What are the problems with breadcrumbs

Also, do you always admire your grandma's or the restaurant's perfect schnitzel while yours are half falling apart? Then you need to know this tip.

  • Schnitzel are a favorite dish for many Germans.
  • The breaded pork is crispy, juicy and the epitome of home cooking.
  • But it also likes to cause "trouble" ...

If you want to bread and fry schnitzel yourself, you often encounter a problem: The breading does not stick to the meat properly. It either loosens in the frying pan when turning the schnitzel, or at the latest when serving, and leaves a sad picture.

This is why the breading does not stick to the schnitzel

The breading for a classic schnitzel consists of beaten eggs and breadcrumbs. So that these components adhere well to the meat can you need to do it a little to prepare:

  1. After plating, dry the schnitzel thoroughly with kitchen paper and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Then place plenty of flour * on a flat plate and turn the meat in it. Make sure you don't forget the edges.

The egg and breadcrumbs now hold much better on this "primer":

  1. First turn the schnitzel in the beaten eggs (salt them a little) until it is completely covered, so no dry spots can be seen.
  2. Then turn it just as carefully in the breadcrumbs and press firmly. You can carefully tap off the excess.
  3. Then immediately fry the schnitzel in plenty of clarified butter. The breading will hold securely.

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A delicious tip makes the schnitzel coating even more durable

If you're a big fan of crispy breading, then this is it this tip is ideal For you: Prepare the schnitzel as usual, but a few hours before the actual roasting, so the breading has time to sit a little. Before going into the pan, turn the breaded schnitzel again in egg and breadcrumbs and then fry directly. These double breading is particularly crispy and tasty, but be careful: this tip is particularly suitable for schnitzel that is not too flat, otherwise the ratio between meat and breading will not be right.

And finally, an extra tip: If the children eat with you, you can use the leftover egg, breadcrumbs and a little salt and pepper to make small patties and bake them with the schnitzel. These "Kinderschnitzel" are a big hit with the little ones.

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