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Obi Wan Kenobi: […] and you will go down in history as Dooku's errand boy! "
Grievous: “I'm not an errand boy! I am not waging war for Dooku's politics! I am the leader of the most powerful droid army the galaxy has ever seen! "
Obi Wan Kenobi: […] What do you have to show besides your power? What do you have to win? "
Grievous: "The future ... a future without Jedi!"
- Obi-Wan Kenobi and Grievous during their duel over Saleucami(Source)

Grievous, earlier Qymaen jai Sheelal called, was a great warlord in his tribe, the Kaleesh, who came from the planet Kalee. His species was involved in the Huk War, but the Jedi Knights ended this war and the Kaleesh suffered sanctions. Due to an assassination attempt on his life, Grievous was transformed into a cyborg made from ceramic armor plastic and duranium. To help his people and his home planet out of the financial crisis, he formed an alliance with the Intergalactic Bankers Association.

Grievous later also became the Supreme Commander of the great droid army of the Confederation of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. He also competed in a battle for droid command against Asajj Ventress and Durge. He was personally trained in the arts of lightsaber fighting by Count Dooku. He first revealed himself on Geonosis, where he killed dozens of Jedi in battle. With no Jedi surviving who saw Grievous, its existence remained a secret. Grievous used his skills to kill hundreds of Jedi and Republic soldiers. He collected padawan braids and his victims' lightsabers to use against the Jedi. That same year, Grievous ’power was reported to the Jedi Temple by Ki-Adi-Mundi and Shaak Ti after he defeated four Jedi and killed three on Hypori. During the war, Grievous used several flagships, including the Malevolence, the Invisible hand, the Colicoid Swarm and the Lucid Voice. Many of its flagships were destroyed - including the Skytop station. Grievous had a secret hiding place on Vassek, in which his maintenance droid EV-A4-D and his RoggwartGor lived. He even had his own elite, the IG-100 MagnaWächter.

In 19 VSY he attacked Coruscant and kidnapped the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Grievous made it to that Invisible handbut was stopped by Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. They managed to save Palpatine and kill Dooku, but the droid general escaped. After Dooku's death, Grievous became a separatist leader. In this capacity he sent the Council of Separatists to Mustafar. However, like all other separatists and Jedi, he was betrayed by Darth Sidious, who informed the Jedi of the general's whereabouts. The Jedi High Council dispatched Obi-Wan Kenobi to track down Grievous on Utapau and kill him with a blaster after a fight.

Biography [edit]

Origin and origins

Under the name Qymaen jai Sheelal, Grievous was born on the planet Kalee. Kalee was a world weakened by the ongoing war, inhabited and ruled by a reptilian people. The natives of the planet fought for a long time in the so-called Huk War against the loss of their home planet, which meant their entire existence. They lived in completely different circumstances, as they did not know the galactic law that prevailed in the inner edges of the galaxy. There Qymaen jai Sheelal grew up to be a skillful and barbaric man, who grew up in times of war and increasingly criticized foreign cultures and thus developed a suspicious hatred of strangers.

Sheelal's father allowed him to shoot a shotgun and taught him how to use the weapon precisely. The boy proved to be extremely skillful and accurate, which made Sheelal an exceptionally strong sniper at the age of only eight who could effectively defend his planet in combat. At the age of 22, the young warrior had already become one of the best known among his entire people, which he owed in particular to his high death rate on the battlefield.[4]

Rise to Warlord [edit]

Sheelal and Kummar were considered unbeatable.

Sheelal's closest confidante, Ronderu lij Kummar, was also a Kaleesh warrior and was able to use her sword skillfully and ingeniously. She hid her face under a scary Mumu mask that Sheelal had given her. Sheelal's father owned the mask for a long time. However, since he had died in the battlefield, Sheelal inherited the mask, who in turn passed it on to Kummar. Kummar and Sheelal got along very well and became a seemingly invincible duo. They passed their great strengths on to each other, whereby Sheelal was introduced to the art of sword fighting by Kummar and Sheelal showed his companion how to handle a Czerka Outland shotgun. Side by side, the two fought their way through numerous battlefields full of Yam’rii invaders and at the same time into the hearts of their people. Rumors arose that Kummar appeared to be Sheelal's long-lost half-sister or even his mistress. The people loved their two heroes and saw in them demigods who were blessed by their ancestors.[4]

