What is the future of psychiatry

BPtK future: touchstones for modern psychiatry

Member information on the personnel requirements for psychiatry

The Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists (BPtK) has published information for psychotherapists in the clinics under the title “BPtK touchstones for modern psychiatry”. What should the psychiatric clinic of the future look like and what role must psychotherapy have in it? How should the opportunities for advancement and income for psychotherapists look like there in the future? From the point of view of the BPtK, the psychiatry of the future should meet the following requirements:

  • Patients must receive at least 100 minutes of individual psychotherapy and 180 minutes of group psychotherapy per week, whereby the scope and frequency of the individual interventions must be adapted to the individual patient's needs.
  • Determination of the need for treatment for different patient groups on the basis of objective, comprehensible and verifiable characteristics. It must be clear according to which characteristics, e.g. B. Diagnosis, psychosocial restrictions, somatic comorbidities, patients are classified and what benefits they are associated with.
  • Definition of a new, modern task and competence profile for the professional group of psychotherapists. This includes the integration of the psychotherapists on an equal footing with the doctors in management functions and responsibility for treatment.
  • Review of the staffing of the clinics and exclusion of cross-subsidization of other hospital areas or financing of hospital investments, as was practiced in Psych-PV times. Sanctions if the minimum standards are not met.

The publication, which appeared in the new series “BPtK Future”, can be downloaded here.