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digitalizationis on everyone's lips. It doesn't just mean, however, that you get a program for this or that. Rather, it is about questioning your processes and looking at where work steps can be digitized in a meaningful way.
This can also be, for example, one or more Word templates that are connected to your ERP or a database (including Excel) and allow personalization. Your CD / CI is also taken into account.
Do you have to take over and edit data from other sources? Then it can also be largely automated - digitalized - in most cases.
I would be happy to sit down with you to talk about it.

ERP / CRM:also buzzwords, but you don't know what is right for you? Is there something "out of the box" or do you need an individual development? We'll look into it and I'll advise you.
migration: Are you switching from one software to another? Most programs today have import interfaces. But can you read the data from your existing program and bring it into electronic form? Even if so, does the data fit the format and layout of the data for your new program? Thanks to my extensive experience with such problems, I can provide you with efficient support.
NB: Do not be fooled by your previous software supplier if he wants to make you believe that you cannot get the data from the "software". It's YOUR data.
Do you have other IT concerns? As a neutral consultant with many years of experience, I can support you. A non-binding and free first conversation will give you clarity. Contact me using the contact form.
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