As long as Kummar and Sheelal fought together, they were unbeatable, but as soon as they parted, an important quality was missing that had given each individual great superiority. During a battle on the beaches of Kalee, Kummar was separated from Sheelal and was violently killed. In the deep waters of Lake Jenuwaa, Kummar had an undignified grave from which even Sheelal could not recover. Sheelal mourned and despaired at the thought of not being able to see his comrade again. After a dangerous journey across the ocean to the remote island monolith Abesmi, he asked his gods Kummar to be lifted from her grave so that he would have the opportunity to say goodbye to her. However, this request was not granted. He did not allow himself to be overwhelmed by his inherent grief and instead distracted himself with a total of ten women, with whom he gave birth to thirty sons and daughters. But the loss of Kummar haunted Sheelal and he realized that he would never be able to forget her. He took it on and gave himself the name Grievous (German = "full of sorrow"). Grievous has always not wanted to come to terms with his pain, but tried not to have to suffer it alone in the future.[4]

Grievous became the cruelest warlord Kalee had ever known. He was even on par with the galactic despots of the past. Together with his self-trained "elite" consisting of bloodthirsty Kaleesh warriors, he killed countless Huk intruders until they were completely expelled from Kalee. In his irrepressible thirst for blood, Grievous did not even shrink from following the Yam’rii to their colony worlds and conquering them one after the other. His thirst for revenge brought him to Tovarskl. Previously, the desperate Yam’rii, allied with the Trade Federation, had turned to the republic to seek help on their behalf. Eventually the republic sent a force of Jedi, led by Jedi masters T’chooka D’oon and Jmmaar, to judge the conflict. The Jedi Masters, under the political influence of the Galactic Senate, ultimately decided in favor of the Yam’rii. As a result, a number of sanctions and reparations were imposed on the Kaleesh, which, among other things, required the mandatory return of the conquered colony worlds. With this judgment, the Huk War came to its long-awaited end and Grievous, who was born for and in the war, returned to his family.[4]

Beginnings in the Intergalactic Bankers Association [edit]

The imposed sanctions plunged Kalee into an economic crisis, causing its population to die rapidly. Grievous watched his wives starve to death and his children kidnapped and mistreated. This resentment only increased his anger and incomprehension towards the galactic government and the Jedi practices. The chairman of the Intergalactic Banking Association San Hill approached Grievous in a timely manner and made him a lucrative offer: If Grievous agreed to become active as a debt collector for the banking association, the group would in return take on the enormous debt of Kalee. With the thoughts already embroiled in new arguments and fights, Grievous agreed to the deal.

His first missions took him to Ord Mantell and Muunilinst, where he was responsible for the aggressive debt collection and seizure of the Muunilinst-based company Phlut Design Systems. The banking association refused to take his Kaleesh warriors with him and so, with Dooku's consent, Grievous had intelligently operating IG-100 MagnaWächter produced, which from then on stood by his side on every mission.

Grievous noted with satisfaction that Hill kept his promise to revive the economy on Kalee and thus increase the local trade. Nevertheless, Grievous stepped out of his contract with the banking association and returned to Kalee, appalled that the Yam’rii were desecrating the sacred tombs of the Kaleesh and that the republic was not doing anything about it.

Transformation into a cyborg

Regarding the breach of contract, Hill first considered the execution of Grievous. However, he feared that if Grievous survived, he would take revenge on him. The devious Muun and the Geonosian Archduke Poggle planned an assassination attempt on Grievous instead. Even before Grievous and his elite were able to revive the Huk War, he was surprised by an ion bomb in his ship, causing his troop transport to crash into Lake Jenuwaa. At Dooku's command, Grievous was catapulted out of the wreck and rescued, seriously injured.[4]

Grievous regained consciousness in a bacta tank and found that he was almost completely gutted and defaced by surgical FX droids. The banking association, chaired by Hill, made a second offer to Grievous, according to which he would become the leader of the largest droid army in the galaxy. In addition, the Kalee Famine Agreement is still being complied with. To Grievou's chagrin, he had to become a droid himself due to his severe injuries. A cyborg who would no longer remember the former talented being, and of which only a few vital organs, the spine, the lungs, the heart and the brain would be preserved. Deeply concerned, Grievous asked to keep his eyes open and agreed to the agreement. With the help of ceramic Panzerplast and Duranium, Grievous was given a completely new look that was very reminiscent of an ancient Krath war droid. Its armored casing would withstand simple blaster shots and even powerful salvos from a starfighter's laser cannons. However, Grievous was dissatisfied with his face and made a death mask with Panzerplast that was the same as his father's. He also put on a cloak made of armored fabric, which in its simplicity was reminiscent of the cloak of a Huk warrior. The organs that kept him alive were protected in a synthetic skin pouch.[4]

Clone Wars [edit]

“I need rejuvenation ... and I find it at war. But the troops under my command ... They are not the warriors of my past. They are not the warriors of my dreams. "
- General Grievous in thought[5](Source)

