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Why do musicians use earplugs?

Published on: - Written by: Lisette de Roode

Everyone who makes music is a musician. Whether this is done in a professional way, so that you earn money with it, or whether you are a student and play the piano for free, does not matter. There are different types of musicians. Think of singers, guitarists, pianists or even DJs. Several musicians together are quickly seen as a band or an orchestra. Every musician benefits from earplugs to protect their hearing or to improve their performance. ‘

Artist with earplugs

If you've ever been to a concert, you've probably noticed that the performers wear earplugs. You see this on TV every now and then when you watch programs like The Voice. Do you sometimes ask yourself why that is?

There are often very large loudspeakers and amplifiers on and around the podium. In short, the noise level there is extremely high. If the singer wants to hear himself well so as not to bring out wrong notes, earplugs are used. These earplugs are sometimes called in-ear. These are custom-made earplugs with a loudspeaker inside.

Instead of the sound being transmitted through the loudspeakers, the singer now hears this through his ears. A cord that is connected to a transmitter is connected to the in-ears. The transmitter is then connected to the sounds of the singer, the other band members and of course the equipment. A sound engineer regulates the tones during the performance, which the singer then finally gets to hear through his in-ears. The in-ears can also be used as hearing protection, as they also dampen ambient noise.

Earplugs for musicians

Besides the singer, who mainly uses in-ears, there are many other artists who do not benefit from in-ears but from hearing protection. When making music, you produce a lot of noise, which can damage your hearing. Everyone can use hearing protection, whether it's a DJ behind the record player, a violinist in an orchestra or a rocker on his guitar, as long as you can protect your hearing as well as possible against damage. You can choose between universal earplugs or custom-made earplugs. Alpine launched MusicSafe Pro earplugs specifically for musicians.

MusicSafe Pro earplugs specially launched for the musician.