Chrome is your favorite browser

Firefox, Chrome, Safari - browsers in comparison

Browsers like Chrome and Firefox are very popular among users. But lesser-known alternatives also have their advantages. An overview.

Browsers have evolved into all-round tools over the years. With small, integrated extensions (add-ons) they can be expanded into all-rounders. There are ad blockers, add-ons to protect privacy, screenshot tools, numerous messengers and organizers.

More and more programs appear as web versions or browser extensions. For example, the Microsoft Office suite can be used entirely via a browser. The software giant Adobe also offers web apps for its graphics, video and music programs.

In combination with the cloud storage of the provider, complete working environments are created online that only require a browser to access. Web browsers are increasingly becoming the focus of the digital workplace. Even communication can take place purely via them with e-mail services, video chats, VoIP telephony or web apps from messengers such as WhatsApp.

Trackers monitor users at every turn

The advertising industry and data collectors have not escaped the fact that the browser is becoming the focus of work and life. They use cookies and web trackers to evaluate our surfing behavior and use this data for tailor-made advertising. The algorithms behind it are becoming more and more sophisticated in order to find out exactly the interests, purchasing power and other details of the users.

Matteo Cagnazzo from the Institute for Internet Security therefore advises protecting oneself against too much espionage: "With extensions such as ad blockers, not only can annoying advertisements be curbed, but web trackers are also blocked in the best case and cannot surf the web pass on." Cagnazzo also advises you not to allow cookies or to let your browser save passwords.

An overview of the top dogs and insider tips:

The most widely used browser in the world is Google Chrome. Herbert Braun from the specialist magazine "c't" justifies the supremacy of Chrome with its speed, a slim design and numerous useful expansion options. Chrome is criticized again and again because privacy advocates see it as one of the many arms of the data octopus Google. If you feel like Chrome but don't trust Google, you can try Chromium. Chromium and Chrome are based on the same, freely accessible code, so they are identical in many respects. Chromium lacks some features that are exclusive to Chrome.

Microsoft Edge is the successor to Internet Explorer, which is slowly disappearing into oblivion. Braun: "Edge is slim, simple and concentrates on the bare essentials. A good browser that lacks the abundant range of expansion options that the competition offers."

Statista graphic: Chrome dominates the browser market. (Source: Statista / t-online)

Mozilla Firefox is known for its extensive add-on library. The favorite browser of many programmers offers a rich selection of extensions and gets many add-ons first.

Safari is a household name for Mac users in particular, as it is Apple's standard browser. Windows or Android users cannot benefit from its speed. The integration of other Apple software speaks for it, but the list of extensions cannot compete with Firefox.

The traditional but not very widespread browser Opera ekes out a niche existence. It has long been considered the engine of innovation among browsers. Opera was the first browser to integrate an ad blocker as standard. Today Opera is based on Chromium, which has the advantage that Chrome extensions also work in the Opera browser. It also convinces with an integrated VPN tool, which makes surfing via public hotspots safer.

Vivaldi is the youngest browser in the list and is a direct descendant of Opera. When the development there switched to Chromium as the basis, there was a dispute in the team that led to the separation of a new browser. Vivaldi wants to continue what Opera used to stand for: innovation and maximum customization by the user.

Note: The browser offers another alternative. You can test the free browser here.

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