How is Eugenie Bouchard doing in real life

Tennis beauty Eugenie Bouchard is finally taken

Berlin. She had fallen out of the (sporty) headlines again. After Eugenie Bouchard achieved a spectacular coup for the last time in September, when she was 272nd in the world rankings only in the dramatic final of the WTA tournament in Istanbul of Romanian Patricia-Maria Tig 6: 2, 1: 6, 6: 7 (4: 7 ) was inferior, the Canadian tennis beauty was left out in the following Grand Slams.

At the French Open in Paris, which was postponed to autumn, the 26-year-old failed clearly in two sets in the third round against the eventual surprise winner Iga Swiantek from Poland. And at the current Australian Open, the world rankings lost 142. already in the second qualifying round against the completely unknown Chinese Yue Yuan (world number 237).

So it somehow fits that the glamor girl of the international tennis scene is writing private headlines again. Yes, the beautiful Canadian is said to be in a relationship, and anyone who has followed the tabloids and Bouchard's numerous Instagram posts for her two million followers in recent years suspects that this is tantamount to a small emotional earthquake.

Because hardly a Valentine's Day greeting, Christmas party picture, New Year's tweet or food post from the blonde could do without the subtle hint that the attractive blonde was very alone and wanted a friend by her side. You just saw her in a red bikini (although she didn't want to take any more bikini pictures!) On a happy boat trip off the Mexican peninsula of Baja California. Australia Open? Far away. A great love? Nope. Genie beamed alone and happy as always.

Unfortunately, she did the math without her new Valentin. At about the same time, Mason Rudolph, the athletically built quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, posted a warm hug on the Mexican beach with Bouchard and the note "My Valentine" on his Instagram account. The lady of the heart herself commented on this with two black hearts.

Others were sadder. “So many broken hearts. Don't worry, you can cry on my shoulder, ”posted user Zach Banner, alluding to the longing of many men to be one of the most sought-after single women in the tennis circus.

You could see that particularly clearly in 2017. When it came to love, she caused a sensation when she dated a fan three times, against whom she had lost a bet for the Superbowl final on Twitter.

Again and again, speculations about a new lover of the woman, who otherwise plays in numerous posts with the loneliness of a tournament player between the tennis court, fitness room and hotel room, ran wild. Including an alleged affair with the Australian tennis bully Nick Kyrgios.

She was reportedly spotted kissing on the beach in Miami with investment banker Connor Davis Jr., the older brother of model Hannah Davis. The gossip portal tmz first reported in October that there was an affair between Bouchard and Rudolph. This became official through the Valentine's Day mail of the 26-year-old quarterback.

It is astonishing that Eugenie Bouchard is so cautious in terms of social media technology at what is apparently the largest private event in recent years. She had already started this last year. “I want to get away from posting bikini pictures. Honest! I'm trying my best, ”Bouchard said now. “Maybe I'm just getting older. I no longer have to post photos of my bum every day. "

In terms of social media, she has meanwhile taken “the entire spectrum” with her. “When things went well, people loved you. When things went bad, they hated you. Of course that's annoying. "

Especially since many would believe that social media is an exact representation of real life. “I can go jogging for eight hours and then go to dinner afterwards. When I post a photo of it, people think I just ate. "

It will be interesting to see how much she lets her social media community participate in her new love affair. The one with the bikini photo never worked out. On Valentine's Day, she wore a very tight red bikini for all to see. She wrote “quick vday getaway” (spontaneous excursion for Valentine's Day). Among the more than 130,000 likers: Mason Rudolph.