Hindus are circumcised

The genital organs are changed during circumcision. With boys and men this happens for religious or health reasons in all countries of the world. In some cultures, girls and women are also circumcised. However, this is forbidden and there are no religious or medical reasons for this.

In girls, circumcision is a dangerous operation with dire consequences. It destroys important nerves and thus prevents the woman from feeling pleasure during sex forever. That is why the intervention is prohibited in all countries in the world. In some cultures, however, people defy this and secretly circumcise girls and women. This often happens under unclean conditions. These often lead to severe inflammation and sometimes even the death of a woman.

The circumcision of young boys is also discussed again and again in many countries. Many Jews and Muslims, but also other people, advocate the right to live according to the tradition of Judaism or Islam. Your opponents, on the other hand, are concerned with the right of all people to physical integrity. They also point out that young children do not yet even assess the consequences of circumcision and therefore cannot decide for or against the procedure for themselves.

In Germany, too, parents are allowed to have their son circumcised for religious reasons if he cannot yet decide on it himself. The prerequisite is that both parents give their consent, that a specialist doctor can carry out the procedure in an operating room and that the child does not feel any pain during the procedure.

The circumcision of boys or men has a long tradition in Judaism and Islam. It seals the covenant with God and is therefore a very important ritual for these religious communities. In Christianity there is no circumcision for religious reasons.

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