Supreme Commander of the Droid Army

The cyborg also fought in the Battle of Geonosis, but not in the arena of justice, but in the Stalginian cane colonies of the Geonosians and Judge Poggle.[6] He killed several Jedi during the battle. Shortly thereafter, the Jedi Ur-Sema Du followed the advice of the Separatists, but lay in wait for Grievous, who murdered them in the catacombs of Geonosis with a lightsaber. She took the secret of Grievou's existence to the grave, which meant that the existence of the droid general was initially kept secret from the Republic.[4][6]

Dooku was convinced of Grievou's previous achievements and handed him the blue lightsaber that he himself had taken from the Jedi master Sifo-Dyas. Since Grievous had previously demonstrated excellent sword skills, it was easy for him to learn the most common styles of lightsaber art. Likewise, Grievous subjected his Magna Guardians to rigorous training and named them his elite, as he did before with his Kaleesh warriors. Shortly after the Battle of Geonosis, Grievous had to go to the space station Trenchant go there to assert themselves against the assassin Asajj Ventress and the bounty hunter Durge. This was Dooku's last test, which was to put Grievous' skills to the test again. Grievous successfully passed the test by defeating Asajj Ventress with little effort and stabbing two lightsabers into Durge's body. Durge and Asajj Ventress survived this attack, but this test provided impressive evidence of Grievous ’superiority. Now his skills were extraordinary and he was subsequently named Supreme Commander of the Droid Army of the Confederation of Independent Systems.[7]

Battle of Hypori [edit]

"Jedi! You are surrounded. Your troops are decimated. Make peace with the Force for this is your last hour. But you should know that I, General Grievous, am not entirely without mercy. I will grant you the warriors' death of honor; prepare yourselves!"
- Grievous to the six Jedi just before attacking them. (Source)
Grievous fights against five Jedi.

While the Jedi Daakman Barrek and his PadawanSha’a Gi discovered a droid factory on the planet Hypori and the Jedi Council dispatched clone troops to destroy the factory, Grievous set up a trap. The entire fleet flew in mines, so they had to make an emergency landing on the planet. The surviving clone warriors were surrounded by an army of droid, whereupon the Battle of Hypori broke out, in the course of which all the clones were killed. Barrek was just able to call in reinforcements before he was discovered and killed by the cyborg. The Jedi Shaak Ti, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Aayla Secura, K’Kruhk, Tarr Seirr and Sha’a Gi fell through his sacrifice Acclamator- Hide the Star Destroyer. Grievous announced that he would give them a fight himself. Sha’a ran screaming from the hideout - just as Grievous had intended. The droid general then jumped on the boisterous padawan, who was crushed by the weight of the cyborg. The rest of the Jedi paused for a brief moment, during which Grievous withdrew again and lay in wait. The Jedi backed into the wreck in a circular formation and were finally surprised by Grievous, who dropped from the ceiling into the middle of the group. Ki-Adi-Mundi exerted a power push that Grievous dodged with ease. K’Kruhk, who tried to cut off his hand, failed in his attempt because the cyborg threw his lightsaber into the air, caught it again and seriously injured the Whiphid. Shaak Ti, shaken by this act, dropped scrap metal on her adversary with the help of the Force, which Grievous was able to fend off with his lightsabers. Then Grievous rammed Tarr Seirr's head into the ground with his foot. After hurling Tarr and Aayla into the structure of the cruiser, he kicked Ki-Adi-Mundi, which was flying into junk lying around. Shaak Ti now had to assert himself against Grievous alone. Shortly thereafter, she almost hit a blade, but she managed to use a force that hurled her to pieces and passed out. Next, Ki-Adi-Mundi tried to use the Force to regain his lost lightsaber, but Grievous grabbed it with his foot and now fought with three lightsabers. The Cereaner stole a reserve lightsaber from the cyborg by force, but the cyborg was able to disarm him after a few blows. Just as he had disarmed Ki-Adi-Mundi and struck a fatal blow, the requested reinforcements arrived. An ARC trooper unit led by Alpha-77 that evacuated the surviving Jedi while attempting to kill Grievous. But when four ARC troopers were killed by Grievous' blade, the gunboat intervened, so Grievous was forced to flee.[8]

“Run, Jedi, run. You just postpone the inevitable! "
- Grievous after Ki-Adi-Mundi escaped. (Source)

Everything about Grievous' existence became known through the survivors Shaak Ti, Aayla Secura and Ki-Adi-Mundi. The Jedi Council decided that from now on, Grievous should be hunted down.[8] The news of Grievous quickly spread across the galaxy so that everyone learned of its existence. The HoloNetz-Nachrichten reverently called him the "Knight Murderer" as he killed numerous Jedi in many battles.

