What are the types of general insurance

What is liability insurance?

Liability insurance protects you against claims for damages. But what does that mean exactly and what are the differences? Here you can find out what liability insurance is and which types of liability insurance AXA offers you.

Liability insurance is an insurance contract that protects you in the event of a claim for damages: If you are responsible for the fact that someone else has been injured or their property has been damaged, you have to pay for this damage financially. Then the liability insurance steps in: It checks whether the claims against you are justified and pays the damage within the agreed framework.

Damage can occur in different contexts, for example when driving a car, at work or in private everyday life, by yourself or by your pet. Because of this, there are different types of liability insurance. One of the best known and most important is private liability insurance.

There are such liability insurances

Personal liability insurance: makes sense for everyone

If you accidentally damage someone else's property or injure another person in your private everyday life, you will be held liable with all of your private wealth. So that you don't literally stumble into financial ruin, you need personal liability insurance. It is one of the most important voluntary insurance companies.

  • Protection against property, personal and financial losses in a private context
  • If desired, co-insurance of spouses, registered partners and children
  • Protection against property damage to privately rented living spaces
  • Defense against unjustified claims

Motor vehicle liability insurance: compulsory for motorists

As a vehicle owner, you are obliged to have a motor vehicle liability insurance. complete. She steps in if you have caused an accident with your car. This ensures that accident victims receive compensation for personal injury and property damage. You can voluntarily receive additional liability protection with a partially comprehensive or fully comprehensive insurance.

  • Protection against damage to the vehicle (repair, expert, towing costs, etc.)
  • Protection against personal injury (medical costs, compensation for pain and suffering, lifelong pension, etc.)
  • Protection against other property damage caused by your vehicle (e.g. to buildings)
  • Defense against unjustified claims

Pet owner liability insurance: For dog and horse owners

No matter how well an animal is trained, damage can always occur. And as the owner, you have unlimited liability, even if you are not to blame. In some federal states, pet owner insurance is therefore compulsory for dogs or some dog breeds. Insurance for horses is voluntary, but highly recommended. But: The pet owner's liability does not cover small animals such as birds or rodents. This is where personal liability insurance comes in.

  • Protection against property, personal and financial damage caused by your animal
  • Protection of transport trailers that are not subject to insurance
  • Protection for temporary stays abroad
  • Co-insurance of the foreign rider risk

Builder's liability insurance: For the construction phase

As a builder or owner of a building plot, you must ensure that your construction site is properly secured and that all building regulations are adhered to. You are also liable for accidents that occur to construction workers, unauthorized persons and volunteers on your construction site. A builder's liability insurance is therefore recommended if, for example, you are building your own home or carrying out major renovations. For low construction sums of up to 50,000 euros, however, private liability insurance may be sufficient.

  • Protection against property damage, personal damage and financial loss on / through your construction site
  • Protection against damage caused by grossly negligent behavior by you as the client
  • Insurance against liability damage by you and your helpers as active employees on the construction site
  • Co-insurance of the foreign rider risk

Home and landowner liability insurance: For landlords

If you own a property and want to rent it out, there are some obligations that come with it. For example, you need to ensure adequate lighting, structural maintenance and cleared sidewalks. If you have violated one of these obligations, you are liable for the resulting damage - for example if someone slips in the icy doorway. You do not need home and landowner's liability insurance for your own home, as personal liability insurance applies

  • Protection against property damage, personal injury and financial loss for rented real estate and land
  • Protection of people who have been entrusted with looking after the property
  • Protection against gradual damage and wastewater damage (domestic and commercial)
  • Defense against unjustified claims

Water damage liability insurance: With a heating oil tank

An oil heater holds many thousands of liters of heating oil. But if a pipe is leaking or the tank rusts, a single liter of leaking oil can contaminate a million liters of groundwater. Then you are liable for the damage incurred. In addition, you have to pay for all measures that have been taken by the authorities to protect the waters. If you have a heating oil tank, water damage liability insurance is advisable.

  • Protection against damage to waters as the owner of a heating oil tank
  • Co-insurance of rescue costs (countermeasures in the event of impending water damage)
  • Protection of people who have been entrusted with looking after the property
  • Defense against unjustified claims

Why is liability insurance useful?

Liability insurance makes sense because everyone is legally obliged to be liable for the damage they cause and to pay for it with all of their private assets. A single mishap can result in costs in the millions and thus lifelong payment obligations. Depending on the damage risks you are exposed to as a result of your lifestyle, various liability insurances can be useful or even mandatory:

For example, if you are a car driver, motor vehicle liability insurance is compulsory. As a dog owner, you should take out pet owner liability insurance. And private liability insurance makes sense for everyone: For example, if you are not careful and spill coffee on the expensive leather jacket of the person sitting next to you, the insurance will pay compensation. If you accidentally bump into someone and they fall unhappy, your insurance will cover hospital costs, lost earnings and compensation for pain and suffering.

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