What is the OTT platform

What is OTT? The next evolution of television

OTT providers provide users Content via streaming to disposal. The databases of OTT operators such as Netflix or Amazon are located on central servers. If a user decides to watch a certain film in the stream, the data is transmitted to him in IP packets. The transmission takes place via the infrastructure of the internet provider. This is only used by OTT as a transmission tool. And since the Internet provider ultimately only takes on the transmission of data packets, there is no legal responsibility for him with regard to the content used.

So that the mostly very memory-intensive content can be streamed in HD quality, it requires a stable andpowerful internet connection between the sender of the OTT content and the recipient. Because if the transmission rate is too low or the DSL network is overloaded, the quality of the video may be lost or the video may be interrupted during the stream.

With good network conditions, however, nothing stands in the way of receiving OTT content. In contrast to IPTV, users are no longer tied to a specific device as a receiving medium. Every device with an internet connection can receive the content from OTT apps. Whether tablet, laptop, notebook or computer: Users are free to choose when and where they stream their favorite content. Since the displays of modern smartphones have become more and more high-resolution in recent years, a not inconsiderable part of OTT use is now also taking place via smartphones.

The apps from the OTT providers can also be installed directly on a smart TV. If the technical features of the smart TV do not allow installation, users can easily retrofit their devices with TV sticks. Amazon's Fire TV Stick, for example, can be connected to the television via a USB slot and allows users to access a number of preinstalled OTT apps.

A special feature with regard to reception and availability of most OTT content is that the Content delivered country-specific becomes. For example, the Netflix library of available titles in Germany is different from the library in France. Ultimately, all country libraries are unique. As private television stations, cable providers or operators of national Pay-TV who have bought the broadcasting rights of certain films, series or sporting events for several years, many OTT services are initially not allowed to broadcast such content in the countries concerned. The OTT services therefore read the user's IP address. This provides information about the country in which the user is located. If the right to use the film in question is restricted in the country concerned or if country-specific laws prevent its transmission, the content will not be played to this user.

OTT now also includes high-quality in-house productions by the providers. Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have long since become major film and series producers.