Command of the Malevolence[To edit]

In addition to two destroyers of the Providence-Class, Grievous also led the huge flagship Malevolence into the fight, which was built by Quarren on the planet Pammant and was equipped with two ion cannons. With its heavy artillery and ion cannons on both sides, the flagship was far superior to the battleships of the Galactic Republic. With this weapon he destroyed them too Laudable. The clone warrior Kite and Jedi General Ares Nune had been sent on a reconnaissance mission when they were on the Malevolence bumped. Grievous gave the order to fire and the ion cannon left all the technical equipment of the Laudable fail, after which the droid general finally destroyed them. Kite and Ares Nune were killed in this attack.[9] The republic found out about a weapon, but did not know what kind of weapon it was exactly. Therefore, the Jedi Council dispatched Master Plo Koon, who was three Venator-Cruisers set out to locate and neutralize Grievou's battleship. When they reached the Abregado system, contact with the other ships was broken, as Grievous fired a shot with the ion cannon on Dooku's orders, whereupon the energy on board the three Jedi cruisers went out. Now Plo Koon's flagship was that Triumphant and the other two flanking ships like a target for them Malevolence.

He and a few clone warriors were able to leave the ship in time with an escape pod. Together with HauptmannWolffe, Sinker and Boost, the Kel’Dor was in a capsule. But before she could escape, Grievous sent droids with enter spikes. The droids were supposed to find the survivors and then kill them. Together with the clone warriors, Plo Koon succeeded in destroying the droids trying to break open their escape pod, and they were later taken over by Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan student Ahsoka Tano with the help of the Twilight rescued. However, Grievous was able to locate the ship and shot an ion beam after them. Since debris from the destroyed Star Destroyers was flying around everywhere, the Twilight at first not jumping into hyperspace and yet the Jedi managed to escape through the debris field and finally into hyperspace. Dooku was very disappointed with Grievou's failure and reported it to his master, Darth Sidious.[10]

The general on the Malevolence.

The next target put Dooku Grievous on the Kaliida hospital station, which was near Naboo in the Enarc system and should be destroyed by the general. This infirmary housed over 60,000 wounded clone soldiers. While the Malevolence jumped into hyperspace, Master Plo Koon, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano and a squadron of BTL Y-Wing Star Fighters of the Shadow Squadron set out to the Malevolence to stop. The Jedi wanted to destroy the bridge where Grievous was staying. Grievous, who was informed of this plan by his teacher, was not worried. Just as the battleship reached the med center, the shadow squadron arrived. After those posted by him Vulture-Class droid starfighter couldn't destroy a Republic ship, he loaded the ion cannon and fired. This shot hit not only the Republicans, but all of the Confederation's droid units as well. Since the bridge was too protected, the entire squadron fired all proton torpedoes at the ion cannon. Grievous, who gave the order to fire the Kaliida med center, was upset. As the Malevolence fired an ion wave, both weapons overheated and they exploded. A short time later, three Republican cruisers jumped out of hyperspace and attacked the separatist flagship.[11]

The Malevolence hits a moon.

The constant bombardment caused the hyperspace drive to fall Malevolence out. Obi-Wan was about to issue the order for the bridge to be destroyed when Dooku spoke to Grievous via hologram and informed him of a trap he had set for the Republic. His master, Darth Sidious, had lured Senator Padmé Amidala into battle. Grievous was supposed to take Padmé hostage in order to prevent the republic from bombarding them with fire Malevolence to continue. As Amidalas Naboo yacht near the Malevolence came, Grievous activated the tractor beam and the yacht was pulled into the hangar. The cyborg let the droids take command of the ship as he made his way to the main hangar to take care of the senator himself. However, Padmé had activated self-destruction in her yacht and left the ship. The moment Grievous recognized the trap and tried to escape from the yacht, it exploded. The cyborg survived the attack, however. Grievous, who informed Dooku of the course of events, gave the commanding droid the task of catching the senator and bringing it to him. Once at the bridge, Grievous was also informed that an unauthorized conversation had taken place on the ship, but that they had not recorded anything. The drug general announced that from now on all internal transmissions should be monitored. Padmé had secretly contacted Obi-Wan and Anakin to arrange a meeting point with them, as they had come aboard the ship to rescue them. Just as they found Padmé and C-3PO and were separated by the arrival of battle droids, Padmé informed Obi-Wan that the hyperspace drive would be repaired. While Kenobi was on his way to paralyze the hyperspace drive, Grievous and a small army of battle droids lay in wait for him because the cyborg had eavesdropped on the conversation between Obi-Wan and Padmé. However, Kenobi was able to destroy most of the droids and eventually flee. While the cyborg was chasing the Jedi Master, Anakin and his wife Padmé fought their way to the bridge. Just as Grievous ’and Kenobi's blades crossed, Obi-Wan fled to the Twilight. Once there, he met Anakin, Padmé, R2-D2 and C-3PO. Not only the Twilight flew off board the Malevolence, but also Grievous in his Belbullab-22 space fighter, closely followed by four droid starfighters for the Twilight to be taken under fire. However, all four droid starfighters were destroyed by Padmé. At the moment when the Malevolence Should jump into hyperspace, she was heading for a moon because Anakin had sabotaged the navigation computer. At the time when the Malevolence hit the moon, Dooku contacted Grievous and asked about the current situation, but the cyborg silently cut off communication.[12]

