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Food delivery is a big issue, as the Postmates takeover has just shown. The lockdown has fueled both supply and demand. Many new providers advertise with the topic of speed. To what extent the prospect of actually being able to get my forgotten milk for breakfast in 15 minutes that Walmarts and Rewes will outperform this world - I have my doubts. But delivery services are indeed - an exciting topic!

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TRADE NATIONALOverall, things are looking up, but a fifth of companies describe the situation as threatening their very existence
A good fifth of German companies see their survival at risk from the corona crisis. This is the result of the latest survey by the Ifo Institute. 21 percent of the companies replied in June that the adverse effects of Corona were a threat to their existence. This particularly affects the service providers, of whom 27 percent classified themselves as endangered. In trade it was 18 percent, in industry 17 and in construction only 2 percent. In retail, it is above all the retailers with 21 percent. Wholesalers are less affected by 15 percent. “A wave of insolvencies could be looming in the coming months,” says Ifo researcher Stefan Sauer. The complete ifo economic forecast is available here.

Lockdown set digital impulses, but the distrust of e-commerce is still great and the way is still long
The number of online consumers is growing and with it the buying frequency, consumers are increasingly buying everyday products online and doing this more and more often with mobile devices - these are the most important current ones for Martin Gross-Albenhausen, Managing Director of the Federal Association of E-Commerce and Mail Order Germany Trends in e-commerce - and the good news. The bad thing is that there is still mistrust of e-commerce in many places and two thirds of all German retailers do not have their own online shop. A lot of people still use Amazon and eBay to sell online; in the future, this will also expand to Facebook and Instagram. If this has changed permanently in the course of the corona lockdown, the pandemic would at least have had a positive effect - but it is paid dearly.

When it comes to hygiene measures and health protection, consumers see stationary retailers as an obligation asked 3000 users of its platform about consumer behavior during the Corona crisis. Although the answers are not representative, they highlight consumer attitudes: As reported by E-Commerce Magazin, a majority of consumers surveyed (58.7%) see retailers as having a duty to provide protective equipment such as masks and gloves for the consumer Purchasing ready. Only 33.1% would be willing to pay for this service, 66.9% would expect it as a free offer. This free service shouldn't bring much to the retailer: Only 32.8% of the survey participants would be tempted to switch retailers.


INTERNATIONAL TRADEIt doesn't always have to be Amazon -
Walmart's Prime-style service is slated to start in July
Since Walmart announced the launch of a subscription-based service called Walmart + in February, there has been speculation about the launch date. CNBC has now named July as the starting month, citing a report from Vox Recode. The membership program will cost $ 98 a year and include same-day grocery delivery, fuel discounts at Walmart gas stations, and other perks. Although Walmart didn't comment on the speculation surrounding the Amazon Prime attack, Walmart stock rose 7%.

Delivery services I: Like GoPuff, Delivery Hero, Getir and Gorillas, DoorDash also has its own warehouse
The DoorDash service, which has just collected 400 million investor money, is also relying on its own stocks, as reported by Exciting Commerce. This concept is followed by services such as Deliverey Hero, GoPuff, Gorillas and Getir, which each also emphasize the speed of delivery. Since DoorDash also offers its shop technology for express deliveries to third parties, the competition will soon include a few more (local) delivery services.

Delivery services 2: Supermercato24 is now called Everli and is targeting European expansion
Supermercato24 was founded in Italy in 2014. The concept provides for a connection between online and stationary trade: customers choose their preferred supermarket and do their shopping online, the shopping cart is put together by a service employee in the store and delivered directly to the customer. There are shops in Italy mainly in metropolises such as Rome, Milan, Turin and Bologna. After the recent takeover of the Polish Szopi platform and the subsequent launch of its service in 12 Polish cities, Supermercato24 wants to further develop the brand in Europe - and has therefore renamed itself Everli. Google doesn't really play along yet: When searching, the search engine primarily offers the Everly Brothers.


Everything that the fashion industry is making digitally new - from virtual showrooms to personalized 3D avatars
There is a lot going on in digitization, especially in the fashion and clothing industry. Fashion United has put together an overview that is well worth reading. This ranges from virtual showrooms of the French luxury label Balmain and the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) to the use of artificial intelligence and augmented reality (Yoox) to the possibility of video calls being guided by employees through a Gucci store in Florence. And if the translation is too bumpy for you, you will find the original English text here.

Favorite of readers
Many people may think that “20-year-olds only buy online anyway”, but the younger generation in particular attaches great importance to social responsibility and sustainability and therefore like to buy locally. The young generation of buyers is coming back to the shops: according to the “Generation Z Report” from Criteo, 80 percent of Gen Z like to shop in stationary stores, provided they have time. Andreas Wienold, General Manager DACH at Twilio, has put together "What Gen Z wants from retailers" - one of the most clicked posts in June.


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