What are your most unforgettable embarrassing memories

An embarrassing surprise

-The next morning-

When I opened my eyes, the warm sun shone right on my face. Yawning, the sleep rubbed my eyes and turned around in bed again. I remembered the last evening with a smile ...

Thanks to Jungkook, I actually dared to sing in front of other people. My stomach tingled and the feelings of happiness tickled me out of bed.
I kicked off my covers and got up. With my eyes half closed, I grabbed my toothbrush and towel and shuffled into the bathroom. I listened briefly to see whether there was anyone in the bathroom anyway. When I was assured that I wouldn't surprise anyone this time, I went in and threw myself in the hot shower. I hummed softly to myself and enjoyed the hot water on my head.
Happy reviewing the events of the last few days.

I remembered making pancakes with Jin, the hug from Jimin, the kiss from V and the duet with Jungkook. I let the water run over my face and leaned against the wall. "These guys are driving me crazy," I thought, rubbing shampoo into my hair.

Suddenly the door was opened and someone entered the room. Shocked, I held my hands in front of my body and tried to cover up everything that was possible. "Hey," I shouted. "It ... it ... t..I'm good song," said Jimin, shocked, and put his hands in front of his face in shame. I secretly cursed myself for not locking. My wet hair stuck to my body and, thank God, covered my ample bust.

He turned around quickly and stumbled out of the room. I quickly turned off the water and got out of the shower. I locked it with a wave of my hand and wrapped myself in my towel.

-fifteen minutes later-

Freshly showered and with the toothbrush in my mouth, I left the bathroom. Before that there were already V and Jimin. But he hid behind V ashamed. As I passed them I greeted V and gave Jimin a defiant look. "What happened between you two?" He wanted to know. "Nothing," Jimin replied quickly, disappeared into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. "Hey, I wanted to take a shower now!" V shouted through the door and kicked the wood indignantly. Only to hold his foot, his face contorted with pain, because he had bumped his toe.