Attack on the base of Rishi

The next assignment took Grievous to Kamino. There he and Asajj Ventress, who was on Kamino to scout, were supposed to destroy the cloning facilities and thus put an end to the supply of clones. The plan was to take the base on Rishi's moon, as the route to Kamino was monitored from there. To do this, the Confederation needed a small squad of elite droids. The command droids were used for this mission. With several Droch-Class boarding spines landed them on the moon. They gave the impression that they were asteroids. A clone on guard outside watched the action through a viewing device. Before he could warn his brothers, he was killed. When they attacked the base, only four clones survived the attack. The droids took over the base and sent an all-clear signal to the Republic. After one of the clones was killed by a monster, the remaining three encountered Cody and Rex and retook the base. With the command droids no longer making contact with Grievous, he became suspicious. He sent a C-9979 DropShip with more battle droids. However, the five managed to destroy all droids and Hevy sacrificed himself to blow up the base. As a result, the all-clear signal failed and several Republican cruisers drove away the fleet of Grievous.[13]

“The fleet of the republic! We have lost!"
- Grievous (Source)

Battle of Bothawui

General Grievous and his droid army had destroyed an entire city on the planet Traps, with the exception of a temple.[14] After a series of successes by General Grievous, the Republic's positions in the Outer Rim were in danger. When the Confederation chose the planet Bothawui as its next target, the Republic dispatched three Star Destroyers. On board the Resolute was the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan student Ahsoka Tano. Although Grievous with six banking association frigates of the Munificent-Class, Anakin's fleet did not retreat. Grievous decided not to fly over the planet's asteroid belt, fearing the Republic might attack the frigates' hulls. So he set a course through the asteroid belt. In order to protect his ships from the asteroids, he had the entire shield energy transferred to the front, as he did not expect an attack from behind due to the asteroids. But this turned out to be a mistake. He went straight into an ambush. Clone commander Rex and other clone warriors attacked the banking association frigates from below using all-terrain tactics enforcers posted on the asteroids, thus deactivating the fleet's shields. Now the star cruisers could destroy the frigates. Grievous was able to escape his ship in time with his Belbullab-22 space fighter, but Anakin chased him with his Jedi starfighter in order to destroy Grievous' space fighter and capture the cyborg. Anakin fired at the droid general's starfighter, but Grievous jumped into hyperspace and Anakin's starfighter exploded. Although Grievous had failed, he triumphed when the astromech droid R2-D2 fell into the hands of the scrap dealer Gha Nachkt in the explosion. Gha Nachkt was allied with Grievous and was supposed to bring the R2 unit to him. Meanwhile, Anakin was on a new mission aimed at finding a listening station with which Grievous could spy on messages from the Jedi. The Jedi Knight was accompanied by the astromech droid R3-S6, which was actually a Confederation spy droid. Just as Anakin was looking for the listening station, R3-S6 activated the tracking device. Grievous saw the signal and attacked Skywalker with two banking association frigates. He dispatched all of the droid starfighters. After they all fired their missiles and Anakin fended them off with laser fire, Ahsoka Tano and Rex came him with the Twilight to help. With their help, they escaped and jumped into hyperspace with him. Grievous took out his anger on a droid and smashed it.[15]

Attack on the Skytop station [edit]

When Gha Nachkt arrived at the Skytop station and handed Grievous his goods, Grievous wanted the droid disassembled to search for secret information. Nachkt took care of the procedure. At that moment, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano and Rex and his men discovered the Skytop station. Obi-Wan Kenobi ordered them to destroy the station before Grievous got the information from R2-D2. After Nachkt found out that R2's memory had never been erased, he demanded a higher payment than agreed, and Grievous killed him. When R3-S6, who was working for the Separatists, reported to the cyborg that the Jedi were aboard the station, he gave four Magna guards the task of guarding the dismantled R2 while he tended to the Jedi. R3-S6, on the other hand, had the task of stopping the Jedi. He did this by activating an energy field in front of a security door and calling some battle droids to help. When Grievous came, Ahsoka had to face him alone. After Grievous had killed all the clone soldiers except Rex and Denal and wanted to slay the passed out Rex, Ahsoka fended off his death blow. Because she could no longer withstand his hard blows, she fled. While Anakin freed R2, Grievous searched for Ahsoka, who was hiding in a storage room. Ahsoka didn't know about R3's deceit, so she called him over. But just as he saw her, he pointed to her, revealing her position to the general. But Ahsoka escaped again and hid again. Grievous wanted to know from R3-S6 who the second Jedi was and didn't notice that Ahsoka was eavesdropping on him from her hiding place. When she wanted to make her way to Anakin, the cyborg jumped from the ceiling and choked her. Grievous threatened her with her own lightsaber.[16]

