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5 reasons to shave your beard

That is why a careful shave is worthwhile

A well-groomed beard can impress, but there are also good reasons for keeping your face hair free. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to shave.

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1. Goodbye beard stubble

If you want a smooth face, you should regularly ensure that small stubble are removed. In contrast to a well-groomed 3-day beard, the small hairs are visually disturbing. Daily shaving may be required depending on how quickly the facial hair grows back.

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2. Note the type

Not everyone is genetically gifted with a full growth of beards or has an appropriate face shape for it. In these cases it is often better to completely remove the hair on your face.

3. A beard needs care

What many men often underestimate is how much time and care has gone into a well-groomed beard. An occasional shave can save you a lot of time if you don't feel like taking care of your facial hair on a regular basis. Leaving the beard unkempt is also not an option, at least if you pay attention to its external appearance.

4. Pay attention to the partner

Not everyone likes beards. When you get closer, the rather rigid hair on your partner's face can be rather uncomfortable. Piksende whiskers can be a nuisance in those special moments. When the other person suffers, it's time to shave.

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5. Fear of beards

Yes, there is also this phobia. It is called pogonophobia and describes the fear of beards, beard growth (including your own) and even of those who wear a beard. Anyone who suffers from this rather rare fear is well advised to remove their own hairs on their face regularly.