What makes an open world game so impressive

Open world gameStupid game, clever satire

"Open World Game: The Open World Game" initially looks like the stupidest game of the year. On a map that is as ugly as a city map of Mannheim scribbled on with Microsoft Paint, we move an arrow from symbol to symbol. 400 such symbols can be collected in total, the developers proudly announced and also that they deliberately did without impressive graphics in their game so that one could concentrate fully on the open world in "Open World Game: The Open World Game".

The promise of freedom

Open World is less of a genre designation than a design principle that is known from major game series such as "Grand Theft Auto", "The Elder Scrolls" or "Assassin's Creed". Open World, that means that the player is presented with a world in which he can theoretically move freely and do what he wants. So the promise of the open world is freedom.

In practice, however, this freedom is often limited to being able to choose which repetitive, generic and, well, stupid task you want to tackle next. In order to keep the player in a good mood, there are, for example, rats to fight plagues on every corner, wild boars to be hunted and bandit camps to be smoked out. Someone always wants someone close to them to be freed, a monster's head, medicinal herbs or the previous day's newspaper and a latte macchiato with almond milk to be brought to them.

Because games have to be long, they should be entertaining for 60 hours, or even better 70, and that's why the player has to be kept busy and playing time has to be consumed. That's why in some games you only rush from symbol to symbol on the overview map, and that's why you hardly notice the beauty of the world.

Countless nonsense skills for money

"Open World: The Open World Game" targets this development. The game itself is free, but you can download additional content for the hefty price of eight euros. The arrow with which one wanders over the map then shines in shiny gold, also that: bitter satire. And that's why you can fish countless nonsense fish, find countless nonsense weapons and unlock countless nonsense skills in this game.

Years ago, the "Goat Simulator" was a parody of cheap simulation games. Still, games rarely make fun of games. This is exactly what could help to advance the medium of computer games. It is often said that games have finally come of age. However, games are only really grown up when they amuse themselves with their own quirks and thus expose undesirable developments in the medium in passing. So "Open World: The Open World Game" has good news for computer games in store: Hurray, welcome to puberty!