What is the population of Senegal

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Country name: Republic of Senegal / République du Sénégal

Climate: Dry season from December to May, warm and humid rainy season from June to November

Location: Transition from the Sahel to the hot, humid tropics

Size of the country: 196,712 square kilometers

Capital: Dakar, a good 3.6 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area (2018)

Population: around 16.3 million (2018; sen. statistical office), of which 43 percent are under 15 years of age (2016; World Bank), annual population growth around 2.9 percent (2016; World Bank); most important of the around 20 ethnic groups: Wolof, Serer, Peul, Diola, Toucouleurs, Mandingue, Soninké

National language: Official language French, Wolof is the most important lingua franca

Religions / Churches: Muslims (around 94 percent, organized in so-called brotherhoods), Christians (Roman Catholic, around 5 percent), animists (around 1 percent)

National Day: 4. April

Independence: April 4, 1960

Establishing diplomatic relations:

  • September 23, 1960 (Federal Republic of Germany)
  • August 22, 1973 (German Democratic Republic)

State / form of government: Presidential Democracy

Head of State: President Macky Sall (Président de la République), APR, took office on April 2, 2012, directly elected for five years (the shortened term of office has been in effect since April 2, 2019 as a result of a constitutional amendment from 2016, the start of the current second term)

Foreign Minister: Amadou BÂ (Ministre des Affaires Etrangères et des Sénégalais de l'Extérieur), took office in April 2019

Houses of Parliament: One-chamber parliament “Assemblée Nationale”, 165 seats, 5-year legislative period. Last election on July 30th, 2017, Speaker of Parliament is Moustapha Niasse (AFP).

Government parties: Coalition "Benno Bokk Yakaar", it comprises: Alliance pour la République (APR), Parti socialiste (PS), Alliance des Forces du Progrès (AFP) and other smaller parties

Opposition: Party alliances "Wattu Sénégal" (especially Parti démocratique sénégalais (PDS) of the former President Abdoulaye Wade) and "Manko Taxawu Sénégal", as well as some smaller parties

Parties / distribution of seats in the Assemblée Nationale: Government coalition "Benno Bokk Yakaar": 125 of 165 seats; “Wattu Sénégal”: 19 seats; "Manko Taxawu Sénégal": 7 seats.

Gross domestic product: approx. 20 billion euros (2018, GTAI)

Real growth rate: 6.2 percent (2018, GTAI)

Gross domestic product per capita: approx. 1,250 euros (2018, GTAI)


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