What if I copy a copyright

Copyright: Private copying allowed

If only the law could do it, things would be almost easy. The principle is: If you want to reproduce a work, the rights holder must approve it. Rights holders are usually publishers or film companies to which the authors have granted their rights. The main exception to this principle is that Private copy. It allows individual copies of works to be made without permission, as long as they are not obtained illegally.

The copies can then even be passed on - provided it remains in a private setting, i.e. for family or individual friends. Incidentally, you have already paid something for such copies if you have bought a computer, hard drive, blank DVDs or other data carriers. You just don't notice it because it's legal "Device and empty media delivery" from the manufacturers is included in the sales price.

In principle, private copies also apply to files. Whether you buy an e-book, a film, audio books, radio plays or music as a digital file or not makes little difference when you consider the legal regulations. It is important, however, that files purchased from File sharing or over Bittorrent Systems such as putting Pirate Bay online is not included under any circumstances. It gets more complicated with Filehoster-Services where files can also be uploaded to the internet and a link is given for them (background information on filehosters and file sharing networks is provided in the article “How legal are filehosters”). If you really only send this link to individual, close friends, that also falls under the private copy. However, the file must actually remain inaccessible to all others. So, at least from a copyright point of view, it is more advisable to use one of the numerous cloud services for personal files, such as Dropbox, Wuala and others. They also offer their own functions for sharing files privately.

Even if you use legally downloaded films at a movie night with friends, you do not need a permit. This has to do with the fact that the copyright for showing films only takes effect when a screening is public.