Naturopathy can cure a problem like arthritis

In arthritis, they come into play when cortisone and NSAIDs no longer work satisfactorily. These are active ingredients such as B. methotrexate, sulfasalazine, azathioprine and chloroquine.

In contrast to the other symptom-oriented drugs that are supposed to relieve pain or inflammation, these drugs extremely suppress the body's immune system.

You inhibit - e.g. B. in the case of azathioprine - specifically the multiplication of the body's most important defense cells. So those cells are blocked that actually protect us from illness and death, so that the side effects of the basic therapeutic agents described below should no longer surprise anyone.

It is claimed that basic therapeutic agents can intervene directly in the body's immune response, which is responsible for arthritis.

However, since the trigger of this immune reaction is far from being recognized and eliminated, this therapy is also a purely symptom-oriented one, which - despite all its promises - can have a number of serious side effects and, moreover, not even relief for everyone affected brings about.

The latter proves once again that arthritis-like symptoms represent an individual occurrence in each body, which may be suppressed with standard medication, but can never be finally cured.

Side effects of the basic therapeutic agents

Unfortunately, it only becomes apparent after a start-up period of several weeks or months whether you belong to the group of people with whom the basic therapeutic agents work or not. If so, the arthritis can temporarily disappear and painful flare-ups and the threat of joint stiffness can be prevented.

That sounds great. But what use are all these wonderful (temporary!) Effects to you if instead you have recently suffered from nausea, gastrointestinal complaints, loss of appetite, changes in the blood count (including anemia), chronic fungal infections and headaches if your hair falls out, yours Liver is damaged, you pick up every rampant infection and you are also plagued by depression?

Alzheimer's instead of arthritis?

Did you also know that many of the basic therapeutic agents inhibit the absorption of folic acid. Methotrexate is a real folic acid antagonist. Folic acid is an essential vitamin that is usually scarce in today's diet and its deficiency is suspected of causing Alzheimer's disease. So what's the use of pain-free joints if you can't remember your name in the near future?

If you are already taking basic therapeutic agents, make sure you drink plenty of pure water every day to promote the elimination of the medication and, if your rheumatologist fails to do so, ensure that you have an adequate intake of folic acid (delayed before taking medication) .

Biological drugs for arthritis

Biologicals (in German "biological drugs" or "biologics") are brand new drugs from the genetic laboratory. The description of their mechanisms of action admittedly sounds extremely promising.

In contrast to basic therapeutic agents, biologicals only influence the immune system in a very targeted manner. The so-called TNF-alpha inhibitors, for example, switch off the messenger substance of the same name (TNF-alpha), which acts as a means of communication between the immune cells and a "leaflet" with the inscription "Let's cause inflammation!" equals.

If this treatment fails too or if it is accompanied by excessive side effects, further experiments will be carried out, e.g. B. with the so-called B-cell therapy. Only certain B cells of the immune system are destroyed, namely those that play a key role in the development and maintenance of arthritis. The remaining B cells, which are part of the protective immune system, should remain untouched.

The problem of biologics could be their youth. They have only been in use for a few years and some are currently only in the test phase. There is not the slightest experience of long-term effects. However, it does not seem realistic that long-term drug attacks on the highly complex regulatory and communication mechanisms of the organism could remain without consequences.

The natural therapy concept for arthritis and rheumatism

What you can do with arthritis (rheumatism) from a holistic and naturopathic point of view can be found in the continuation of this article entitled Rheumatism: Natural Measures. Proper nutrition also plays a very important role in arthritis, so we have written our own article on the rheumatism diet, which you can find in the previous link.

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