Rex had attached explosive charges to the Skytop station and activated them. Due to the shock, Ahsoka cut off the hand of the inattentive cyborg and the Togruta was able to escape into a ventilation shaft. However, the general tried to kill her by thrusting his lightsaber into the ventilation shaft several times, but he did not hit her. Before the station fully hit the moon, Grievous was able to escape with his Belbullab-22 space fighter.[16]

Dooku's further test

As Grievous flew through space with his space fighter, he remembered the former times of his warrior existence, when he still had the body of a Kaleesh and was not yet a cyborg. At that time he was enjoying the war. In this war he fought alongside his people for his people and not for battle droids. During this time he extinguished life after life. For Grievous it was torture to be converted into a cyborg and to fight alongside simple battle droids instead of his people. He enjoyed his bad name and the fear of those who remembered him. A B1 battle droid contacted Grievous and informed him that his master Dooku had tried to contact him. Grievous didn't return the contact, ignored the droid and continued to fly towards its target.[17]

After Padmé Amidala had arrested Nute Gunray on the planet Rodia and handed him to Ahsoka Tano and Luminara Unduli, he was able to escape thanks to Asajj Ventress. The Jedi Master Kit Fisto and his former padawan Nahdar Vebb were supposed to find Gunray and arrest him again. They followed the signal from the space cruiser Consular-Class to the outer edge of the Vassek system. Once there, they landed on the planet Vassek, but there was no trace of the viceroy. Instead, they discovered the secret hiding place of General Grievous, who was just on his way there. The holographic image of Count Dooku appeared, who told Grievous that he expected more of him; he should kill more Jedi. Without knowing that Dooku had put a test on him in his own camp, he landed with his space fighter on Vassek. The Jedi, who knew he was coming, set a trap for him. They had hidden right next to the entrance gate and faced Grievous. Blinded by the lamps of the clone warriors Fil and three others, he tried to defend himself against the two attacking Jedi.
Grievous tries to escape from the Jedi for the first time.
He succeeded in doing this first, but when Kit Fisto ordered the four clone soldiers to tie his legs with harpoons, he was restricted in his martial arts. The Clone Warriors tried to tear Grievous down while the two Jedi prevented him from cutting his bonds. Grievous ’lower legs were severed from his body by a targeted blow and he tried to escape by hanging on the ceiling. However, this attempt was foiled by the clones who pulled the ropes. They tore him from the ceiling so that he tried to crawl to escape. Nahdar tried to kill Grievous. But he drew his lightsaber and fended off the blow. With rotating lightsabers he tried to shake off the Jedi Knight, but Master Fisto knocked the weapon out of his hand. Next he jumped to the ceiling and two clones were carried away by the rope. He grabbed one and knocked Kit Fisto to the ground with it. Then he threw the dead soldier at Nahdar Vebb and jumped at the clone warriors. Another was slain by the weight of the cyborg.[18]
Grievous in his secret quarters

After he was able to escape, he made his way into his control room, which was also the hospital room. Once there, he called for his maintenance droid EV-A4-D. This complained about Grievous defeat and got the spare parts. Then he saw his bodyguards dangling deactivated from the ceiling and charging. Next he activated them and ordered them to stop the Jedi from advancing further. He spied on the Jedi with the help of a camera, locked all doors and prevented them from retreating. When Grievous revealed himself to the Jedi as a hologram, he warned them that this hiding place was full of traps. A trap door opened under her feet and a clone fell into the hot magma. Now the cyborg let loose his RoggwartsGor on the two Jedi and Fil. EV-A4-D finished preparing for the repair and changed out Grievou's legs and mask.[18]

"I kill you all! Do you hear me Jedi? "
- General Grievous to Kit Fisto after killing his padawan Nahdar Vebb. (Source)
Grievous is being treated by his droid EV-A4-D.

