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Lizards rule the world

Will the world end in 2012? Are we ruled by extraterrestrials? Is the swine flu a planned mass murder? Clarity is being created in Zurich.

By Carlos Hanimann

"Bizarre but true: reptiles rule the world." More precisely: extraterrestrial lizards - or as David Icke calls them: Annunaki lizards.

David Icke is a 57-year-old man with snow-white hair and blue eyes. He knows his statements sound crazy. He used to be a professional footballer, BBC television reporter and spokesman for the British Greens. Then in 1991 in turquoise clothes, his hands folded in a pyramid, he declared in front of the camera that he was God's Son. The audience went wild, ridicule and malice were from then on David Icke's constant companions. Now he is coming to Switzerland and next Saturday in the Zurich Congress House he will explain to over 500 fans (entry 85 francs) what Annunaki lizards are and how they rule the world in secret. Then they will not laugh, but listen carefully, listen intently and applaud.

A lot has changed since 1991: David Icke has become one of the best-known conspiracy theorists, his books have been translated into over twenty languages, week after week he travels the world and talks about "his research and findings on the secret rulers of this world".

The ruling "bloodlines"

The event in the Kongresshaus is organized by a loose group called Groundcrew. Ruth Huber helps organize the event. She has known David Icke for years, has read many of his books and does not mind if you call her a conspiracy theorist. They are often pigeonholed in this category. This is just an attempt to make something unbelievable. But once you have read something by David Icke, you will discover new truths.

So I buy one of his books and try to read it:

"Warning! In this book you will be presented with a vast amount of incredible information. If you are dependent on your current belief system or if you think that there is no way you can possibly give up your worldview, then put this book down. "

This is how “The Biggest Secret” begins, a 500-page journey through time with David Icke - from the dinosaurs to the Sumerians to the Bilderbergers. The new truths that he proclaims in it go like this: "A race of intercrossing bloodlines established itself in ancient times in the Near and Middle East and over the millennia expanded its power over the entire globe." The world is ruled by a few “bloodlines”, such as the “Babylonian Brotherhood” or the “Illuminati”. Icke is familiar with some of these “bloodlines”: “The British royal house of the Windsors, the Rothschilds, the European aristocracy, the Rockefellers and the so-called establishment of the East in the United States, from which the American presidents emerge as well as corporate bosses, bankers and politicians. »

David Icke goes even further. At the very beginning of the struggle for world domination, according to him, there are extraterrestrial reptiles, lizards that hide behind a human figure. They are three to six meters long and feed on human flesh and blood to maintain their human appearance. These lizards include George Bush, Queen Elizabeth and Al Gore - and also the new President of the USA: Barack Obama.

Does Christoph Blocher know about it?

Between the extraterrestrial lizards and the common folk who do not want to admit reality (all of us!), Ruth Huber explains to me, stands the Committee of 300: a number of powerful people who direct world fate in numerous secret meetings, plan wars and new presidents choose.

One of these secret meetings is the annual Bilderberg Conference, which is said to have been attended by numerous Swiss people: Pascal Couchepin, Flavio Cotti, Marcel Ospel, Daniel Vasella, Walter Kielholz ...

And this is where the conspiracy theory ends up in reality: This year, the head of the Ringier group Michael Ringier and SVP Vice President Christoph Blocher were invited to the Bilderberg Conference near Athens - Michael Ringier, incidentally, not for the first time. Both confirm to WOZ that they have attended the conference, but are silent about the content. Blocher weighs it down and says: "Everything is completely harmless."

Later, Bill Ryan, a British expert on conspiracies, UFOs and secret Nasa projects, explains to me on the phone: "If you ask questions and are blocked when your articles are no longer printed, then you know: you are scratching the surface. Then the really exciting questions come. "

Dozens of such questions can be found on the Internet: Does Michael Ringier belong to the Illuminati? Is the "Blick" part of the world conspiracy? Will the world end in 2012? Is the swine flu the master plan to eradicate humanity? Does Blocher know about it? Is he even a child-eating, blood-drinking, extraterrestrial Annunaki lizard?

The billionaire from Herrliberg actually has some wrinkles on his face when I speak to him on Bilderberg. And Blocher is a lot. But an alien lizard?

So I ask the expert.

Ruth Huber, is Christoph Blocher an alien lizard?

I do not think so. But maybe he belongs to the power elite, who knows. Perhaps the Bilderbergers just wanted to test it, check whether it was suitable.

What about David Icke? Is he a lizard? Maybe he's just a puppet of the mighty.

I do not believe that.

Maybe he's a red herring, a conspiracy theorist supposed to be disinforming people in order to hide the real conspiracy.

Meditation helps me with such questions. I rely on my intuition, so to speak. In the case of the mighty, the cleanly polished mask is immediately recognizable. But David doesn't wear a mask. I would notice. Unless he's under mind control.

Mind Control?

A split in personality. The person concerned does not know himself that he is being controlled from the outside. It carries data that can only be called up with a keyword. I couldn't see behind it either.

Secret meetings, mind control, extraterrestrial lizards and a lot of esotericism - the longer you deal with David Icke's theories, the more obscure the truth becomes. The problem is: David Icke gives answers to questions that have never been asked. Every logo becomes the symbol of a secret group, every city map contains a hidden pentagram, and behind every friendly smile there is suddenly a man-eating lizard. Is that the freedom he's talking about?

Fortunately, the Schaffhausen musician Guz once said in the WOZ: "If you let yourself go in the real world, nothing can happen to you, no matter how much you read about spaceships and conspiracies."

And in the real world, David Icke suddenly reads an incredible amount about Nazi occultism, Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler. And then sentences like this: "The hooked nose, which is a typical feature of the 'Jews', is a genetic heritage of southern Russia and the Caucasus."

Most conspiracy theories are anti-Semitic. You end up in a secret room where a Jewish elite sits and rules the world. Are David Icke's theories anti-Semitic too? Doesn't he mean lizards at all when he speaks of lizards?

The Anti Defamation League, a US organization against discrimination against Jews, describes Icke's writings as anti-Semitic. David Icke denies this, however. Ruth Huber also defends David Icke and defends herself against accusations of anti-Semitism. The conspiracy is cross-religious and cross-national. They want to brand David Icke as an anti-Semite in order to make him untrustworthy.

And because David Icke knows all this, he seeks salvation in total absurdity: he closes "The Greatest Secret" by claiming that the greatest enemy of the Jews was himself a Jew: "Hitler was a Rothschild!"

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