motivation

Lust ++
Love +++++
Romance +++++
Security ++

The Pisces man

The Pisces man is a charming, romantic and personable contemporary. He exudes his charm, is at the same time very emotional and reacts extremely to the moods and needs of his partner. He is a considerate and empathetic lover and has mastered the art of seduction to perfection. He showered his partner with gifts and carefully selects the most romantic places for his rendezvous.

But can you trust this man?

The agile fish cannot be held on for long and does not think much of taking on responsibility. He slides in and out of relationships with ease.

Pisces man - sexy combinations

All watermarks appreciate the Pisces man's pronounced sensitivity. The Scorpio woman is fascinated by his magical and mystical nature. A Cancer woman will want to hug this vulnerable person to her bosom to protect him from the outside world. First he wakes her mother's instinct, then he makes her shudder with pleasure with his tenderness. The air signs like to share their intimate imagination. The Libra woman in particular may be fascinated by the fantastic possibilities that he brings to love.

But Gemini women can also have a lot of fun with a Pisces man. The Water woman however, doesn't really know what to do with this elusive guy.

She may be fascinated or even hypnotized by him, but where is the real point of contact in such a relationship? Their rationality demands much more from a partner than empty promises. For the fire and earth signs, the fish remains a mystery. If they think they've finally nailed him, he's swam away again. For short lusty affairs, the combinations might be ideal, but anything that lasts longer will drive them insane.

The Pisces man with:

AriesShe dominates, steps on his feet++
bullShe's too sensible++
Twinsfascinating imagination++
cancerRelationship with substance+++++
lion Lack of mutual understanding+
Virgin opposites attract++++
Libra serene fascination+++++
Scorpiosimply fascinating+++++
SagittariusFatal combination+
Capricornmake each other crazy ++
AquariusHe promises what he cannot keep +
fishesvery empathetic but dependent++++

The Pisces woman:

This fascinating, charming and emotionally volatile woman is so sensitive that she usually already knows what her partner is thinking before he has thought it. Your antenna picks up the finest vibrations. She wants to please others and often suffers disadvantages herself in the process. It is ambivalent and strives in two directions at the same time. It is not uncommon for them to have two affairs at the same time, one in the final draws and the other just beginning.

Sexy combinations - Pisces woman with:

The Pisces woman is looking for someone who understands her or who makes her feel needed. Independent zodiac signs such as Capricorn or Aries therefore rarely irritate them. Neither can she find anything in Taurus or Aquarius, as neither of them respond to their emotional maneuvers.

With the other watermarks, the Pisces woman feels understood - they share their emotional impulsiveness - but lack a tendency to go in two directions at the same time. The Scorpio is sure exciting enough for her. With Cancer, with his tender care, she feels like a princess. The Virgo man brings her back to earth, but he is so adaptable that he plunges into her fantasy world with her, and they delight in his coarse sexuality and shrewd spirit. That could be just the right combination for channeling your sexual energies. Since it is their opposite zodiac sign, there is a magical attraction between the two. His often narrowly checked criticism could be disturbing, but if she lets her charm play, he probably doesn't even notice the many little things that usually upset him about her.

The Pisces woman with:

AriesFantastic sex, little understanding++
bull Your emotional games don't work+
Twins mutual fascination, superficial+++
cancerAffectionate care+++++
lionFight for constant attention+
VirginCarefully bring them back to earth+++++
LibraImaginative connection++++
ScorpioExciting sex, but exhausting++++
SagittariusNot in her element+
Capricorncan she cope with his limits?++++
AquariusNice fantasies, but too independent++
fishesSwimming in a circle+++++

Seduce fish

An old, sobbing story should be enough to easily seduce the fish, because he easily confuses sympathy with love. Once you get the fish's attention, the rest should be a breeze. Alcoholic beverages will help you, because this zodiac sign responds quickly to alcohol. Candles can also do their part, as can anything that creates a romantic atmosphere.

But remember to be subtle, as any rudeness will scare the fish away.

Make fish happy:

Pisces love gifts of all kinds - the more romantic the better. For them, giving is an expression of love and love is extremely important to them. They like to be near water; for it soothes their soul. Therefore a trip to the sea or a lake - for a few hours or several weeks - is the ideal gift for your Pisces partner. Gestures like a candlelit meal in his favorite restaurant or a surprise weekend will delight the romantic fish.

What to expect from fish:

If there is eternal love and romance, if possible a wedding and plenty of imagination, the fish has to offer. What then actually happens are usually many short affairs or a marriage that is strained by numerous extramarital affairs. Loyalty and sincerity are less of the qualities the Pisces brings to the relationship. This zodiac sign craves love and romance. This leads to the fact that it often gets involved in everything that has even remotely to do with it. Perhaps the Pisces will break the relationship once the illusion of love fades. In the meantime, anything is possible, from transcendental sex to deepest disappointments.