After Gor Fil killed, Nahdar cut off his tail and Kit cut off his forearms.After Grievous completed the operation, he was amazed and angry about Gor's death. Then he got a message from Dooku, who confessed to him that he had led the Jedi into his hiding place and that he should kill them both because he doubted Grievou's ability to lead the droids. But the general interrupted the conversation prematurely and looked for the Jedi. Just as he was leaving the control room, the Jedi walked into the room. However, EV-A4-D, seeing this intrusion, called back Grievous. EV-A4-D closed the door and Kit was trapped in a room with the droid. Nahdar, however, faced the four MagnaWachen and Grievous. He actually managed to destroy three of the guards, and engage Grievous in a lightsaber fight. However, Nahdar was killed with three blaster shots after a bitter fight by Grievous. In the meantime, Fisto had beheaded EV-A4-D. Kit, trying to escape, encountered Grievous on the landing pad. He involved Fisto in a lightsaber fight using Nahdar Vebb's lightsaber. But before Grievous could attack properly, the Nautolan jumped into the thick fog so that Grievous could not see him. Then the Jedi Master sneaked up from behind and the cyborg hit Fisto. But the latter was able to parry the attack, cut off the general's hand and intercept his padawan's weapon. After a series of blows, Kit hit the cyborg again and pushed him away. When three Magna guards intervened, Fisto fled with his Jedi starfighter, which R6-H5 had maneuvered towards him. After Kit Fisto escaped, Dooku contacted Grievous again. When he praised him for his victory over a councilor, Grievous confessed to him that Master Fisto had escaped. Dooku was disappointed and Grievous was angry that he had failed in front of his Master again.[18]

Battle of Saleucami

Grievous is attacked by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

In the outer rim, Grievous ’Recusant-class destroyer Eeth Koths attackedVenator-Cruiser on. Next, Grievous boarded the council member's Star Destroyer by docking his ship. Grievous had BX command droids and Magna Guard Captain Lock and his unit wiped out. When all command droids were destroyed and all clone warriors killed, the cyborg attacked the Jedi master. At first his bodyguards only stood next to the action but when Grievou's victory was certain they intervened and made the decisive blow. When he contacted the Jedi Temple, he informed the Jedi that he was not going to kill Master Koth yet, not knowing that the Jedi Master was giving them their whereabouts with a show of hands. Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Adi Gallia set out to save Eeth Koth. Anakin and Adi Gallia docked on the cyborg's ship while Obi-Wan fought as a diversion against the general. Meanwhile, Anakin and Adi hurried to the bridge on which council member Koth was held captive. There he was tortured with energy surges by the droid TV-94. Since Grievous suspected the ruse, he posted several command droids on the command bridge, which the two Jedi were able to eliminate with great difficulty. Next, they freed Eeth Koth while Grievous was still fighting Obi-Wan. Later, Grievous fled Obi-Wan and fought again against Gallia and escaped with a C-9979 landing ship, with which he made an emergency landing on the planet Saleucami because it was unfit to fly.[19]

Siege of Xagobah [edit]

Two years after the Battle of Geonosis, the leader of the Techno-Union Wat Tambor besieged the peaceful planet Xagobah and established a base there. When the Republic forces arrived to capture Tambor, Tambor's droid reserves were running low. So he asked Grievous for help and new forces. When Grievous arrived at Tambor's fortress with two of his IG-100 Magna Guardians, Tambor told him that an intruder wearing Mandalorian armor had entered his quarters. It was the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Boba used a device called the Holoshroud to look like the bounty hunter Durge for two minutes. He hoped Grievous would never attack Durge. But the general saw through the scene and had Boba attacked by two Magna guards. After Boba shot the guards with his blasters and did nothing, he ran for his life. But the guards were able to hit him twice with blaster fire. When Boba fell, he deliberately touched the poisonous xabar mushrooms, causing him to appear dead. Grievous was about to kill him with his two lightsabers, but Tambor wanted to get back to battle as soon as possible. Grievous didn't care that Boba didn't die because he was just obsessed with killing Jedi.[20] Later in the course of the battle, he also killed the Jedi Knight Firkrann in the mushroom forests.

Battle of Vandos and Viidaav

In the same year, the Anx ambassador Quiyyen was kidnapped by the Confederation of Independent Systems to Vandos. The Jedi High Council dispatched the two Jedi masters Jmmaar and T’chooka D’oon and the padawan of T’chooka D’oon Flynn Kybo, who were supposed to judge the conflict there on Grievou’s home planet Kalee in the past. But this turned out to be an ambush by General Grievous. He used the ambassador as bait to find the Jedi and then kill them. A large army of battle droids awaited them. Almost all clone warriors were killed by B2 super battle droids, while Grievous murdered the ten-legged Jedi ambassador Jmmaar. When Quiyyen, T’chooka D’oon and his padawan Flynn Kybo reached their gunboat, T’chooka D’oon ran towards Grievous to stop him and engage him in a lightsaber fight. But the Jedi Master had no chance. He was unceremoniously chopped into three parts by the cyborg. However, the gunboat was able to flee with his padawan Flynn Kybo and the ambassador Quiyyen.[21]

