What do virtual assistants do on social media

Become a virtual assistant in the area of ​​social media

The virtual assistant profession is becoming increasingly popular. It was with this work that I started my own business, among other things. Still, at first I approached everything quite ignorantly. At that time, I had over 22k followers on my Instagram channel and thought that and with my training as a marketing officer, I would quickly find customers. But it wasn't that easy after all. In this post I would therefore like to show you step by step what you need as a virtual assistant in the area of ​​social media.

What exactly does a virtual assistant do?

A virtual assistant takes on various tasks for the client so that he can specialize in his core tasks. While a virtual assistant used to only take on assistance tasks such as back office, telephone service and correspondence, now more and more specialists are in demand. Many companies are looking for experts in, for example, accounting, marketing, social media, IT and so on and all of this digitally. What the advantage for you can be: A virtual assistant is not necessarily self-employed. There are also companies that offer permanent employment for virtual assistants, it is then more or less a “remote” job, ie a job where you can work from anywhere.

What kind of training do I need as a virtual assistant?

Commercial training or further education is an advantage but not a MUST. In VA Business you will find everything: From clients who are simply looking for cheap workers, to permanent positions, freelance jobs with a lot of freedom and good pay ... the choice is yours. References are more important than training, which is why it is so important that you already have some to show.

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How do I get references to attract customers?

In order to get references and attract customers, it is therefore advisable to look for test customers before starting your VA Business.

Advantages of test customers:

  • You find out whether working as a VA is really something for you.
  • You will get a feeling for the tasks that await you.
  • You get references with which you can attract new customers.
  • You get a feel for what your work is worth.

Very important: If you decide to be self-employed as a virtual assistant, you are not only allowed to work for 1 company. Otherwise one speaks of a "bogus self-employment".

You can find out more about bogus self-employment here.

These qualities will help you in your work


Creativity and an eye for design are particularly in demand in the social media area, because the posts you make for your customers should appeal to and retain potential customers. It is therefore important not to rest on existing structures, but to keep bringing in new creative ideas.


One of the most important qualities in virtual assistance is empathy. You have to be able to put yourself in your customers' shoes, understand them and their way of communicating and thus develop a social media concept that makes strategic sense, but always speaks the language of your customers.


There are tasks that are fun and tasks that are less fun. Discipline will help you get things done and not get distracted.

Entrepreneurial thinking

As a VA there is often the risk of falling into a kind of subordinate role. Be aware that as a VA you are now a company too. Your customers should always meet you at eye level, so “sell” yourself accordingly.


As a VA, fixed hours / week or fixed areas of responsibility are usually agreed, but it often happens that there is a quick shot here and there, changes or new tasks. Therefore you should be flexible and adapt to the new circumstances again and again.

Your first steps in the VA business

  • Register a business (mostly small businesses at the beginning)
  • Create a social media presence and website for your business
  • Think about it: What can I do and what do I want to offer?
  • Do an internship or trial assignments and collect references.

Step 1: Business registration

If you do not know exactly how much you want to earn with your business at the beginning and assume that it will not exceed the limit of € 22,000 a year for the time being, then you can register a small business. The advantage of a small business is that you do not have to make a VAT return and therefore do not include any VAT on your invoice. You can often find the myth on the internet that the virtual assistant job is a freelance job, but it is not. A business registration is therefore absolutely necessary.

What you need for your business registration:

You can easily register your business with the local tax office. You can usually fill it out online at your tax office or print out the form there. For the business registration you need:

  • A valid identification document, for example an identity card
  • Cash for the registration fee (varies from district to district, usually around € 20-60)

Step 2: become visible

The most important thing to get customers online: Become visible. Use the possibilities of the World Wide Web and social media channels to point out yourself and your offer. To start with, I recommend you have your own website (this can also be a 1-page page on which you present your offer), an Instagram account and a LinkedIn account. Regularly sample these channels and position yourself as an expert.

I would be happy to support you in the strategic alignment of your account:

Step 3: What can I do and what do I want?

A little further down in this article you will find an overview of which tasks are required for working as a virtual assistant in the social media area. But you don't have to cover everything. Often it is also good to cover a niche. Consciously deal with the following questions:

  • What am I particularly good at?
  • Which tasks would I like to take on?
  • Who is my target group? (A specific industry / women / men)

Step 4: the testing phase

Find test customers for your offer. Virtual assistant has become a very popular job. The main way you get to customers is through good references. That is why I advise you to look for test customers at the beginning who you can support for free or at a reduced price and who will then give you honest feedback and write a reference. Almost every client wants to see references!

What tasks does a VA take on in the social media area?

The tasks of a virtual assistant in the social media area are very diverse:

  • Community management (interaction with the target group, replying to comments, distributing likes, replying to messages)
  • Content planning: Prepare posts for the customer in relevant planning tools
  • Content creation: Post design, for example with Canva.
  • Research and creation of texts: Some customers provide texts, others expect their own initiative.
  • Strategy: Strategy development for the customer's account
  • Place ads (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Facebook groups support

Depending on the customer's wishes, you can only take on a part or all of the tasks.

Price determination for virtual assistants

The price you ultimately charge for your work depends on many factors:

  • Permanent position or freelancer?
  • What areas of responsibility
  • Your previous knowledge
  • How much personal responsibility?
  • Your cost calculation
  • How many hours / week can / do you want to work?
  • Hours or package prices?

In the social media area, I recommend agreeing monthly package prices for the individual service packages. Additional tasks or calls are then billed per hour. If you are completely self-employed, your hourly rate should be at least € 50.00.

Platforms for customer discovery:

Facebook groups. Here are a few suggestions:

Other platforms where you can find virtual assistant jobs:

I wish you every success in starting your VA business 🙂


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