What is the DHFL scam

Handball | 2nd Bundesliga Disaster year for EHV Aue: Corona, fraud, burglary, arson

"It's enough," says EHV manager RĂ¼diger Jurke when "Sport im Osten" reached him on the phone early Thursday morning. His club has had to go through so much since November, "that's actually enough for ten years".

"K" for disaster

As if quarantine, the serious Covid illness of the coach Stephan Swat and the break-in into the office weren't enough, the club bus and the car of the Japanese player Hiromi Tsuyama were set on fire this week, and a ticket fraudster reported that the EHV Aue had money five-digit amount owes bankruptcy. "That was our K-week," says Jurke, meaning "catastrophe".

The EHV manager clearly links the arson attack to the break-in a few weeks ago. At that time not only a high four-digit amount was stolen, but also the keys for several vehicles. Presumably the perpetrators wanted to steal the cars. When that failed, they were set on fire.

Probably not a racist background

Jurke, however, does not suspect a racist background. "We are an association that is neither left nor right, we just want to bring joy to the people and represent our region," said the EHV thoroughbred manager, who is stunned by the actions. The little Japanese Tsuyama cried. "He's still scared," said Jurke. Two years ago, the EHV itself was in Japan, experiencing the hospitality of the people there and the decency. "And then something like this happens here - unbelievable."

Focus on the sport

In spite of all the trouble, one now has to concentrate on the essentials - and that is the sport. "We are in the middle of the field, but we still need a few points to stay in the league," said Jurke.