General Grievous and Count Dooku followed the Battle of Viidaav from orbit. Instead of the battle droids, Grievous let the people of Viidaav fight for their cause against the Republican clone warriors. They wanted to lure the clones into a trap. Since Grievous could not provide enough aircraft to evacuate the Viidaav, he simply wanted to sacrifice them. Using mines, he planned to kill all of the clone troops posted on the planet, as well as his own people. While this would have been a great loss to the separatists, the Republican forces would also have been wiped out. This attempt failed, however, because a Viidaav shot down the computer and thus deactivated the minefields.[22]

Attack on Gentes

Grievous later attacked a Mon Calamari ship. After B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, and droidkas killed the Mon Calamari, his droids led him to a Jedi master. The Abyssin Quarmall wanted to face Grievous in a lightsaber fight. However, he did not feel like fighting and gave the B1 battle droids the order to fire. After Quarmall's death, he fought two other Jedi, including a Mon Calamari. The two Jedi tried to save the youths of the Bergruutfa clan from their fate. However, both were killed by Grievous with his own hands, so that the young men were subsequently kidnapped by him and taken to the planet Gentes. Three well-known members of the Bergruutfa clan were Allara, Banz and Tak-tak.[21]

When Grievous got down to Gentes in the Anoat system, he was fighting the Ugnaughts. These were the indigenous people of Gentes. The droid general destroyed an enemy base so the transports could land his troops. After Grievous destroyed a tank, the battle droids took the Ugnaughts away as prisoners of war. He moved his troops to the city center and took all the major power stations. He agreed with the Geonosians that the factories would be converted. Later his master, Darth Tyranus contacted him. Dooku praised him for the quick conquest and the minimum of casualties. Then Dooku spoke to the captive youths. But Grievous wanted to keep this for his cause. Since Grievous could not use the Force, he asked Dooku if the power of the Jedi offspring could be transferred to him. Just as he was telling the young men about his latest plans, Allara shouted that she would never serve the Sith. With the Force she caught a lightsaber from Grievou's cloak and attacked the battle droids standing around. Next she stormed towards Grievous, who grabbed her hand, held it off the balcony and threatened. He gave the order to fire and all the prisoners of war who were united in a large house with a domed roof were killed by this attack.[21]

Stakes on Boz Pity and Belderone

As the war continued, Grievous was responsible for guarding the seriously injured Asajj Ventress on Boz Pity. Rumor had spread among the Jedi that they had survived the duel against Anakin Skywalker on Coruscant and had now returned. Some Jedi Knights traveled to Boz Pity to investigate the rumors. With the Confederation established a base on the planet, the investigation quickly turned into the Battle of Boz Pity. During the battle with the Republic, Grievous first fought against Jedi General Soon Baytes in a lightsaber duel. However, this was killed by him unceremoniously. Then he fought against the councilor Adi Gallia, who did not know that the cyborg shared both arms and so could fight with four lightsabers at the same time. The Jedi Master could no longer withstand his attacks and was eventually stabbed by him with two of his blades. General Grievous later also seriously injured ARC soldier Alpha-17, but was then stopped by Mace Windu when he destroyed a STAP over Grievous and seriously wounded the droid general in the ensuing explosion. Asajj, who was also badly injured, left Count Dooku in favor of General Grievous.[23]

When the Separatist Council turned to Grievous’s flagship, the Invisible hand, met and were looking for a planet to shelter, Grievous chose Belderone. This planet had no defense, which is why it was targeted by the cyborg. He informed everyone of his plans in the council, including Nute Gunray, whom he wanted to inform about the mechno chair. However, during the Battle of Cato Neimoidia, the Republic fell into the hands of the republic, which cracked the code and intercepted the message. The Jedi decided to defend the planet. So Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi were able to thwart Grievous’s plans together. But Grievous, who did not want to retreat with a complete defeat, fired at the evacuation convoy. 27 Jedi died from Grievou's shelling. The Jedi Knight Flint Torul was also shot down by Grievou's flagship while arranging the evacuation of the Belderon population and died. Shortly thereafter, Grievous paid Gunray a visit to learn all about the mechno chair. After Gunray refused to answer, the Kaleesh threatened him and grabbed his neck.[24] He later fought on behalf of the Confederation of Independent Systems on the planets Nadiem, Togoria, Duro and Kashyyyk. These missions were widely viewed as intangible atrocities.[25]