American pizzas are bigger

The American pizza

In contrast to the Italian, the American pizza has a thick batter and, above all, a thick crust. Often the crust is only used as a "handle", as is often shown in US TV series. While the pizza salami is one of the most popular variants in Germany, it is rather unknown in America. As a comparison, only the pepperoni pizza can be used, which is equipped with small, but slightly hotter salami slices.

America-style pizza - big but expensive

Overall, a pizza is rather expensive compared to other fast food in the USA. It is not uncommon to pay $ 20 for a pizza. Of course, this variant is also a little larger, but it is not unusual that the delivery ("delivery") is charged extra. With a tip ("tip") for the "delivery guy" you can quickly get to $ 30!
Every now and then there are of course special offers where you can buy a large pizza for $ 9.99. This is then mostly limited to a single topping ("topping"). So if you want more toppings you pay extra again.

American styled pizza - tastes as good as it looks!

The taste

Of course, you can't say much about the taste, as everyone sees it differently. Overall, the American pizza is usually a bit greasier. Since the Americans sometimes like it sweet even in hearty dishes, the tomato sauce can sometimes be a bit sweet for the European tongue (you have the feeling that cinnamon or something is sometimes used to help).

Where to buy the pizza

In addition to ordering from the market giants Papa John's and Pizza Hut, you can get the huge pizzas "fresh" (not frozen) in all supermarkets. These are of course cheaper. If you take a "plain" pizza without anything, you can choose your toppings yourself and fill the pizza.

Pimp my pizza - inventions the world doesn't need

The following discovery is recommended for the daily pizza consumer: the pizza saver. The cling film in pizza slice form. So that the healthy nutrition of the kids is guaranteed at school or dad at work can still eat the pizza from the day before for lunch. Available in every supermarket in the Sinnfrei department.

The pizza saver - for those who just can't get enough.