How secure are Kensington locks really

Can I really protect my laptop from theft safely?

Install the free tool Laptop alarm. It warns you with an alarm if one of the four adjustable events occurs.

How to arm your laptop alarm system:

1. Download the Laptop Alarm tool.

2. Open the download list with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + J and start LaptopAlarm.exe.

3. click on Acceptto accept the license terms.

4. Choose under Alarm onwhen to sound the alarm: When the power cord is unplugged (Loss of AC power), Windows shuts down (Shutdown / Log off), disconnected the USB mouse (Unplug of USB Mouse) or the mouse is moved (Mouse movement).

5. Very important: click on Options and enter the unlock password. You need it when the alarm goes off.

6. click on Lock computer. Your laptop will be locked. As soon as one of the set events occurs, an alarm sounds which only stops when you enter the password (see step 5).

Gap in this theft protection: The alarm will not sound if a thief simply closes your laptop and takes it away. This does not trigger an alarm, because when the laptop is closed, Windows only goes into sleep mode and does not shut down.

Put your notebook on the chain to be on the safe side

In order to protect your laptop in addition to the alarm, I recommend a laptop lock, which can also be used as a "Kensington lock"Or English as"Kensington lock" referred to as. Your laptop has a standardized socket for such locks. When choosing your Kensington lock, keep the following three points in mind:

1. Are parts of the lock made of plastic that can be broken out?

O yes: The lock is picked quickly. Therefore, take a sturdier lock made of metal.

Oh no: Very good. This makes it difficult for thieves to pick the lock.

2. Is the steel rope thinner than 3 mm?

O yes: The steel cable can be cut in a flash with a bolt cutter. Buy a higher quality lock with a thicker steel cable.

Oh no: Compare the steel cables of the locks offered. The thicker the steel cable, the harder it is to cut.

3. Does the lock have a round key or a simple key like a suitcase key?

O yes: The key fits all locks and the lock is very easy to pick. Buy a combination lock or a higher quality lock with a custom key.

Oh no: Very good. A secure key makes it difficult for thieves to pick the lock.

Safety tip: Place the steel cable around a solid object such as a heating pipe, a lamp post or a table leg screwed to the floor. The best thing to do when choosing the item is to ask yourself whether a thief could easily break it or disassemble it.

My recommendation: Both the alarm tool and the Kensington lock only protect your portable PC from casual thieves. A professional outwits the systems in seconds. So do not stray far from your laptop and, despite the protection, never let it out of your sight.