What are some good yaoi sites


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Post # 1, written on 07/27/2013 | 4:09 pm
I recently started reading Yaoi manga and I already love them xDD
Right now I'm reading Junjo Romantica and Acid Town.
Do you still know good Yaoi mangas? Maybe also those that are less known.
And why do you like them? ^^
So I want to know now xD
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Read only the ring finger knows - that's really nice. * - *

I just love it. Not only is it the one thing, it's romantic and cute too!
Wonderful characters and yes. There is a manga and 5 novels!
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I'm watching the anime for Sekia-ichi Hatsokui - maybe the manga is something for you. Find the anime adaptation very cute and Yaoi and cute guys and kawaii and blablabla - I think even people who don't like BL find the anime / manga cute. I can recommend you with a clear conscience.
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Arigato for your help * bow *
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Are there any Yaoi Mangas that you can read at the age of 13?
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I like the mangas by Sakuragi Yaya because they usually have a typical romance plot that is in no way inferior to the Shojomangas and the sex usually only comes towards the end, which I personally find more realistic.
(and I like them very much, even if I usually don't read Yaoi at all)
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So I can recommend 'Only the flower knows' by Rihito Takarai, the story and the drawings are damn cute, I fell in love straight away!
But contains little Yaoi, it is more about feelings and is in three volumes

The pencil handle:

I can also recommend 'Spotlight Lover', there is more to see. The manga comes from Kakine's pen and here too the drawing style is very clear. It is a single volume, consisting of three different stories and has a bonus chapter where everyone can be seen together.

The main pair is in the foreground and the other pairs and characters are in the background on the screens.
The drawing style:

I also enjoyed reading 'Seven Days', drawn again by Rihito Takarai, the story is by Venio Tachibana.
The drawing style is totally cute too! There are two volumes and I really liked the story. However, this time it's really all about feelings, which I don't find that bad at all. The story is just too cute!

The drawing style:

The only really tough yaoi I have is Junko's 'beloved brawler'.
It consists of three different stories and was, to be honest, "too" hard for me. And also a bit perverse, I think. But who likes it:

Since the chapters appear to have been made at different times, they all differ slightly in drawing style. Still, it's okay.
As an example, now from the first story:
But that improves over the course of history.

But now I have a question:

Does anyone know 'Kisses Under the Rainbow' by Kakine? I've seen it lying somewhere before, how is it like?
I don't want to know anything about the story, but I would be interested in whether it was exciting or boring.
I'm thinking of buying it.
There was a little girl ~
When she was good, she was very, very good ~
But she was bad, she was horrid.
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So, my favorite BL manga is "Fake" by Sanami Matoh. But it probably belongs to the Shônen-Ai, which I personally think is better. The focus is on the criminal cases with which the two protagonists are confronted and their slow approach, but in the end it gets down to business ° - ^.

What is also good is "When A Man Loves A Man" by Yuka Nitta. There are lots of sex scenes in that, if that's what you're primarily interested in. Or the other titles in the same mangaka. I think she puts a little more effort into the plot than many other Yaoi writers ...
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N evening ^ - ^

So I think the Yaoi "Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi" is really very good ^ - ^
The love story is really beautiful and cute ^ - ^
But as I have seen, this Yaoi has already been named by one of my predecessors: 3
Think about which one I could recommend ...... Exactly!
Junjou Romantico, egoist and terrorist are also incredibly great in my opinion: 3
It's just about romance in these yaois: 3
But the tastes are more than different ^ - ^
And why I like this Yaois I clearly: I'm kind of not the romantic type but, these beautiful love stories just touched me so much. That's why I like them so much ^ - ^
Hope I could help a little: 3

GGLG Ai-chan ^. ^ <3
I'm an anime freak and damn proud of it <3
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@ Diva Iana Yes, I have the: P Have you actually read other works by Kakine? Then you have probably already noticed that the mood and atmosphere are similar or the same in all mangas. Kakine's drawing style is rather gentle, sweet and always has a touch of blush. The story is almost always the same: protagonists get to know each other, get closer, misunderstandings / conflicts, at the end reconciliation again - happy ending - (implied) sex. I personally like the first short story next to the main story :)

Ok, then to the recommendations:

I don't know what you think is a good BL, but since you read JR and Acid Town, you might be more into physical contact xD

As already said, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is the next choice if you have read Junjou Romantica (or the other way around) c: But story-wise I would not really recommend this to you, it all just takes a long time, but what does a fangirl do for you Smex and the (hotten) characters? *cough cough*

Of the above, I personally like Katekyo! (where Story… ahem…), Only the flower knows and Seven days.
When a man loves a man will only break your heart if you ship the wrong characters (and you may have read Haru wa Daiteita on the side) T_T

If you really want to have hard BL, I recommend Tokyopop's BL bestseller In These Words by Guilt | Pleasure and (View) Finder by Yamane Ayano (who has never heard of Finder lol ...)

Deadlock by Saki Aida / Yuh Takashina (16 years / Tokyopop) is also recommended! It is about a drug investigator who is wrongly imprisoned and his only way to get out of it is: to expose the identity of a terrorist behind the prison walls.
The drawing style is a dream and everyone looks damn good ^ q ^ Original a novel and no sex (not yet: D)

Urge of the heart and longing for him from Ren Kitakami (16 years / Carlsen) convinced me with the sweet drawing and characters. Is a bit older, hence the drawing. A lot of fluff, some sex scenes, but more on relationships or everyday life is focused in the mangas.

If you want to get into BL drama, Shoko Hidaka is the one for it! One of her works, A Melancholy Morning, is about a rich viscount and his butler. And it is not easy here, he loves me - I love him too, hearts are constantly broken here and hearts fought for: c

I can't think of any more at the moment, but for the future: Capital Flowers (Tokyopop), a spin-off from Only the flowers knows, is coming soon, love story from the supporting characters + continuation of the main couple and Trau dich! (Kazé) from Asai Kai, which is about a father who raises his daughter on his own while his customer slowly gets closer and closer to him on the job and helps in his life :)

@ funny3202 Yaoimangas definitely not, but Shounen Ai, where it is more about the relationship and the maximum amount of physical contact is really just kisses / hugs. Anything over that limit is either 15 + / 16 + or 18+
At the moment I don't know any Blmangas where people don't even fumble in the lower area ... (so my knowledge only goes up to 15 + ...) Hope you find something!
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I got my best friend hooked with Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi.
Otherwise you might find something else on this page:
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Thanks to Japanese stores near me that have a pretty large Shounen Ai section and a friend who has nothing better to do than gibber about it, I'm pretty well informed. ^^
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Acid town.
Only the flower knows.
Gravity ex.
Sin all great.
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I can actually recommend all of Takarai Rihito's mangas, simply because they are just cute>. <

furthermore I think "Love Stage" is great at the moment, it is done really nicely and you can laugh about it.

otherwise I can recommend Manga Fox to you, the best website for Mangalese that I have found so far (http://mangafox.me/), it has a huge selection and loads the pages pretty quickly ^^

have fun while reading ;)
actually i wanted to write something really great in here, but i'm just not a person with too big thoughts;)