Can I send an email via WhatsApp?

WhatsApp: This is how you can send your chats by email


The more you use WhatsApp, the more chats accumulate. So that you don't have to constantly search through them on your mobile phone, you can have the entire chat history and all media sent to you by email. We'll show you how it all works on both Android and iOS.

  1. Send chat via email on iOS
  2. Send chat on Android via email

There are several options for exporting a WhatsApp history. The route via email is particularly practical and uncomplicated. In just a few steps, you can send complete chats including shared photos and videos by email.

The message history is sent as a text document and the media as external attachments that you can optionally attach to your e-mail. So all your news and media content can be exported quickly and easily. We'll explain step by step how it all works on Android and iOS.

In some additional instructions for sending and managing WhatsApp messages, we will show you further useful tips and tricks - including how you can access all of the media in a chat clearly.

Send chat via email on iOS

Call up the chat menu

  1. 1

    Open WhatsApp, select a chat, swipe left and tap "More".

  2. 2

    Then tap on "Export Chat".

Include or exclude media

  1. 1

    If you want to include the shared media, tap on "Add Media". If you don't want to add any media, choose the "Without media" option.

Send chat via email

  1. 1

    Finally tap on Mail. You can then send the corresponding message including chat history as usual.

Send chat on Android via email

Open the menu for sending by e-mail

  1. 1

    First open the chat you want to send and tap the options icon.

  2. 2

    Then tap on "More".

  3. 3

    Then tap on "Send chat via email".

Include or exclude media

  1. 1

    Now you have to decide whether you want to include or exclude the shared media of the history.

Send chat history via email

  1. 1

    You will then be redirected to your standard email app. The exported chat history can then be sent to the desired recipient.

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